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Christopher Mayshack

Christopher J. Mayshack was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, at the very center of tobacco road. Although heavily influenced by the power of knowledge and the endless possibilities associated with obtaining an education, sports served as a motivating factor to achieving goals that he had for his life. A 2008 graduate of North Carolina Central University and scholarship student-athlete of the mens basketball team, Christopher looked for opportunities to help athletes and young kids through mentorship and coaching. In the fall of 2010, His goals lead him attended Georgia State University's Masters of Sports Administration program. During his time there he worked in Student-Athlete Development as an academic advisor and manager of academic services for athletes. After graduating, he sought out opportunities to get involved in coaching and found his true passion and pathway to engage the youth. Volunteering at multiple levels of sports participation ( recreational leagues, high school and now university level) , Christopher has understood the importance of coaching and the positive lasting effects that carry young kids into their adulthood. Christopher mission is to promote positivity and youth development in the field of play. Come follow him in his journey to the finish line!!

Light Year Dreams!!

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