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Maverick House

Maverick House has one objective: to publish socially and politically relevant non-fiction books. What separates us from most other publishing houses is our approach and outlook: we publish not just for local markets, but for the international one.

From its humble beginnings in Ireland the company has grown, and now has operations in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and across Southeast Asia.

We are inevitably drawn towards subjects that few publishers want to handle. And such books have always proven to be our strongest – Black Operations: The Secret War Against the Real IRA by John Mooney and Michael O’Toole, A Prayer Before Dawn: A Nightmare in Thailand by Billy Moore, Siege at Jadotville by Declan Power and Heroin, Julie O’Toole’s biography about her descent into heroin addiction, have all been bestsellers. But they are also important because they carry strong social agendas.

Maverick House prides itself on its use of new technologies to advance our publishing agenda. Our titles are published in both print and digital editions, which are available from Kindle, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play and Nook.

Many of our books have been translated and adapted for film. Among the Siege at Jadotville by Netflix.

Maverick House is a member of Publishing Ireland.

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