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I am a woman chiseled by life experience to be a force for change.

My story started in the California desert. My father was killed in an accident when I was a baby and my mother and stepfather died by drowning on a New Year's Eve night when their car crashed trapping them in Blythe's C canal.

Forced to move to Virginia with family I had never met, I endured abuse and trauma until reaching adulthood.

My daughter saved my life and I went on to also have a son. I worked hard, eventually earning well over 6 figures annually. I owned 2 homes by age 30 and was determined to give my children all of the love, safety and material things I never had.

One day a fall down the stairs would alter the course of our lives forever ...

After struggling with my own horrible addiction and losing everything to it, I ultimately lost my adult daughter to her own very brief bout with addiction.

We had it all at one point and truly lived the American dream. After much soul searching, I have decided to be one of the voices affecting how those suffering from substance addiction are perceived and substance abuse disorders are treated in America. Through advocacy, I am passionately committed to those too lost to speak and to fight for those too weakened to fight... I am writing my first book and our story was included in the FBI produced documentary on substance abuse, "Chasing the Dragon" ( (also available via the FBI site with film and materials downloadable at School systems can reach out to local field offices for copies and to set up Q & A showings. I have also interviewed with several podcasts within the addiction /recovery community. We have several social media groups dedicated to the elimination of stigma surrounding depression, abuse and addiction disorders in families. You can also visit us at

We intend to start a nonprofit, in memory of my daughter who was stolen from us by an overdose at just 20 years old. I want to immortalize my daughter and leave a legacy of love for my children. We will focus on abuse, trauma and self esteem conflicts that lead many to self medicate.

I'm also available for interviews, speaking engagements and outreach activity in youth advocacy and substance abuse awareness.

I am planning to return to school to become a certified addictions counselor. I have a son who attends college majoring in Robotics Engineering.

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