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Kalyna Miletic

Kalyna Miletic

Kalyna helps women around the world to build careers they love. She's the founder of Kickstart Your Work, TEDx Speaker and a global explorer.

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Success! The Success Trifecta sold 523 pre-orders by Nov. 15, 2018, was pitched to 139 publishers, and is in discussions with publishers.

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The Success Trifecta

How to Love What You Do, Make Money and Impact the World with Your Work

The new way to work: choose how you spend your time, enjoy what you're doing and get paid for the impact you make.

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Business Travel + Entrepreneurs
Toronto, Canada
40,000 words
25% complete
19 publishers interested


This book is the reference guide that you'll pull out before making career decisions or going into high stakes work scenarios like interviews or signing a new client. 

It starts out by questioning the way we traditionally think about work and expands the possibilities of how to construct a career that you enjoy building. 

This is different from the "follow your passion" careers book because it gives a breakdown of how to make decisions you're going to be happy with during the key events that shape your career often without you consciously realizing it. 

This is the difference between starting your own company and staying in a job you hate for the entirety of your twenties, and maybe thirties. It's about making the decision to apply to that new manager role instead of just leaving the company because you feel unfulfilled. We'll discuss how to sign up a new client or price your services. 

Our careers are shaped by a series of micro-decisions that cumulatively dictate where you end up. With that knowing, this book helps you build your own success trifecta through deciding what micro-decisions are right for you. 

First we define what a success trifecta is, and then move into how to build your own step by step through answering key questions that come up along the way to building it for yourself.  

What is a Success Trifecta?

The new way to build your career is using a foundation of choice, enjoyment and impact. 

This new model has emerged because we're all starting to demand the freedom to choose how we spend our time which is the first pillar.

Selling our lives to passionless work until retirement doesn't cut it anymore and once the reader is shown that work is better (and more productive) using enjoyment, we move onto the third pillar, impact. 

Connecting to impact is important in all that we do, but many dissociate from this idea when it comes to their work. It's so easy to focus on the raise or job title, and forget the reason we're working in the first place. 

Impact is about consciously deciding what impact you want to have on the planet. We consider the age old question of what you want to be remembered by on your death bed and then move onto the new territory of actually eliciting how a career can be formed from our personal insights about what we care about. 

Once the reader has chosen to build their own trifecta and has bought into the new paradigm, we define what their personal trifecta looks like as a free agent. 

A free agent is an individual who has merged their desire for freedom at work with the commitment to independently create their own version of The Success Trifecta. They work in order to fulfill their personal mission of making a meaningful impact in the world through what they do every day, not just for a pay check.

The reader will now create their own version of the emerging success trifecta: designing their ideal work experience, defining what they enjoy doing daily and deciding on what they want to contribute to the world over the span of their careers. 

So how do you bring your success trifecta to life? 

This is the scenario based part of the book where readers will return again and again depending on the current career decision they're facing. 

We'll look at strategies to: 

1) Define What's Great About You 

2) Communicate That Greatness to Others

3) Attract the Right People and Projects to You 

4) Share About Your Unique Way of Creating Solutions in Your Work 

5) Get Paid What You're Worth

6) Deliver On Your Promises

After reading this section, the person whether employee, student or entrepreneur will have identified: 

- Key Positioning Pieces (Personally and Professionally)

- How to Market Those Services to Get a Job or Client

- How to Convey Value in Their Skillset Offering and Service that They Provide

- The Ways to Deliver Successfully to Their Recipient without Burnout or Compromising Who They Are

- How to Define Success Metrics that Make Them and Their Recipient Happy


Part One: 

Intro:  What is a Success Trifecta and Why You Need to Build One

- Choice

- Enjoyment

- Impact

- Why Should I Read This and Make Changes in My Work? 

Step 1:  Designing Your Personal Success Trifecta at Work

- 1 Million Ways to Make $1 Million

- Ask a 4 Year Old

- The Choice is Yours

- How to Know What You Like Enough to Spend Your Entire Life On It

- Remember: Deep Down You Care About Others

- The #1 Key to Making a Career Decision You're Proud Of 

Part 2: Scenarios to Help You Make Authentic Career Decisions 

Step 2: How to Talk About What You Do

- What do you stand for?

