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Rizel Delano

My writing career started when I was in my early twenties and since then, grew steadily over the years from investigative journalism, travel writing, business and copywriting, public relations - basically all forms of corporate communications. I still write for countless magazine publications and act as a consultant to many businesses and corporates on communications, marketing, writing and storytelling techniques, brand identity and reputation management. I am a qualified communications consultant and project manager in various industries. I am skilled and trained in all types of writing including fiction novels, short stories, screenplays, documentary scripts – everything except poetry. I already wrote a historical action novel Hinane currently available on my website.

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Rizel Delano

Last Chance to Survive

Rizel Delano

The story of Tsukudu, a rhino specie's fight for survival - and its nearby extinction caused by crude transnational crime syndicates