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Alfonso Avila Gabriel

Alfonso Avila Gabriel

London, United Kingdom

Passionate about constructing imaginary worlds, Alfonso Avila loves to learn about the world he lives in and create his own fantastical worlds with the inspiration that comes to him.

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About the author

I've been fascinated by books and writing since I was a young kid. My father kept hundreds of books and I'm pretty sure I read most of them. Children's books always fascinated me. It was incredible to read the beautiful words that authors were able to come up with.

Some of my favorite books were the tales written by Hans Christian Andersen and Oscar Wilde. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was one of my favorite books. Because of this, I started writing my first tales at a young age. My family never approved anything I did, so I've always kept my passion for writing (and anything else in general) to myself. I write because I enjoy it. I write because it helps me to express myself. I write because it helps me to heal and I hope my writing might be able to teach and/or heal something in the readers.

It was one evening when I was 16 or 17 years when the idea for a book that involved a "planet behind the sun, sharing orbit with Earth" came to me. At the time, that was all, no characters, no plot, no places. It was several years later, when I met two amazing friends that the whole plot came to me and I decided to start writing the book right away.

The draft is now finished after several small and major revisions.

I have the plot for the second book already written but before i start its writing, I will have "Austin Jones and the Planet Behind the Sun" published.

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Austin Jones and the Planet Behind the Sun

Austin Jones will have to overcome his insecurities to find a way to save the two planets that make up who he really is: an alien prince.

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Fantasy Young Adult
92,000 words
100% complete
5 publishers interested


Austin Jones has always felt that he’s different from the rest of his classmates at his school, the Eton College near Windsor in England. He’s trying to find out what his purpose in life is when mysterious men in red show up in town and fill Austin’s already confused mind with more things to worry about. Strange visions come to him and he tries to find a connection with everything going on around him.

After his graduation, Austin returns to London, where his family lives, and hopes for his existential crisis to be over soon. He decides to take a short holiday in Paris believing that it would help him discover the professional path he should take.

Austin arrives in Paris not having a clue of what he will find there. He encounters more men in red and gets convinced that something strange is going on. Austin finds out that Joseph, his parent's friend with whom he’s staying, is in reality a men in red. Austin confronts him and Joseph takes him to a subterranean city beneath Paris where he confesses to Austin the truth.

Austin is in reality a prince whose family and people escaped their native planet when their enemy attacked. His parents have kept it secret from him and his two brothers believing that it will keep them safe forever. The planet Austin’s family comes from shares orbit with Earth and is known as Yonita Hasna which is hidden from the human satellites thanks to a force field that makes it invisible.

Thousands of Yoonites (people from Yonita Hasna) live underground where their whole society flourishes. Everyone down there has supernatural powers making Austin feel bad about his lack of that kind of extraordinary abilities. He starts going to a subterranean school to learn more about his culture and discovers a conspiracy to overthrow his parents and take over the world even if that means to wipe out the human race.

With the help of his new best friends, Susan and Blue, Austin finds a way to go to Yonita Hasna to face Damien, the enemy of all Yoonites. Austin has to defeat him so Yoonites living in Earth can return home and all humans from Earth can stay alive. It’s until a power is awaken in Austin that he’s able to face Damien and claim Yonita Hasna back for all his people.


1. The men in red. Austin Jones encounters strange men in red clothes that seem to be following him.

2. London. Austin graduates and returns with his parents to their home in London.

3. The TV Commercial. Austin decides to go on holiday to Paris and asks his parents for permission.

4. Paris. Austin arrives in Paris and has more encounters with men in red. He stays with his parent's friend, Joseph.

5. The secret tunnel. Austin tours Paris. he overhears Joseph talking about strange thinks and Austin decides to confront him.

6. Red Paris. Austin is taken by Joseph to a subterranean city beneath Paris and there he's told the truth about his family.

