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Leigh Durst

Leigh Durst is a seasoned 15+ year business strategist and a consummate Flyer. As a veteran management consultant, strategist, transformation agent, connector and mentor, Leigh’s many years of exposure to a variety of operational environments provide her a depth of insight on organizational dynamics, which she shares with no-nonsense flair and a sense of humor.

Leigh has extensive, cross-industry experience spans companies of all sizes … from non-profit to dot-com, high tech to financial services, government to non-profit and the Fortune 100. Her counsel has benefitted an impressive client list, from emerging startups to global giants, like Time Warner/AOL, Chevron, Bristol-Myers Squibb, IEEE, The United States Army, First Premier Bank, Medtronic and many others.

Leigh fought her own operational style for years before biting the bullet, jumping off the corporate ladder and starting her own consultancy in 2005, and she’s never been more satisfied. Today, as principal of Live Path, Leigh is an active writer, speaker and consultant helping transform companies to better people and drive better outcomes. Her work includes developing business and operational strategies, designing outstanding customer experiences and strategically extending businesses using new technology.

Leigh has contributed her insights to Fast Company Magazine, CRM Magazine, Business 2.0 and has been featured on, Huffington Post, CRM Today, Business Week and a host of other publications. She was also a contributor to the best-selling book “Web Redesign: Workflow that Works,” along with “Age of Conversation 3” and “The Customer Experience Edge”. Leigh serves as a contributing writer for MarketingProfs, Customer Think and and has spoken at Blog World NMX, MarketingProfs B2B Forum and SXSW.

This book is the product of years of above-ground observation, personal introspection, peer probing, wing flapping, selective research and most importantly, trial and error from a business professional who was frustrated by the complexities of the many modern personality typing methodologies used in management training. Leigh's approach is an easier path for people in the same boat. Walk Climb or Fly offers a sticky and memorable way to understand workplace dynamics. Leigh stresses the importance of embracing the way we each are designed, understanding and owning our own behavior, valuing the contributions of others, working adaptively and demonstrating integrity to drive success in life.

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