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Shalamar Tanara

Profile for the supervising team at Shalamar.



We live in an age of connectivity. It’s easier to reach others, whether across the world or in the next room. The arts are far more accessible, with independent films commanding box offices and musicians inventing their own sounds. People connect with stories in “viral” ways, seeking to expand beyond the stories’ mediums, building on them, theorizing, spinning off their own fan works. With these changes to readership and technology in mind, the publishing industry should innovate as well.

Shalamar’s aim is twofold. We focus on helping new authors find audiences for their works and provide the resources they will need to reach those readers. We also facilitate the connections between readers and authors, helping them connect in more ways than ever before, depending on the readers’ and authors’ preferences. As writers and readers ourselves, we don’t believe stories were meant to remain on the written page.

New Orleans, US