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Lee Constantine

Lee Constantine

Cofounder/CMO at Publishizer. Partner with publishers, agents, book coaches, and acquisitions editors. Previously did sales and growth for startups in Silicon Valley, and then marketing and editorial for agencies, magazines and accelerators in Las Vegas and New York.

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A structured course on correction

Pivoting is not failing. It's a change in strategy without a change in vision. It's the first step to determine if your idea is significant, and if it can successfully empower people to coordinate group action. This book provides a structured course on correction, designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about your product, strategy and engine of growth.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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This is my book and it's about pivoting.


Lee Constantine started in content marketing, got into journalism for a bit, owned a magazine, did lead gen for a consulting firm, and now writes for funded startups and helps unique authors get their books published. He is Head of Author Success at Publishizer, a "Kickstarter meets Tinder for publishing." When he's not campaigning with authors or ranting on Medium, you'll find him on a beach in Bali or traveling the Asia Pacific.

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