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Health reporters, journalists, phds, and medical experts

Submissions open now until August 1, 2020

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For this contest, all pitches will receive feedback and support from a Publishizer agent to submit a book proposal and launch a pre-order campaign by August 1st, 2020. The winner of this contest will be the proposal with the most pre-order copies sold in 30 days, and is guaranteed an international publishing deal and offer from Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. If you don't win, there will still be opportunity to get published by our partners.


As the coronavirus has spread throughout the world, online bookstores have seen “unprecedented demand” for books as customers continue to buy reading material for learning purposes and the weeks of isolation. Unfortunaely, online bookstores have seen a huge increase in self-published plagiarised digital books about the virus offering advice and prevention tips. According to Indepdendnt UK, many have already been removed due to false information and lack of credentials.

In response to this type of misinformation spreading in a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, we introduce Medicate vs Meditate, two book proposal contests open to a wide range of non-fiction trade categories and authors from different backgrounds to better help people find and get what they're looking for. 

For this contest, Medicate,  Publishizer and our partners are seeking topics from reporters, journalists, columnists, professors, therapists, and medical experts who are covering a wide variety of subjects, but perhaps specialise in biomedical and social issues, especially infectious disease, food and agriculture, arms control, the role of complexity in political and social development, and the risk of collapse. There are so many strong tie-ins to the current landscape and we’d love to further explore support for any titles that fall in this space. 

One recent title for reference, according to Publisher's Weekly, is Covid-19: The Pandemic that Never Should Have Happened, and How to Stop the Next One, by New Scientist reporter and pandemic expert Debora MacKenzie, being billed as "a big picture look at how our failure to adapt during the last 20 years of pandemics led us to this current crisis moment, and what needs to change moving forward."


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Official Contest Rules

  1.  All submissions must be approved and pre-order campaign launched by 1 Aug 2020 23:59 EST online on the Publishizer website to qualify.
  2. Open for submissions now until 1 Aug 2020 23:59 EST. 
  3. The prize will be awarded to the entry with the most number of pre-orders sold during the contest. Only the number of preorders and readers registered during the 30 days of the campaign will count towards the contest.
  4. Editors from independent and traditional publishing houses will judge and express interest in submissions based on originality of ideas, quality of writing, relevance of content, and Publishizer’s book proposal elements: Hook, Video, Synopsis, Author Profile, Sales Arguments, Audience, Similar Titles, # of Pre-orders, Category.
  5. Publishizer is accepting only original material, that has not been copied from any other work. Submissions must not have been previously published, produced or distributed in any other way. Entrants are entirely responsible for all content submitted.
  6. There are no purchase requirements or entry fees to enter any of the Publishizer book proposal contests.
  7. Anyone may participate. Entrants below the age of 18 must have parental consent. 
  8. Only one entry per person is allowed for each contest. Any entrant who enters more than one entry per contest will be disqualified. 
  9. This contest has a prize of an international publishing deal, in-store book promotion, airport placement, distributed in retail bookstores, a publicist to help pitch national media, and a high-level of manuscript editing and support. The prize is not transferable, and the winner is responsible for all tax payments, international chargers, transfer fees and/or monetary currency conversion charges related to prize, if any. 
  10. In the event of a tie, the contest judges will select the winner together with the founders of Publishizer based on the same judging criteria. All decisions of judges are final.
  11. Within three months, the winner will be announced on the Publishizer website and social media accounts. Winners will be notified by email and receive information on publisher interest, deals, and next steps. Publishizer reserves the right to withdraw the winner and pick a replacement winner.
  12. Publishizer earns a 30% commission fee of all pre-order sales at the end of the preorder campaign. The commission on preorder sales is final and no cash or other alternatives will be offered. Publishizer earns no commission fee from future deal authors make with publishers, nor cuts from future book sales after the crowd-publishing campaign has ended - unless the author signs Publishizer on as an agent, whereby the new contract will come into effect.
  13. By entering any of the Publishizer book proposal contests, an entrant (or legal guardian, if applicable) agrees to the following: 
    • to abide by and be subject under Publishizer general terms and conditions and the Publishizer book proposal contest official rules. 
    • to the release of their name, likeness and book proposal  for use on the Publishizer websites and social media and for other potential publicity purposes.
    • to the use of they registration information and consent to receiving correspondence from Publishizer. 
    • to indemnify and hold Publishizer, their respective promotional partners, affiliated companies, agencies and employees, harmless from and against any and all injury, losses, damages, costs and other expenses of any kind resulting from the participation in this contest, or from accepting or using any prize awarded.
  14. Publishizer reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if it has reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any of the official rules and terms and condition. Any “spamming”, harassment, suspicious or offensive behaviour and/or inappropriate use of the Publishizer website or email address is strictly forbidden. Any entrant deemed to be engaged in any fraudulent and/or suspicious activity will prompt an immediate disqualification of that party’s submission(s) into all past, present and future contests.
  15. Publishizer reserves the right to extend the submission deadline due to any unforeseen circumstances on a per user basis.
  16. In the event an book pre-order campaign is in the top 3 of this contest and does not reach 500 pre-order copies, it is up to the discretion of the Publishizer team whether or not to pitch the book to traditional publishers.
  17. Any “spamming”, harassment, suspicious or offensive behaviour and/or inappropriate use of the Publishizer website or email address is strictly forbidden. Any entrant deemed to be engaged in any fraudulent and/or suspicious activity will prompt an immediate disqualification of that party’s submission(s) into all past, present and future contests.
  18. Publishizer reserves the right to change, modify these terms and conditions, cancel, terminate, or suspend these contests, at its sole discretion, in the event of a technical failure, computer virus or bug, lack of contest submissions, unauthorized human intervention, fraud or any other occurrence or cause beyond its control that corrupts or adversely affects the administration, security, fairness or normal operation of the contests. 
  19. Under no circumstances will Publishizer, and their respective directors, employees, judges or affiliated companies be required to award more than the stated contest terms indicated in these Rules or award the any additional prize(s) other than in accordance with these Rules.