- How to Talk About What You Bring to The Table Without Sounding Like An Arrogant Asshole

- Why Your Mom's Best Cookies Will Help You Market Yourself

- How to Answer the Question "What Do You Do?" (At a Party or Meeting)

- Ways to Show Up as Yourself at An Interview or Meeting

- How to Talk About What You Offer to Potential Clients or Employers

- The Keys to Writing Emails that People Will Reply to 

Step 3: How to Choose Who You Work With 

- Know What You Stand For

- Communicate Your Blue Chips

- Speak the Other Person's Language

- Say No, and...

Step 4:  How to Convey Value in What You Provide

- Define Your Services Based on What You Want to Contribute

- How to Set the Price You Charge

- How to Negotiate Your Salary or a Raise

- Formatting That Simply Conveys Your Message

- Talking With Corporations (Hint: It's Just a Group of People)

- Do I Need a Website?

Step 5: Delivering to Others on Your Promises 

- How to Deliver Services that Produce Solutions

- Numbers That Show Valuable Results 

- Running Effective Meetings That Aren't a Waste of Time

- How to Handle Concerns from Anyone

- How to Put Yourself First and the Client Benefits

- What to Do When You Mess Up

- Quality Assurance: Think of Your Grandma to Know What to Do 


This book is for 3 main target audiences. Broadly it benefits anyone who is working and wants to take control of how they build their career going forward.

Firstly the book will benefit aspiring or current entrepreneurs who are looking to build their businesses within the current gig economy. 

The emerging trends in the freelance economy show that: 

The first focus is aspiring entrepreneurs but a secondary target audience is  anyone who is a corporate employee and wants to build their personal career trifecta. The book talks about how to position yourself and your services which is a necessary skill for job acquisition. Employees benefit from this step-by-step guide because the book shows them how to define what each pillar of the trifecta is for them in their career and teaches how to implement enjoyment and impact into their new way of approaching their work. 

The working audience of the United States alone is roughly 129.6 million.

Lastly, this guide is beneficial for educators at the college and high school level who would like to deliver a structured approach to learning and navigating a new way of career design within the currently developing gig economy. The existing careers curriculum is limited in schools around the world. The goal with this audience is to initially pilot the book in careers classes as a supplement to standardized assessments. This is a customized approach to career design that students will benefit from being exposed to. The Canadian and US audience for high school students are cumulatively around 5 million students. 


Kalyna is the Founder of Kickstart Your Work, an onstage storyteller and global explorer. She has dedicated her life to helping women love the work they do. Kalyna has coached over 1,500 hours with clients in 20 countries around the world. She specifically supports women to take their work online so they can work from anywhere while delivering value to clients.  

Kalyna started her first business at 19 years of age, doing digital strategy in her dad’s backyard by the pool. She loves storytelling both on and off stage and most recently spoke at UCLA and TEDxWLU about how to navigate career building while focusing on what feels good. 

She’s been traveling full time since 2014, visiting over 25 countries so far and living in Aruba, Brazil, the US and of course Canada her home. Kalyna has a blast running a completely location independent business and believes feeling good while at work needs to be the new normal for everyone. In her free time she loves yoga, Brazilian dance, trying all sorts of foods and searching for the world’s best hammock on the beach. 

Kalyna is passionate about mentoring and giving back to young girls. She remembers the experience of feeling like she didn't belong at school and knows that supporting a grassroots initiative near home is the start to impacting young girls globally. She donates her time and a percentage of Kickstart Your Work's sales to Girls Inc., to support girls having the positive role models that she believes make all the difference for youth. 

Kalyna's mission is to spread the message that we can choose to enjoy our work and our lives while endeavouring to make a meaningful impact on those around us. 


The power of word-of-mouth is that it will fuel the initial momentum needed to launch this book. People who have a level of personal connection with Kalyna will passionately share how dedicated she is to leading by example. Kalyna defines the life of a free agent herself, as she works to help women achieve similar heights in their careers.

