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Melissa Stangl, Bioengineer

Topic: Mind & Body > Consciousness, Ayahuasca

Book title: Roots of Consciousness

Publisher: Sunbury Press



Unique strategy: 7-day Amazon Ayahuasca retreat

Melissa had decided to write a book only a month before her campaign, and her ‘email list’ was only about 200, which included friends, family and personal connections. What set her apart was her ability to get 185 of those people to support and buy her book. She also gave at least 25 copies to everyone who bought one of her Ayahuasca retreats in Peru. This very personal and smart campaign brought her 608 preorders and $15,702 in funds.


"When it came time to choose a publisher, Publishizer offered their expertise and insight and I'm extremely happy with the way everything was handled." –Melissa

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