7. The Light Pyramid. Austin goes shopping as he has to prepare to attend school in Red Paris.

8. The Ruby Pendant. Austin gets his ID which turns out to be a pendant.

9. Susan. Austin goes to school and meets a girl named Susan.

10. Blue. Austin meets Susan's boyfriend, Blue.

11. Oxford. Austin, Susan and Blue go to Oxford to discover the location of the Red Dragon.

12. The Red Dragon. Austin, Susan and Blue meet the Red Dragon.

13. Behind the Sun. Austin, Susan and Blue arrive to the planet behind the sun and search for a secret organization.

14. Sons of the Dragon. Austin, Susan and Blue find the secret organization that will help them defeat Damien.

15. The Blue Mountain. Austin goes to a strange place to recover a sacred book.

16. Damien. Austin, Susan and Blue are captured and taken to Damien.

17. The Jade inkwell. Damien finds the jade inkwell and prepares to conquer Earth.

18. Execution day. Austin and his family are to be executed.

19. Light of the Lord. Austin fights two snakes trying to find a way to defeat Damien.

20. The Encounter in the Tower. Austin and Damien meet face to face and fight.

21. Birthday. Austin celebrates his birthday.


"Austin Jones and the Planet Behind the Sun" is targeted at individuals aged 12 to 27 years old. The novel's main character is seventeen years old which will be appealing for anyone in that age rage.

However, since this is just the first book of a series, it'd be found interesting by older people as the story develops and the characters become older.

Fantasy books are always in demand in the market. It's appealing makes them an interesting read for young and old. There are always Fantasy best-selling books in the market which proves that this genre can always be marketed no matter the financial circumstances around the world. 

People love to escape their day to day realities and books are a perfect option to experience other worlds created by authors. "Austin Jones and the Planet Behind the Sun can be one of those books that take people to other worlds and dreamy realities.


I will do various forms of marketing to promote "Austin Jones and the Planet Behind the Sun". I will make social media campaigns and post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I have more than 6000 followers in Instagram and more than 3000 in Facebook.

I will reach out to friends to help me share the book  with their friends and family members.

I will hire a professional publicity company to help me and advice me in the best ways of promoting my book in the current market.

I will promote the book by creating and selling merchandise related to it. The merchandise I will sell will be t-shirts with prints, posters and others.

I will create promotional Youtube videos to market the book and reach a wider audience.

Paintings inspired in the art that yoonites create will be sold to promote the book to art enthusiasts around the globe.


"Eragon" by Christopher Paolini: Mystery, adventure, action and a fast-paced plot are some of the things that my book and "Eragon" share.

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief" by Rick Riordan: Gods, fantastic creatures and secret societies living amongst people can be found on both books.

"Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer: While there aren't any pale vampires in Austin Jones, there is plenty of mystery concerning the discovery of Austin's true race that makes the book appealing.

"The Maze Runner" by James Dasher: The stress that the characters experience for being unable to understand and discover what really goes on around them is found on both Austin Jones and The Maze Runner.

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Austin Jones and the Planet behind the Sun
A. A. Gabriel
The Men in Red

I had no other choice but to tell you my story. I'm doing it in order to keep myself sane. Keeping secrets makes me feel bad and since I have nobody to express all of my feelings to, I've decided to tell it to you.  Hopefully, you'll understand me and the things you're about to hear. I really wish people could feel the way I felt, see the things I saw and live my past experiences so they could fully understand what is like to be... well... you'll soon find out.

My name is Austin Jones (I was pretty sure about it) and my story began on a sunny school day at Eton College, Berkshire. It was a warm day with no clouds in the sky; it was perfect to take a walk. The classes were over for the day and I’d decided to sit against an old oak tree near the school’s golf course to reflect on my life while the wind gently caressed my pale face and blond hair. The time had come to make an important decision about my future. I needed an answer to the most talked about question at school:

What are you going to study?

I was seventeen years old and instead of loving to be surrounded by friends all the time I preferred to be alone so my classmates could not ask me that question. I just hated so much when they did. The ones who knew I didn’t know what to do loved to bother me all the time. It was either because I didn’t know what to become or because of the fact that I was skinnier than them. Either way, I’d started hating school for that reason. They didn't have my problem because they knew what they wanted to do with their lives. They knew exactly what they wanted to become, what they wanted to study after school, and even the university they were going to attend next.

Sadly, I could not say that I had answers for those questions. To be really honest, I had never thought about my life after finishing my last year at Eton. I would like to blame my parents for it because I was expected to get perfect grades; after all, what else could I guy like me do in school? Nothing, from my parents’ perspective; nothing but to study hard and get good grades, so I acted how they wanted me to behave. I really didn’t have time to think about my future.

