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Book Proposal Writing Contests


Don't just feed your stomach. Get ready for a smorgasbord of deliciously delectable tales, tantalizingly thrilling ideas, and all the glorious new flavours.

Reading is food for the heart, mind and soul. Here at Publishizer, we're passionate about finding and helping more authors get their books published. We strongly believe that there is an urgent need for more book diversity, so we’re proud to be hosting bi-monthly themed book proposal contests in 2017.

There are no entry fees or purchases required to join. For a chance to land a publisher for your book and a shot at the US$2000 cash prize for each contest:

  • Write a compelling 1000 word book proposal based on an unpublished book idea
  • Submit the proposal within the appropriate contest category for approval
  • Launch your campaign within the contest month to be entered into the 30-day book proposal contest

The campaign with the highest number of pre-orders for each contest wins US$1000-2000, though every author that successfully launches a campaign on Publishizer has a chance to get published! Needless to say, the more pre-orders you get, the more publishers will express an interested in acquiring your book.

Hungry for more? We are. Check back for the winner announcements!

Ended contests 17

Down The Rabbit Hole

Chartering the unchartered realms of consciousness

Psychedelics, plant medicine, consciousness · May 1-15 2019

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Exploring the multi-layered interactions of humanity

Hard & fantasy sci-fi, feminist dystopian · May 1-15 2019

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Transformational Experiences

Changing how we understand people, places and things

Business, Life, Self-Help · May 1-15 2019

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Let Her Shine

Celebrating Women and the Female Revolution

Fiction or Nonfiction, Female Authors, Female Stories, Female Protagonists, Sheros · Mar 1-15 2019

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Thrilled & Chilled

From the mysterious to the macabre

Thriller, Mystery, Noir, True Crime, Suspense, Horror · Mar 1-15 2019

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Transforming Industries and Individuals

Business, Life, Self-Help · Mar 1-15 2019

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Mindful Entrepreneurship

Influencing others on presence and clarity of mind

Mindfulness experts and motivational speakers · January 1-15 2019

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Guiding a new generation of people and entrepreneurs

Business, Life, Self-Help, Technology · October 1-15 2018

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Blazing paths at the intersection of business and technology

Business, Technology · August 1-15 2018

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Mind Body Science

Traversing the frontiers of consciousness and wellbeing

Mind & Body, Science · August 1-15 2018

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Exploring human evolution through health, wellness and alternative lifestyles

Lifestyle, Self-Help · August 1-15 2018

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Nether Ether

Android Fairies and Steampunk Elves… In Space

Sci-Fi & Fantasy book proposal submissions accepted from November 1-31 2017

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Thrilling Me Softly

Riding The Waves of Suspense

Thriller, Suspense & Mystery book proposal submissions accepted from September 1-31 2017

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Plot Without A Cause

Discovering, Defining and Blurring Boundaries

Young Adult book proposal submissions accepted from July 1-31 2017

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Surreally Yours

Finding Magic In The Prosaic

Magical Realism book proposal submissions accepted from May 1 - June 11 2017

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Up The Rabbit Hole

Unchartered Realms of Consciousness

Psychedelic book proposal submissions accepted from March 1-31 2017

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Queerly Lit

Shining The Light on LGBTQ Authors and Stories

LGBTQ book proposal submissions accepted from January 1-31 2017.

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