1) Personal Network

Kalyna is committed to personally reaching out to 20 people per day to share about the campaign, the concept of the Success Trifecta and spreading the message of the importance of this concept.

  • Personal Facebook: 3050 Friends
  • LinkedIn Network: 930
  • Kalyna Miletic Facebook Page: 5718 Likes
  • Instagram: 1576 Followers

2) Friends Willing to Share (Professional Affiliates + Personal Network)

  • Cumulatively an audience of ~150,000 people

3) Organizations

  • Outreach to the administration of 10 schools in the Greater Toronto Area to discuss the potential for adding to careers education programming, and 5 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Marketing plan to Post-Secondary Institutions in Canada (18) and the United States (30) to pitch the book as a supplement to careers curriculum 
  • Contact with five Co-working Spaces for Potential Feature
  • Girls Who Travel Outreach (Online Community of 20,000 Women)
  • Sharing with 10 organizations with the intention of running a half day workshop on the Success Trifecta in conjunction with pre-sales of the book

4) PR + Speaking Engagements 

  • Media for the book to be sent out to local news channels and shows
  • Recent TEDx Talk at WLU and a second TEDx talk coming up in February 2019
  • Online PR Plan to feature the book in 400+ Articles through an SEO firm
  • Speaking engagements throughout the year at schools, organizations and charities (roughly 10-15)


1. The Suitcase Entrepreneur

By: Natalie Sisson. Published by North Star Way. (2017)

Sisson's book covers the tactical elements of being a digital nomad in a way that shares the author's step by step process to running an online business to minimize work hours. The Trifecta is different because it focuses on finding the subject matter and business model that will transform your work into your global contribution. The Trifecta's focus shows readers how to make the change from "working to live" into "working to contribute" and that is what makes it unique.

2. The $100 Startup: Reinvent The Way You Make A Living, Do What You Love, And Create A New Future

By: Chris Guillebeau. Published by The Crown Publishing Group. (2002)

Chris expertly defines making a living with enjoyment. His model is about "finding the intersection between your “expertise” –  and what other people will pay for." The Trifecta defines and teaches how to create a trifecta of intersection between what you love doing, your expertise and impacting the world (which leads people to pay you extremely well.) 

3. The Freelancer's Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams - On Your Terms 

By: Sara Horowitz. Published by Workman Publishing Co. (2012)

This book highlights the steps to being a freelancer that have to do with the nitty gritty: taxes, retirement savings and setting up your office. The Success Trifecta is unique because it defines a new way of approaching work that transcends a job title and focuses on staying in alignment with one's bigger contribution to the world at every step of the client attraction and business building process.

4. The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

By: Tim Ferriss. Published by Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale. (2009)

This book inspires readers to look beyond corporate to building their own business.  The Success Trifecta goes beyond corporate or business and defines how to take control to maximize your work opportunities no matter what the formal work format. The free agent builds their work life to incorporate elements of themselves rather than building a business to make money to live a lifestyle that is enjoyed outside of "work hours."  The Success Trifecta is a manual that asserts that an hour is an hour and one should spend each one intentionally - work shouldn't be minimized to four hours per week. Free agent's know that work means contribution and that's a meaningful way to spend their time to deliver value in the world.  

5. Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur

By: Pamela Slim. Published by Penguin Publishing Group. (2010)

This book shares practical insights and is about becoming independent through a great escape from the big bad corporate wolf into the promised land of entrepreneurship. A common theme amongst freelancers and entrepreneurs, corporations have gotten a bad rap. The Success Trifecta doesn't vilify corporations, and rather sheds light on how to choose to interact with them (or not) in a way that makes sure you take care of yourself as an individual first. 


People started telling me when I was 12 years old that there was no way the success trifecta was possible. Choosing what we do at work every day, making money, enjoying our time and impacting the world all just seemed too good to be true. That's why I set out on a mission to see how I could create it, live it and show others how to do it too. 

People ask:

Can I make money AND like what I do?


Can I do this if I've never worked for myself?


What about if I don't have a degree or professional experience in what I love doing?