I had lived my whole life with a single thought in my head… getting good grades. I’ll say that I did a great job focusing on it because I never got to think about what would come after Eton until the end was literally around the corner. The emotional shock after realizing that there was so much more in life other than getting A+  all the time hit me so hard that my head had blocked itself and became something like a blank space.

Jason Ash (my best friend back then) wanted to become a doctor. I knew he was going to achieve it because he was a really good student and a very intelligent person. Jason Martin on the other hand, wanted to become a doctor as well but he was more like a party person without the good grades that my friend Jason Ash had. The point is that in spite of their situations they knew without a doubt what they were going to do. They had a goal, they were being guided in the right direction and they were happy about it. But I was not in their situation. I was in a complete state of despair while my friends were having the time of their lives enjoying the last month of school. Yes, you heard right; the last month of school.

That was my situation. That was the big deal I thought about all the time, day in and day out. That was the issue that I simply couldn’t get out of my head. I was unable to think clearly and feared that I would not be able to make a choice. But the truth is that I had a secret, a secret so secret and private that I had never confessed it to anyone. Nobody in the entire universe knew it except me, his jealous creator. My secret was that I did know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I did know what I liked. I did know what made my juices flow. I wanted to become a singer-songwriter, make amazing music and tour the entire world.

If I had told my friends about it their heads would have blown up. “A singer? Seriously? No way!” I’d imagined them say. I was the shyest guy in the entire school and the less likely to choose such career that demands to have an incredible outgoing personality. But my friends and classmates’ possible reaction to my secret was a minor concern in my head because a much bigger obstacle laid on my way… my parents.

I was more than convinced that they would never agree to support me if I decided to enter the music industry. Songwriting, music and travel were not what my parents were expecting to hear. Not that I knew it because I had told them about my secret (I wasn’t that dumb to have my dreams killed by mom’s evil look) but because I knew already what my parents wanted for me.

I knew that my mom, Lilian, wanted me to follow my father’s footsteps. She wanted me to become a teacher, just like my father, Albert. He was the chancellor at Oxford University but before he’d become the chancellor he’d been the English Language and Literature teacher. He had always had a passion for books unlike my mom who had a very different opinion about my father's liking. She strongly believed that books were an obsession, an insane and out of control obsession that had no cure. It was as if my father was cursed or something because not matter what my mother did (like secretly throwing my dad’s books away while he was gone) my father seemed to not get the message that mom tried to convey and continued buying more books and bringing them home. Books were responsible for much of my mom's madness. She hated all of my father's books. She hated them with all of her being. I couldn't do anything about it, of course. I just couldn't tell my mom to not get angry because it was simply not going to work.

My parent’s house, which was is west London, was full with books. There were books everywhere. Not really, there were only books in the library (which was huge) but in my mom’s head books had taken over the house. That's probably why I started liking them since I was a kid. Instead of playing with toys, I devoured most of my father’s books. It was really fascinating for me to discover the world through the books’ pages. I have to admit it, images were my favorite part about books; pictures of amazing places, beautiful buildings and exotic animals. I learned most I can remember thanks to the books my father had at home. I even had my little collection of books about my favorite subjects when I was a kid (Architecture, Biology and Paleontology) and I didn't like anybody to touch them. They were sacred and I was really obsessed about them too. What a surprised, right?

I was at a crossroads, caught right in the middle, trying to decide whether I should do what my parents wanted me to do or if I should try to find my happiness somewhere else. Glastonbury sounded like a better option than Oxford but I doubted my parents thought the same. I certainly didn’t want to damage my relationship with my parents, but I also didn’t want to do something that I knew wasn’t meant to be for me and regret it for the rest of my life.

It was hard to understand, even for me. I… Austin… singer? I didn’t know where it had come from but I knew music was simply the answer. I knew in my heart that it was what I wanted to do. I wanted to write songs and let my heart out. My facet as someone who didn’t know what to do in the near future was just what I wanted everyone to know about me. I wanted to keep my secret safe from people who were more likely not going to understand me.

Sometimes, my friends would ask me "What are the things you like?" in hopes of helping me find my perfect career. It seemed as if they wanted to get the credit for it. I'd reply with the same lie every time: "I don't know". I didn't like my friends to know about the things I liked. I'd never been an outgoing guy and preferred to keep my things to myself. I was the weird guy in my class. In fact, I had always been the weird one in every grade of my life. Being treated in a different way by my classmates made me confirm what I had felt since I was a little kid: that I was different than the rest of the people out there and that my family was different than the other families. I was probably crazy but my feelings were real and they were telling me something that I couldn’t fully comprehend.

