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Claire Hodgson

Claire Hodgson is a marketing consultant and life planner who fully believes that now is the time for women to toss aside the pressure of having it all and build a life that is based on their deepest desires. After suffering from depression and losing her zest for life back in 2011 Claire started her mission to get back to herself, throw off the shackles of what her life ‘should be’, and build an amazing life based on her values, passions, and goals.

She spent her time discovering amazing tools and techniques, ranging from the structured and process led, to the spiritual, that she then used to move towards her ideal life. She quit her corporate job, started her own business and embraced what really mattered to her.

Claire was born in the UK and has built a successful career as a marketing consultant for SMEs as well as starting her blog, Burn the Corset, which she uses to inspire women to embrace life planning.

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