What if I have kids, bills, debt, aging parents, no money, lots of money, lots of time, no time, responsibilities, stress, struggle, no drive, lots of drive...


Choose this new paradigm and it's yours. 

It's that simple and requires you to claim it for yourself in your life. 

Choosing is the only difference from people who like what they do and those who don't. It's the only thing standing in between the focus on finding 100 pieces of evidence as to why you can't instead of finding 100 ways to figure out how to make what you want a reality.

If you choose to proceed, the only requirements are these:

1) You must decide that from this moment forward, it is entirely your responsibility to build your life the way you want it to be. You are in control of choosing what you do, say and think every single moment of every day.

Once you commit to this and start acting from this place, your life will change forever. 

[Fortunately, this means gossip, blaming and scapegoating others is no longer a viable justification.]

2) You must focus on finding solutions. 

If you want to complain about why this won't work, find reasons why you are the one person who isn't _________ enough so you can't do it, then I'm sure you can think of many people who will hear you out, but this book isn't going to play into that. 

This manual is about solutions and bringing your wildest dreams into reality. There is no goal of impact that is too big or too much to handle when using this model.  

Step 1: Designing Your Personal Success Trifecta at Work

The beginning. 

It's about choice, enjoyment and impact.

We define: 1)  what you love doing 2)  what you are great at doing 3)  what impact you want to make in the world. 

Who cares?

Without this knowledge you are aimlessly wandering in a sea of jobs and tasks with little to no fulfillment or purpose (hint: joyful purpose will change your life and transcends your current job title of employee, freelancer or CEO).

Wandering isn’t the issue, it’s the complaining and negative attitude throughout the journey of wandering that’s going to make the 100,000 hours you get to contribute to the world totally miserable. You don’t get that time back, so let’s wander joyfully whether you’re just starting out, or you’re the big cheese in the corner office.

Once you define the trifecta, you can begin contributing to the world at large and living a purposeful life while being successful from a financial perspective. 

Brilliant, right?

It's time to choose fun AND success. 

Step 2: How to Talk About What You Do

You're great at the things you have defined above. Things that are "work related" and things that aren't. You're multi-faceted. This is the step where you learn how to talk about yourself without arrogance and with pride for what you bring to the table (in a way that doesn't make people want to leave the room.)

Once you know how to share about yourself personally, it's time to learn how to explain the services you provide in the same way. Doing business is the same as dealing with a friend, or your cousin Susan. Talk about your services like they're your mom's best cookies that you actually enjoy eating.

This step will help you define:

1)     How to talk about your strengths as an individual

2)     How to share about what solutions you can provide as a free agent

3)     Choosing your positioning within your industry: Are you the Gucci or Walmart of Your Niche?

Step 3:  Define Who You Want to Work With and Attract Them 

You = your work. Your work = you. 

The faster you realize this point, the better for all of us. 


When you start admitting that you care about the stuff you're doing it becomes a lot easier to decide what to do with your time and who to do it with. 

This isn't a section about ad strategy, or the right time to send a marketing email (which is Tuesday at 10am research shows.) 

Attracting aligned opportunities starts with knowing what you stand for and being willing to share what your values are. 

In this section we’ll define your values so that you have your own personal operating standards identified. This matters whether you’re going to build a business or help grow someone else’s because it’s how you show up in the world.

Don't know what you really care about yet? 


We’ll start with answering the question: 

What really pisses you off about the world?

You're well on your way to deciding how you want to change the world. It may seem like a big thing to have to sort out and it is. 

Glad we got that out of the way. 

What you do matters and changes the lives of those directly around you. 

I'm not saying that to be nice, it's just true that every time you cut someone off or choose to open the door, you're changing lives.

I know, sort of scary, we can't hide behind the guise that no one sees us or that we don't matter. 

This step outlines:

1)     Setting out what your personal values are like a credo

2)     How to use them in your marketing (personal or business) to show who you are and bring in work that aligns with you

3)     How to talk to others in a way that shows your values and helps them to know if they’re a match

4)     How to weed out the opportunities that aren’t a good fit for you before you say yes to them

Step 4:  How to Convey the Value of Your Offer to Others 

Ah the moment where you lay your business heart out on the table and have to share what services you're going to provide. 