"Hey Austin," said Jason Ash while approaching the tree that I was leaning on sounding relieved that he had found me at last (I was good at hiding). "There you are. I was looking for you. Come on, let’s go to the house."

I kept silent for a moment. I didn’t want to get back to the house. Jason put his notebooks and folders on the ground (backpacks are not part of the official uniform of an Etonian) and made me company by sitting next to me.

“Come on,” said Jason. “You don’t have to be like this anymore. Forget about it.”

“I can’t,” I said seriously. “I can’t.”

“I don’t know what to do to make you feel better,” he said. “I don’t want you to be like this. You always seem so serious. I still can't believe you don't know what you’re going to study."

"I know," I lied followed by a sigh. "Trust me. I’m the one who wants this crisis over once and for all. But I just can't decide for a particular career. I truly have no idea what I am going to do and what I will tell my parents.”

"But you have to," He said firmly. "Keep in mind that we only have this month of school left and you'll soon have to come up with something. You have waited long enough, Austin. Come on. Get up. Let’s go to the house. I want my lunch.”

I was so stressed out that I decided to get a chocolate out of my suit pocket to distract my mind from the subject. I ate when stressed out and walked in circles when thinking in my room. My crisis was getting bigger and bigger in my head, bigger and bigger every day. I was going through a genuine hell and the worst part was that I didn't have anybody I trusted enough to talk about my feelings. I didn’t want to share my personal issues with our headmaster or with the dame, which was the only female figure at the house. I even didn’t talk about my problems with my own parents and my best friend, forget everyone else.

“I noticed you were distracted back in class,” said Jason really concerned as we got up, took our things from the floor and started walking back to the house.

“I know,” I said still thinking about my worries. I'd been lost in my own thoughts instead of paying attention. Not good because I had to study harder than ever before in order for my tests results to be the highest possible. Oxford was waiting for me but not as much as my parents were (specially my father). Their son going to Oxford… it couldn't be more perfect than that!

I was getting crazy in the meantime. My head couldn't handle stress anymore, and all the tests were getting me really stressed out beyond my normal limit. I wanted to quit and leave school to never return. I couldn't do that, obviously, because I had to study at least until I was 18 years old.

Even though it was a beautiful day in Eton, I was so immersed in my thoughts to actually enjoy it. Walking helped me remember what my mom had told me a couple of times. She would tell me that even though I would see my problems as being big they were small compared to other people's problems so I shouldn't worry about them that much. She wasn't with me at that moment but I doubt that it could have helped me to not feel depressed.

I wished I could have been able to stop thinking. But I couldn't. I was sick and tired of having to deal with that issue. Nothing but confusion was coming to my head and the time for me to choose was getting closer with every passing day.

"I hope you find what you’re looking for," said Jason walking by my side across the lively Eton streets full with teachers and students in their well-known uniforms sporting black tailcoats and big smiles on their faces that made me remember how miserable I was.

“I’m afraid that if I make I decision, I will make the wrong one,” I confessed after I’d finished eating my delicious chocolate. “I would like if somebody could tell me what I am destined to do, so I don’t have to waste my time and energy trying to figure it out myself.”

"What?" exclaimed Jason looking at me as if I had lost my mind. He was definitely surprised by the words that had come out of my mouth. A guy like me could certainly have said something smarter than that.

I wasn’t a confident guy though. I had doubts about everything I did. Perfection was always out of my reach and I was tired of trying to find the answer that eluded me day after day.

There it was across the street, in the corner of High Street and Common Lane, the school’s library with its magnificent gray dome and superb ornamentation in the middle of town. And right next to it, the Manor House, the four-story building that I had been calling home for all of my school years at Eton.

I didn’t understand the reason why my parents had decided that the best for me was to attend an only-boys boarding school. My father had a job, yes, an important one, but not my mom. She stayed at home all the time and I wondered what she did there. My two younger brothers, Ronald, 16, and Maurice, 8, were already attending school. Ronald was at Eton, like me, and Maurice was attending a smaller boarding school in Surrey. He was however going to be transferred to Eton the moment he moment he turned 14. My parent’s house was large but we didn’t have staff in spite of its size. I doubted my mom cleaned the house because my brothers and I weren’t there to make a mess. My mom liked cleanliness and I’m sure the house was kept in perfect condition all the time. I really wanted to know what my mom did while my father, my brothers and I were not home. It was another mystery I wanted to solve.

