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Book Proposal Contests

Book Proposal Contests

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Bringing readers alongside authors as they inspire us to explore, dream, and discover more.

Contests have long been a favorite past-time here at Publishizer! 

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Transformational ideas that inspire a better future

Business, Personal Growth, Self-help, Non-fiction · Aug 15 2021

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For a better New Normal in business, health, and well-being

For new and unique book proposals · May 15 2021

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Ideas that bring people and thoughts together

For new and unique non-fiction book proposals · Mar 15 2021

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Solutions to make this world more beautiful

For entrepreneurs, influencers, and adventurers · Jan 15 2021

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Mysterious Affair

Robots, aliens, detectives, and endless love epics

Sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, mystery, and romance · Nov 1 2020

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Guiding us down the paths less traveled

Speakers, coaches, futurists, entrepreneurs, change-makers · Oct 15 2020

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The Future Of

Book ideas that aim to reshape or reimagine our future

Submissions open now until August 1, 2020

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Health, well-being, mind & body, and business topics

Submissions open now until May 1, 2020

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Bright ideas from the passionate

Book proposal contest for Business, Self-help, Entrepreneurship

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Ideas and stories that aim to make the world a radically better place

Mental, spiritual and physical resilience · October 1-15 2019

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Mind Body Spirit

Unraveling the significance of human behavior

Mind & Body, Happiness, Spirituality · August 1, 2019

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Business Impact

Breaking through to change and doing better

Business, Self-Help, Technology · August 1, 2019

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Down The Rabbit Hole

Chartering the unchartered realms of consciousness

Psychedelics, plant medicine, consciousness · May 1-15 2019

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Exploring the multi-layered interactions of humanity

Hard & fantasy sci-fi, feminist dystopian · May 1-15 2019

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Transformational Experiences

Changing how we understand people, places and things

Business, Life, Self-Help · May 1-15 2019

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Let Her Shine

Celebrating Women and the Female Revolution

Fiction or Nonfiction, Female Authors, Female Stories, Female Protagonists, Sheros · Mar 1-15 2019

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Thrilled & Chilled

From the mysterious to the macabre

Thriller, Mystery, Noir, True Crime, Suspense, Horror · Mar 1-15 2019

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Transforming Industries and Individuals

Business, Life, Self-Help · Mar 1-15 2019

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Mindful Entrepreneurship

Influencing others on presence and clarity of mind

Mindfulness experts and motivational speakers · January 1-15 2019

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Guiding a new generation of people and entrepreneurs

Business, Life, Self-Help, Technology · October 1-15 2018

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Mind Body Science

Traversing the frontiers of consciousness and wellbeing

Mind & Body, Science · August 1-15 2018

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Exploring human evolution through health, wellness and alternative lifestyles

Lifestyle, Self-Help · August 1-15 2018

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Nether Ether

Android Fairies and Steampunk Elves… In Space

Sci-Fi & Fantasy book proposal submissions accepted from November 1-31 2017

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Plot Without A Cause

Discovering, Defining and Blurring Boundaries

Young Adult book proposal submissions accepted from July 1-31 2017

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Up The Rabbit Hole

Unchartered Realms of Consciousness

Psychedelic book proposal submissions accepted from March 1-31 2017

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Queerly Lit

Shining The Light on LGBTQ Authors and Stories

LGBTQ book proposal submissions accepted from January 1-31 2017.

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