Even more daunting, answering the question what do I charge them?!

If you've priced services or products before then I assure you this isn't the standard cost + margin formula. 

That just isn't good enough anymore. 

We're talking about value based pricing here. 

What does that client walk away with given the knowledge you've shared, service you've provided or product you've sold? 

The funny thing is, someone may say you're crazy for charging $100 for a box of chocolates and yet, a Parisian chocolatier might say anything less is robbery. 

It's completely subjective, right?


That's the whole point. Clients are going to pay you what they believe your offer is worth, and that worthiness starts from you. 

You = your work, remember?

How much do you think your contribution is worth?

How much value is delivered by providing what you're contributing to the world? 

The whole point of being a free agent here is saying, I get to choose where I stand within the industry. You're the one that positions yourself within the world. 

In this section you’ll learn:

1)     The elements of a killer proposal to get you hired

2)     How to price your services so that you’re happy with what you earn while making the recipient feel like they scored a deal

3)     How to take your positioning from step 2 and convey it in a resume or client proposal

4)     The 5 biggest pitfalls to pitches (meetings or interviews) and how to avoid them

5)     How to develop your own personal system for delivering results that makes you unique and ups your value factor to others

Step 5:  Make an Impact and Go Beyond Expectations

You have someone who believes in your mission, agrees with what you stand for and wants to work with you to create a solution they need. 


My work here is done...

Ok, I know, not so fast. The work is just beginning. Now you get to deliver on all of the great ideas you have and use those skills you've been talking about. 

Stage fright, imposter syndrome or just general apathy are all totally possible here so you're completely normal if you feel like this is the biggest leap of all, in some ways it is. 

Let's label this feeling as excitement from now on. 

You get to show to the world exactly why you've committed to building your success trifecta. 

So, think back to the reason why you started all of this in the first place. 

Why are you hoping to help this person or provide a solution? 

What motivated you to open up to living your trifecta?

In this final step we’ll identify how you can deliver your personal contribution in a way that makes the difference you want to make and goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations (while making you super happy in the process!)

You’ll learn:

1)     Setting up your personal timeline so that you exceed expectations and stay sane along the way

2)     Ways to communicate about your process throughout the project so that your contribution is recognized and you deliver on your promises

3)     The way to identify the five key metrics to track for yourself and the recipient of your services so that you’re on the same page about progress and goals  

4)     How to handle the inevitable slip ups, mistakes or unexpected items that come up

19 publishers interested Express interest
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eBooks2go, Inc., was founded in 2011 to provide the missing link for all your publishing needs. Our end-to-end solutions provide the guidance and support that enable publishers and independent authors to pursue their passions. To date, we have helped more than 750 authors and 100 publishers worldwide.

Our Mission
eBooks2go is where dreams get published! We are devoted to grooming authors and publishers for long-term success. We strive to deliver high-quality products, sustainable marketing strategies, and a positive customer experience throughout the entire publishing process. Our experienced staff will directly work with you to help your books enthrall and entertain readers.

We Are the Catalyst for Your Writing Career
eBooks2go offers an array of simple and affordable solutions to assist self-publishing authors at every stage of the book publishing process. Our comprehensive service offering includes editing, print and eBook production, book marketing, cover designs, ISBN registration, and even website designs. We are the single source for all of your publishing needs.

Profit from Your Passion
eBooks2go is invested in your publishing goals! Follow your ambitions and contact us today to learn more about the personalized publishing experience we offer!

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Elite Online Publishing logo Elite Online Publishing

Write, Publish & Market Your Book to Build Your Business & Brand. Author Joshua Evans, Went from a Salesman to a # 1 Bestselling Author & paid Speaker making $12,000 per speech. Become a Bestseller! Over 50 Authors have become #1 Bestsellers with Elite Online Publishing. Owners Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster are both 10x Bestselling authors and have published over 1700 books authored under their own imprint on Amazon. We are experts at MARKETING your story.