Jason and I crossed High Street and approached home. Common Lane looked as normal as usual, with a couple of very tall trees in its vicinity and surrounded by red brick buildings. As I was about to turn towards the house entrance, I managed to notice a man dressed all in red clothes walk away towards the end of the street and lost sight of him as the street snaked across town. I paid no special attention to the way the man was dressed, but in a town where everyone wore black uniforms it was hard to ignore anyone dressing differently.

When the man got out of my sight I made my entrance to the house. Jason was waiting for me and he seemed excited about what we would eat... pizza… again. I wasn’t feeling like eating tons of fat and I didn’t like meat on the pizza anyway, so I left the dining room and headed to my dormitory located on the second floor.

Jason knew when I didn’t want to be interrogated by the rest of our housemates so he followed me as I went up the stairs to my room, which was nothing more than another place where I could get bored and stressed out. Boarding school life hadn’t been easy for me.

As I was about to open my dorm’s door, Jason approached me and asked sounding worried if I’d planned to stay in my room for the rest of the day.

“No,” I said trying to sound as if Jason had not guessed my thoughts that time.

“Really?” He asked unconvinced by my response.

“Yes. I actually have plans for the evening,” I said with pride. “I want to take a peaceful walk around Windsor. I should stay and study but I think a walk will make me a greater good now.”

“Can I go with you?” he asked.

“Of course, just bring your best coat. It might get chill.”

"Ok, just let me finish my pizza," He said taking a few steps backwards hoping our housemates hadn’t eaten his part of the pizza. “I won’t take long.”

"Hurry,” I said with a faked smile so he could just go and let me in my room.

Jason went down the stairs screaming they better hadn’t touched his loved pizza. I got into my room at last and hoped it wouldn’t rain that day. The weather had been weird lately.

I’d decorated the walls of my room with pictures of beautiful places around the world like the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat. The truth is that in spite of my family having the means to go on vacation around the world, we had never been out of the United Kingdom. I’d actually had even never been to Northern Ireland. I had no idea what was the reason behind it but it make me feel like a prisoner in an island. It was an island much better than Alcatraz but in a world so big I couldn’t feel other than frustration for being unable to travel.

Even when I could have gone to other countries to play for my school soccer team, my parents always stepped in and forbade me to go. I didn’t like soccer that much and the only reason why I had decided to become part of the team was to get to travel abroad but my strategy never worked. The farthest I had been from home was Edinburgh and I really wanted to visit many places. We had passports but my mom would say that they were only to be used in case of really extreme emergencies and not for leisure travel. Mom had left it clear that unless Britain blew up my family would never set foot on other countries.

I had as well pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain and other personalities hanging around the walls. They were my company and I liked them because they didn’t judge me (God, I was really crazy). I practiced my Greek in front of a picture of Queen Sofia of Spain, I spoke Russian when talking to my picture of the Romanov family and told Leonardo da Vinci in Italian that he should had focused solely on painting and forgotten everything else. I spoke to my posters as if the people they portrayed were actually there in front of me. If I couldn’t make lots of friends at school I could certainly play the game that I was friends with more interesting people.

I kept my laptop on my desk under a world map which had red pins indicating the places I desired to visit (Imagine the map full with pins). I looked at it all the time and wished to soon be able to start taking some of the pins off meaning I had visited the places they represented.

“I’m going to visit Windsor, Diana,” I said sadly as I put my school papers on my bed. “I hope I can find something nice for my room in London.”

I wished so much I could add some excitement to my life. I felt like a prisoner in Eton and all I wanted was to escape and be free to do whatever I wanted. I am not saying that going to school was bad, of course not, what I mean is that I craved to explore the world and have fun. I wanted to discover all the things that gave me happiness and find my own paradise here on Earth.

Someone knocked at the door.

"Is that you Jason?" I said hoping it was Jason and not someone else who had heard me talk with my posters.

"Yeah, Austin. It's me."

Relieved, I grabbed by favorite black coat and left my neatly organized room hoping to get really tired by the walk so I could have an easy time falling asleep.

