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Rah Freestone

Rah Freestone

Missouri, United States

Rah Freestone, perpetual student and certified evidence based coach, writes to empower marginalized groups, especially women of faith. She’s published in Deseret Book’s “My Lord, He Calls Me” and self-published.

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About the author

Rah Freestone is a driven individual with a passion for education and empowering marginalized groups, particularly women of faith. With a background in coaching and human behavior, Rah's work revolves around helping individuals transition from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to confidently managing their competing responsibilities from a place of mindfulness and inner peace. Her writing reflects this philosophy, aiming to empower individuals through personal stories and practical advice.

Rah has been published in Deseret Book’s "My Lord, He Calls Me" and self-published her own children's book, "If You Hand Your Mom a Rice Cake". Her writing focuses on a variety of topics, including personal growth, faith, and empowerment. She is currently working on a writing project that empowers Black women to establish long-term goals for their natural hair journey and plans to write a young adult book about overcoming negative thinking habits.

Rah became a Gold Star spouse with two children when her soldier husband was killed in Iraq in 2007. She has since remarried and lives with her current husband and three of their children in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Her personal journey of proactive stress management and spiritual self-care has equipped her with practical tools for navigating life with a mindful and proactive approach, leading to a life full of faith in Jesus Christ. When not writing, speaking or coaching, Rah enjoys traveling, taking “napitations”, and finding joy in punny jokes.
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Hair Journey to Faith Journey

How Black Women Can Recover From Hair-Related Trauma, Discover Personal Hair Freedom, and Slay Their Natural Hair While Making A Big Impact

People think hair growth is about what you do to your hair, but it's actually about what God does to you—it's a faith journey, not a hair journey—and this book finally does what no other has: map out “the process” to trust when seeking healthier hair, a happier you and, by default, a positive impact on others.

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The Problem:

The natural hair movement began as a personal and transformational journey, but it has since turned transactional and commercialized. As a result, Black women have become the the target of impulsive product purchasing, hair care policing, and texture discrimination. This has also led to traumatic experiences related to hair envy, consumer distrust, and emotional overwhelm. These external and internal forces have eroded the morale of the once vibrant and empowering natural hair movement. Unfortunately, the rising popularity of hair-locking is already at risk of further damage to confidence in Black hair magic.

The Solution:

There is hope for keeping Black hair love alive. It requires a proactive shift from dependence on outside influences to confident interdependence starting on the inside. Learning and applying the guidance of The A.R.I.S.E.R. Approach™️ to natural hair health and growth can help Black women of faith keep their trust in God's process. Readers of Hair Journey to Faith Journey will walk away with:

  • A shift in mindset from taking a “hair journey” to going on a faith journey. 
  • Transformation of #hairgoals into practical habits and increased patience with the process.
  • Relief from the pressure of worldly influencer-ism with increased impact to inspire and empower others.

The Guide:

As an author, speaker, and coach, Rah is on a mission to help people manage stress proactively with Holy Spirit-led productivity. And guess what? The same principles of obedience, patience, and gratitude apply to natural hair growth too! As a personal goal, she's aiming for waist-length hair by my five-year locaversary on 4 November 2027. And since she's less than six months into the journey, she doesn't have any flashy before-and-after photos to wow you with. But that's okay because she's here to make an impact! She boldly declares that The A.R.I.S.E.R. Approach™ to healthy natural hair is "the process" and she's willing to put her faith journey to the test (in a very public way) to prove it by writing this book. So, what do you say? Walk this journey with her and embrace your natural hair with locked-in faith!

Sales arguments

  • The term “natural hair” is hash-tagged in 34.5 million posts on Instagram and represents hundreds of Facebook groups, many of which host hundreds of thousands (some well over one million) group members. Black women in these forums are supportive of each other in their journey to healthy hair and growth. The most consistent (and well-meaning) advice we give each other for our natural hair frustrations is: "Trust the process"...But nobody ever really talks in detail about what "the process" is. Until now.
  • The natural hair movement has opened up spaces to talk more candidly about the woes of Black hair experiences. In the opening episode of The Hair Tales, a 2022 docuseries, producer Traces Ellis Ross explains that, “It can feel like it's just a conversation about hair, but it's not. Especially not for Black women.” Co-producer Oprah Winfrey agrees: “It never is.” That’s because our hair is interwoven into everyday trauma and it's time for healing. It’s time to shift the conversation to faith.
  • There are more than 500 options on Amazon alone to purchase a “natural hair journal”. This indicates the desire Black women have to increase their love for their hair and self. The fact that only a handful of these options consist of more than an empowering cover and blank or lined pages presents an opportunity for a more robust option for guidance through such a highly transformative season of life.

Similar titles

  • Rest Is Resistance by Tricia Hersey | Little, Brown Spark (2022) - advocates to create space between Grind Culture’s work and more work mentality, widening that gap with rest. Hair Journey to Faith Journey advocates for shifting the focus to nurturing one’s faith and providing rich soil for miracles to grow.
  • Speak by Tunde Oyeneyin | Simon & Schuster (2022) - focuses on various spiritual experiences on topics including body image, physical fitness, and career change to inspire women to be true to themselves. Hair Journey to Faith Journey applies a practical tool for long-term and generalized use specifically to hair-related concerns as a starting point to connect habitual life choices that ripple out into other areas of life.
  • Spiritual Self-Care for Black Women | Stress Less Press (2021) - a workbook, planner, and guided journal to help shift into a more empowered state of mind. There is a companion journal for Hair Journey to Faith Journey organized into a 90-Day format for quarterly tracking and updates.


The most resonate audience is Black women of faith/Christians over 40 who experience hair damage and have considered locking their natural hair.

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