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Emerald Lake Books logo Emerald Lake Books

We help positive people gain the clarity and platforms necessary for their voice to be heard. We provide every service an author needs to build their business using a highly-leveraged book.

Yes, you could take the time to find an editor, cover designer, layout designer, distributor, publicist, marketing team, web developer, and branding team yourself. But isn’t your time more valuable than that?

No matter where you are in your publishing journey, if you want to grow your business through the power of a strategically designed book intended to meet specific goals, look no further. We're here to help!

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Happy About logo Happy About

Through our imprints and series, we've published over 800 books. Happy About and Super Star Press are for traditional books, 42 Rules is comprised of 42 five hundred-word articles and THiNKaha is comprised of 140 bite-sized quotes and seven blog posts. Our goal with all of our imprints and series is to make the author happy and achieve their goals.

A book is an asset that should be used by the author to drive more business. Whether that's speaking, consulting or selling more product, a book is designed to make you the recognized expert in your help you be the thought leader.

Our job is to focus on the backend infrastructure and mechanics of publishing while you focus on marketing both your book and your brand. It's a partnership that we enjoy having with hundreds of authors and will share the best tools, techniques and processes we know to help you be successful. Part of publishing with us includes the creation of an AHAbook on AHAthat which is a great way to have your content amplified in social media.

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Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press logo Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is the Publisher for the Passionate. Our mission is to help authors become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs become best-selling authors.

Founded by best-selling author Jesse Krieger, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press publishes books on entrepreneurship, self-help, healthy lifestyles and select fiction titles with 50+ books published to-date.

Through our Done For You Publishing process we support you through each stage of your author journey, from editing and design to marketing strategy and making your book available wherever books are sold.

Through our distribution and sales partnership with Ingram Publisher Services, one of the largest book distributors in the world, we provide the reach of a traditional publisher with the personal touch of a boutique firm.

Our primary focus is on business and entrepreneurship, personal development and success psychology books, however we never rule out a driven, entrepreneurial author with another focus. If you are ready to get that book out of your head, into the world and on to the best-seller charts, let’s talk.

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LifeTree Media logo LifeTree Media

LifeTree Media is an award-winning, values-driven, forward-thinking hybrid publishing company specializing in books and ebooks that help, heal and inspire. We believe that authors should have access to high-quality, elegant publishing services and full-scale in-store distribution without having to give up their publishing rights or control over the timing and execution of their book.

Many of our clients are first-time authors who know a great deal about how to help make the world a better place, but who need help translating that knowledge into a compelling book. That's where we come in. Wordsmiths, idea sculptors and enthusiastic cheerleaders for the human race, we make a difference in the world by helping authors to make their difference in the world.

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Mascot Books logo Mascot Books

We are a full service book publishing company that works closely with independent authors in every phase of writing/editorial, book production, book marketing, and book distribution. Our roster includes bestselling authors who have previously traditionally published, first time authors, and authors at various levels in between.

What separates Mascot is our hands-on approach to publishing. We work closely with each author in all phases of the publishing process. Mascot authors benefit from our industry experience, connections, and our commitment to keep up with the latest trends in the ever-evolving world of publishing.

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1106 Design, LLC logo 1106 Design, LLC

Dear Author,

Congratulations on writing your book!

Options abound in today's publishing world, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between traditional publishers, hybrid publishers, subsidy publishers, and self-publishing companies.

1106 Design offers independent publishing as it was initially intended, with you, the author, as the publisher. We don't publish your book, you do, and we'll show you how with our signature hand-holding at every step.

We offer publishing-house-quality manuscript editing, cover design, interior design and layout, proofreading, eBook formatting, author websites, and book marketing assistance, to help you produce a beautiful, market-ready book. Then we'll help you obtain printing and distribution in your name, so 100% of the proceeds are paid directly to you.

Work with us, and you'll retain complete control of the creative process, your design files, and your revenue stream, and your book will be available for sale in a matter of months.

Here's a price summary of our most popular services for books 50,000 words and under:

Cover Design starting at $715
Interior Layout with Proofreading starting at $1,390
Copyediting: $33 per thousand words
Ebook Formatting starting at $590

You can find the prices for all our services here:

Is it worth it? Click the links below to view our cover and interior design samples and customer reviews to decide for yourself:

If you would like a custom quote, please email your completed manuscript to [email protected] and let us know which services you need. Don't worry; we won’t share your manuscript with anyone else.