"Where do you want to go first?" asked Jason who was wearing a thick gray sweater and holding a piece of pizza that he enjoyed as if it was the last one in the whole world.

"Where the wind takes us," I replied confidently walking across the hall towards the stairs.

We got out of the Manor House, which was empty; all of our housemates had left home and a strange silence had taken over the place. As we walked along the School Library I noticed that the day had definitely gotten colder. I could feel the chilling air on my cheeks and gray clouds had appeared in the once clear sky all of a sudden. High Street wasn’t as crowded and noisy as usual. It seemed as if most of the people had left town. The stores along it were lonely and silent with no customers to be seen.

“Strange,” I said while looking around waiting for Jason to tell me if I didn’t know about an event or something that was going to be attended by everyone. He said nothing; he was busy finishing his pizza.

It wasn’t long until we got to the bridge at the end of the street that connected Eton and Windsor. We admired the mighty Windsor Castle on the other side of the River Thames which was flowing as calmed as usual.  The largest inhabited castle in the world, with its superb architecture and powerful looking Round Tower looked as commanding and strong as it have been for centuries.

An odd chill in the air (I don’t know what it was) gave me the impression that there was something peculiar going on. Since I had gotten used to the changing weather, I stopped paying attention to the atmosphere in the city and right after Jason and I crossed the bridge I turned my attention back to finding a cool souvenir to add to my collection in London.

It seemed as if everyone had all of a sudden decided to visit Windsor because we immediately noticed that the town was crowded with locals and visitors having a nice afternoon.

“This is not what I was expecting,” I complained because I’d planned a nice and silent walk around a peaceful town and not a touristic landmark overflowing with people.

The streets were really crowded. There were people buying food, clothes and souvenirs and tourists taking pictures of everything and everyone. The streets next to the castle were not ideal to meditate about my life. There was too much noise and too many people. We visited a couple of shops but I didn’t find something that I really liked so we walked away from the center of town right after Jason got himself some chips.

"Let's go to the Long Walk," I said hoping there weren’t any people there. "I think it’s more peaceful and quiet than here."

"Whatever you want," said Jason ignoring me to pay attention to his recently bought potato chips.

We passed by the Cambridge Gate (one of Windsor Castle’s gates) and entered the Long Walk, a more than two miles long tree lined straight road that runs from that gate to the equestrian statue of King George III known as the Copper Horse up on a hill. It was just what I was looking for... a very, very, very long walk to clear my mind. It was empty to my surprise; not a single person was walking along it.

"We aren't going to walk all the way to the top, are we?" Said Jason expecting me to turn around and get back to Eton.

"I have nothing else to do," I grinned. "I'm going all the way to the top of Snow Hill."

“Austin, no,” cried Jason rolling his eyes at me. “That's really far away. Do you really want to get there and then walk all the way back to Eton? It's going to get late.”

"I don't mind,” I said as I started walking. “You can go back to the house if you want.”

"It's fine," said Jason keeping up with me. "I'll go with you. I haven't been in the Copper Horse before and I doubt I will visit it once we're out of Eton. Have you thought about... you know what?"

I was looking down to the floor while walking to the Copper Horse. I had something but didn't know what it was because I wasn't feeling anything. It wasn't sadness. It wasn't depression. I felt nothing in me. No emotions at all. Probably just worry but I was so used to it that I can say I didn’t feel it anymore.

"I’m always thinking about it," I said with my usual sad tone. “You know it.”

Jason was a good friend but he couldn't do anything to end my suffering. I was the one responsible for finding the answer to my prayers. Happiness was after all a decision I had to take on my own.

"I just know that I have to get out of here and go somewhere else," I said looking up to the sky. "I want to leave this place and find my happiness, but I don't know what exactly I should do or where I should go."

"I knew I was going to become a doctor since I was a little kid," said Jason really happy and pleased about it.

"Please... don't make me feel worse," I exclaimed.

"Ooops... sorry."

I saw the short green grass on both sides of the avenue and felt like lying down on it, look at the sky, close my eyes, listen to the birds and stay like that until the answer to my problems decided to show up in my head. Sadly, that wasn’t going to happen.

I really needed peace and a quiet place where to think, but even when I’d found it I could only think of my inability to make a decision and would simply start thinking about my classmates lives and how happy they were with all their friends. They all seemed to get along with each other really well and all that made me fall into a deeper sense of dissatisfaction. I felt disconnected from the rest of the world. I really thought my place was probably somewhere else in the vast galaxy, but that could simply not be true, right?

