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Book Proposal Writing Contests

Book Proposal Writing Contests


A Constellation of Inspiration

Let us explore the ineffable state of inspiration storytelling elicits.

Since time immemorial, humans have looked to heavens in search of meaning. Under the dark night skies, we spun captivating tales around the stars. No other species in the world loves stories like we do; stories that engage, inform and distract. But more importantly, storytelling has helped us improve communication and group cooperation, allowing humans to take over the world in just 200,000 years.

Publishizer is proud to host multiple non-fiction book proposal contests to inspire in 2018. 

There are no entry fees or purchases required to join. For a chance to land a publisher for your book and win cash prizes of up to USD $500 for each contest.

  • Write a compelling 1000 word book proposal based on an unpublished book idea
  • Submit and launch your proposal by appropriate date within the appropriate contest category for approval
  • The latest you can submit and launch your campaign is the 15th of whichever month your contest takes place in order to be entered into the 30-day book proposal contest
  • Campaigns with the highest number of pre-orders for each contest will win USD$500
  • Panel of editors from traditional publishing houses will judge proposals each contest
  • Winners announced within one month of contest end date

In today’s digital age, we are inundated with stories and ideas seemingly as numerous as the stars. Though it has become absurdly easy to create and publish your own content, discovery remains a challenge in this data deluge.  Every author that successfully launches a campaign on Publishizer will have the opportunity to get published.

As a marketplace, even nebulous concepts can gestate until they are ready to be birthed and spread. Our platform allows authors to increase engagement and interaction with their readers, as well as discover the best publisher for their book. As a marketplace for ideas, we present quality content for publishers, and information at the forefront of change to readers.