Questions? We'll be happy to talk to you. Please use this link to choose a convenient time:

At 1106 Design, we love helping authors create great books! We hope to hear from you soon.

Michele DeFilippo

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Atmosphere Press logo Atmosphere Press

Atmosphere Press is an independent full-service publisher for books in genres ranging from non-fiction to fiction to poetry to children's picturebooks, with a special emphasis on being an author-friendly approach to getting a book into the world. We're professional, honest, and kind. Learn more about what we do at Atmosphere’s website,

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Authors Unite logo Authors Unite

We've now worked with 250+ authors.

Learn more about what we do and see some testimonials here:

We look forward to working with you.

Tyler & The Authors Unite Team

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Bookmobile logo Bookmobile

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bookmobile provides book printing, graphic design, and other resources to support book publishers in an ever-changing environment. Superior quality, excellent customer service, flexibility, and timely turnarounds have attracted nearly 1,000 satisfied clients to Bookmobile, including trade houses, university presses, independent publishers, museums, galleries, artists, and more.

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Business, Children's, Cookbooks, Fantasy, Health, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mind & Body, Mystery, Politics, Professional, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Self-Help, Sports, Technology, Thriller, Travel, Young Adult


Colborne Communications logo Colborne Communications

Colborne Communications is a professional editing and publishing services company based in Toronto. Since 1977, we have been providing editing, writing, proofreading, indexing, and research services to a variety of individual, corporate, and government clients, including all of Canada's major publishers.

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Business, Children's, Cookbooks, Fantasy, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mystery, Novella, Politics, Professional, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Self-Help, Sports, Technology, Thriller, Travel, Young Adult


Crescendo Publishing logo Crescendo Publishing

Crescendo Publishing is a boutique-style, concierge VIP publishing company assisting entrepreneur authors with writing, publishing, and promoting their books for the purposes of lead-generation and achieving global platform growth, then monetizing it for even more income opportunities.

In addition, we also support authors of novels, memoirs, fantasy and other fiction genres in the production and promotion of their books, too.

Check out some of our latest best-selling AuthorPreneurs at

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Business, Fantasy, Health, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mind & Body, Mystery, Novella, Politics, Professional, Romance, Sci-Fi, Self-Help, Thriller, Travel, Young Adult


Gladiator Publishing Company logo Gladiator Publishing Company

Gladiator Publishing Co. has held a reputation in the Literary Industry for nearly 100 Years as a Writer-Loyal company. Nearly 100-years later, Gladiator Publishing Company still maintains that strong characteristic. We place our Authors publications first and foremost. You may hear many other "Publishing entities" state that they are "the first" to do this or the "originator/pioneer" of that. If everyone is using the same marketing, promotional, and advertising pipelines what makes them so original?

As the proud recipients of six-awards in 2018 for our innovative marketing techniques, media outreach, extremely low budget compared to the Global Industry Standard (72-83% cheaper), and an Author-inclusive style, it is no wonder we are the #1 Requested Publishing Service on the East Coast. We are staffed with industry-specific professionals that are dedicated to market and brand development.

Full Editing Services (substantive, copy, formatting, proofreading, story flow, line) are INCLUDED in the price. No hidden fees, no extra cost for something that Publishing Services should be more than happy to provide to benefit the manuscripts success. The industry has turned toward greed and away from literature. It's sick and inappropriate, it's ok to agree, they know it too.

Maintain 100% of your royalties in all formats.
Maintain 100% of your Copyrights, Intellectual Property, and Creative Control.

You be the Author and we'll be the Publisher.

Happy Writings!!

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United States

Happy Self Publishing logo Happy Self Publishing

We have helped 250+ authors to get their books self-published, hit the #1 position in the Amazon bestseller charts and also establish their author website & brand to grow their business. And the best thing is, we do all this without taking away your rights and royalties. Our publishing packages start at $699! Let's schedule a call to discuss the next steps in your book project:

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  • Mona Ledoux
    on Oct. 18, 2018, 12:49 a.m.