"I beg you for an apology, Jason," I said looking at him with a sad face.

"Why do you say that? You have nothing to apologize for," he said.

"It's just that I don't think I'm a good friend,” I continued. “I wish I could be more like the other guys."

"Crazy?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Not that crazy," I replied. "I'm crazy. They’re crazy fun. I wish I could have some of it. They all seem so happy."

"You're good,” he affirmed. “You're just confused. That's all. No big deal. You'll find what your heart is looking for someday. Trust me."

"Thanks, Jason. I really hope that as well. I really hope that."

A deer herd crossed the avenue. They were right in front of us. A baby deer appeared and made me smile for the first time since... since... I don't know since when but it’d made me smile which had been something good for me. Jason and I were just looking at them and how they were in tune with nature. I liked animals. I've always liked animals but didn’t have pets at home because my mom didn’t like them and I didn’t want to become a biologist because I had a very sensitive nose like the rest of my family.

"I wish I could talk to them," I said with the same depressed tone.

"Do you want to talk to the deer?” exclaimed Jason shocked.

"I would like to ask them what they think of life. I think it'll be interesting," I said as the deer walked back into the forest.

Jason was silent. He was probably seeing that weird side of me for the first time and he definitely didn't want to find out what other crazy stuff I could start saying or doing. He took another bag of chips out of his sweater pockets, opened it and started eating again without even offering me some. However, I had meant every word I had said to him but it wasn’t his fault if he thought that I was crazy. We’re all different and I was simply going through an emotional hard time.

I don't know what was wrong with me. I was just a normal guy going to a nice school, but I was unhappy. But why? I really wanted to know why. I was really confused and wished more than anything else to not be like that anymore.

Suddenly, a tall man wearing a red coat, red pants, a red hat and black sunglasses was coming our way from Snow Hill. He was in his way back to wherever he had to go next. I didn't look at him. I was lost in my own thoughts and was pretty sure that he was the same person I had seen earlier that day. I just saw him passed by our side and his peculiar choice of color didn’t disturb me at all. I could have had an opinion about wearing sunglasses during a cloudy day but he was certainly free to do whatever he wished.

We were getting closer to Snow Hill; the place was empty. The man in red, Jason and I were the only people there. I could say that it was a perfect walk except by the fact that I could hear Jason chewing his chips. It was really annoying.

"Austin..." whispered Jason after a while. “Austin..."

"What?" I replied a bit angry. He had taken me out of my concentration.

"That man… he was looking at us," he whispered with an even lower voice tone.

I stopped walking and turned around. The man in red was walking normally back to Windsor Castle. He was as busy walking as we were and didn’t seem a bit interested on us. Why would he?

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Well... he was looking at us suspiciously but right after I looked back he turned and continued walking. Why is he wearing only red clothes?"

"Let him be, Jason,” I said as I continued walking. “Who cares about him? Not me. He might just be tourist; I saw him today when we’d gotten back from the golf course."

“What?” said Jason surprised. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, because he’s just a man. It doesn’t matter.”

Almost an hour had past when we got to the end of the Long Walk. It was now time to go up Snow Hill to get to the Copper Horse, our walk’s destination.

"Damn, Austin," exclaimed Jason looking back at the castle. "Eton is really far away. I definitely don't like walking this much."

"We have all the evening to return,” I said. “What's the hurry? I told you to go back but you're now going to stick with me until the end."

Glad for being so close to the statue, we climbed up the short hill covered in grass and reached the Copper House after a walk of a couple of hours long. I walked around it to enjoy the views from such a vantage point. The afternoon was beautiful in spite of the fact that it was cloudy.

"Look, Austin! I can see Wembley!” said Jason excited.

"I can see the skyscrapers of London,” I said wishing I could soon be there.

"Let me see!" he exclaimed.

"The castle looks magnificent from here," I added.

After a couple of minutes enjoying the panoramic views a cold wind made us shiver and we agreed that it was time to go back to Eton. The sun was coming down and we didn’t want to get punished by the headmaster for getting home late. We came down Snow Hill and were able to admire Windsor Castle as we slowly approached it. I loved castles, palaces and royalty. I loved architecture in general but didn’t want to become an architect because I didn’t like math.

"He's gone," said Jason.

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