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Charles Hamm

Charles Hamm

As a veteran Marine sergeant, retired businessman, and successful entrepreneur, Charles Hamm has lived his life embodying Texas grit, but as the cowboy is slowing down, you can find him embracing the bucolic life, sharing his daily ponderings with humor and southern flare.

If you’re ready to learn from this wise cowboy and challenge yourself to move beyond common preconceptions to learn his hard-learned truths of life, then join Charles around the virtual campfire with "Ponder On It, Pilgrims!"

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About the author

Texan-to-the-bone, Charles Hamm, is a veteran Marine sergeant, retired entrepreneur, and 3x #1 International Bestselling Author. With over 75+ years of changing identities including that of a doting husband and grandfather, Charles has experienced the highs and lows of life.

Residing in the Texan countryside, Charles took to social media to channel his daily thoughts on society, inclusivity, and mindful living. Quickly accruing an engaged following of over 25,000, our cowboy was widely encouraged to further compile his thoughts into Ponder On It, Pilgrims: The Bucolic Mark Twain on Critter Councils, Cookie Bandits, and Texas Grit. The book has been sold in 26 countries and continues to attract positive attention for its approach to self-reflection and positive thinking in the midst of the digital age of the 21st century.

Offering in-person and virtual presentations, Charles enjoys traveling the country to share his ponderings with student and veteran communities, as well as with for- and non-profit organizations.
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Ponder on it Pilgrims

Welcome to the Publishizer Pick for the Summer 2024 Book Club

Join Charles around the virtual campfire as he spins his tales and shares his wit, wisdom, and Texas humor by taking a flip through his first book, "Ponder On It, Pilgrims"

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Humor & Entertainment
Released on March 21, 2023
234 pages



Live on Zoom | 7:00 PM EST Wednesday, August 28, 2024

Travel back in time with Charles Hamm to enjoy storied wisdom masterfully told by a Texan cowboy and veteran. Overcome the hardships of life as you journey through a collection of stories, common sense, and tales from another time. Commune with the critters, wrestle with war and triumph over tears in this heartfelt memoir that reads like a carefully crafted scrapbook of a life well-lived. Charles Hamm brings Southern wisdom to life by offering up his own lifelong experience in a compelling collection of memories. Filled with heartwarming tales of grit and tenacity, Ponder On It, Pilgrims invites us all to see the world from a new perspective.

"A pilgrim is someone on a journey. We're all pilgrims on this journey called life."

Follow Charles as he introduces his Four Golden Questions and indulges in short stories of how these questions have shaped his actions, thoughts, and journey throughout life. By taking in the memories of a once young Marine to his now daily habits as a well-lived cowboy, husband, and public speaker, you will learn to apply the Four Golden Questions to your own life.

Consider how a wise man thinks, speaks, acts, and feels, and come to understand the power of self-reflection in personal growth.

“I have observed over the years that there is something therapeutic in simply asking this question. I see it in my own life and in others when I ask them. As a person is ponderin’ it, stress and anxiety give way to a proactive mindset focused on making the best decision possible—being wise. Foraging for this answer takes you beyond reacting emotionally, in the heat of the moment, to a studied, measured solution. ‘What would a wise person do?’ ‘What would a wise person say?”

Ready to wise up yourself? Join Charles around the virtual campfire as he spins his tales and shares his wit, wisdom, and Texas humor by taking a flip through his first book, Ponder On It, Pilgrims!

Editorial review

In "Ponder on it, Pilgrims", Charles Hamm has captured the hearts of many readers and fans, including my own! The introduction of his book served as the inspiration behind our summer 2024 theme "Golden Questions". He has wonderfully demonstrated how the action of self publishing can make a huge impact when greeted with anticipation.

With beyond average sales and a delightfully engaged audience, I see a long life of "Ponder on it, Pilgrims", with further sales of this edition, or maybe a revised. And rumor has it, there just might be second book in the works!

- Bethany Marshall, Publishizer CEO

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