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Lynn Marie Morski, Attorney

Topic: Self-help

Book title: Quitting By Design

Publisher: Austin Macauley



Unique strategy: Video + workshop

Lynn figured her campaign video would be her most valuable asset, and she turned out to be right. She wrote up a script that was short, simple and personal. Then spent a few hours recording it in a professional setting and then editing it together with some free background music. The video was the first thing her readers saw on every channel it was shared: email, social media, and her book’s campaign page. It was a key asset that landed her both an exclusive workshop and big sponsor, which together, bumped her grand total to 131 copies sold and $2,540 in funds.


"It was over the top full-service as I could ever have asked for. Publishizer answered every question and gave amazing suggestions for how to increase sales and get published.” –Lynn