    Looking forward to reading your book. Congratulations!

  • Nathalie Chapron
    on Oct. 18, 2018, 1:37 a.m.

    Kalyna, this project is amazing and SO NEEDED on planet earth at this time. Thank you for the stand you take, and the transformation you create.
    I am grateful for your vision.
    Keep shining, Sister!

  • Lia Dunlap
    on Oct. 18, 2018, 1:37 a.m.

    Wishing you the BEST success in this endeavor and all others!

  • Kalyna Miletic
    on Oct. 18, 2018, 2:39 a.m.

    Wow such beautiful words and support. We're a day into the campaign! I'm in awe and so grateful for you ladies and everyone who has supported so far. This mission of spreading the new way to work on our terms is much bigger than me and our collective support of it shows the power of community! Thank you thank you thank you to each and every one of you!!

  • Ian Sharp
    on Oct. 18, 2018, 4:16 p.m.

    I hope everything works out for you, you deserve It buddy!!

  • Lynne Sagen
    on Oct. 18, 2018, 7:27 p.m.

    Love you, So excited to whatch you grow! <3

  • Dana Garnett
    on Oct. 18, 2018, 7:40 p.m.

    Congratulations, Kalyna, on your wonderful success as an author and global transformational leader! I look forward to your book and your great work!

  • Ann Stewart
    on Oct. 18, 2018, 11:08 p.m.

    The start of something big. Good luck

  • Angie Specic
    on Oct. 19, 2018, 2:40 a.m.

    Best wishes Kalyna, I look forward to getting your book!

  • Adam Bell
    on Oct. 20, 2018, 12:19 a.m.

    Congratulations Kalyna! Can’t wait to read it!

  • Kathrine Collins
    on Oct. 20, 2018, 4:06 a.m.

    Lady you have been a changing force in my life. I've ordered 5 and I am gifting 4 to some ladies in need of empowerment. Love you and all that you do!

  • Dean Mav
    on Oct. 24, 2018, 10:52 p.m.

    Good luck to you. I look forward to reading the book and was recommended by Augi D.

  • Leanne Lempinen
    on Oct. 26, 2018, 3:05 a.m.

    I can't wait to read this book Kalyna. You are an impressive visionary with the special gift for spelling out how to get there from here! Best to the best, Leanne!

  • Shannon OBrien
    on Oct. 28, 2018, 5:48 p.m.

    Kalyna - you are AMAZING. All your love and kindness will be felt and appreciated globally.

  • Hamed Mansouri
    on Oct. 31, 2018, 5:56 p.m.

    Can’t wait to read it!! Keep up the great work!!

  • Tanaz Asli
    on Nov. 5, 2018, 2:01 a.m.

    Really proud of you K! Can't wait to read this <3

  • Lily Fontas
    on Nov. 9, 2018, 3:59 p.m.

    Can't wait to read! So proud of you xoxo

  • Lee Constantine
    on Nov. 13, 2018, 2:40 p.m.

    Amazing work! I'm your 100th reader -- keeping going!

  • Kalyna Miletic
    on Nov. 13, 2018, 5:36 p.m.

    WOW 100 readers.
    Thank you so much to all of you for supporting my work and this book!

  • Susan Hocevar
    on Nov. 14, 2018, 12:38 a.m.

    Congratulations on your book! Your positive energy radiates. I am so happy you are sharing it. xo, Sue

  • Melissa Chu
    on Nov. 14, 2018, 4:57 p.m.

    I’m so proud of you Kalyna. Would love to see you one day! Xoxo

  • Brigette Iarrusso
    on Nov. 15, 2018, 6:22 p.m.

    Good luck powerful woman!! I cannot wait for your book launch and for you to come here to Cal and host a huge talk!!!

  • Kalyna Miletic
    on Nov. 15, 2018, 9:06 p.m.

    WE DID IT!!! :-D Thank you to everyone who contributed to the campaign - this is epic and completely life changing. I really appreciate all of your support!