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A.C.K. Min

A.C.K. Min

Singapore, Singapore

A.C.K. Min is perturbed by the age old question of the nature of man. He provides an answer through his interpretation of folktales.

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About the author

My love for the written word took off when I started my first job as a journalist for a community newspaper. In my observation and interaction with people from different walks of life - families of murder victims, victims of scams, perpetrators of crime, retrenched workers, among many others, fact and fiction sometimes become blurred as interested parties try to gain the upper hand. This led me to wonder who is the good person and who is the bad one in every story I pursued. Looking at the bigger picture, I became more interested in the question of man's motivation and nature. Can bad people do good things? Can good people do bad things? Why? 

This will be my first attempt at writing and publishing fiction. My goal is primarily to use the fictional space to freely explore the timeless question of man's nature. I believe that through fiction, authors are liberated from the limitations of time, space and what most people perceive as facts to tackle uncomfortable and difficult themes and ideas. The boundaries of creativity will be tested and it is up to the author as well as the audience of fiction to conjure a make-believe world so that they can better understand the phenomenon we see in reality.
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Update #5 - Final Update: Book Published April 24, 2019

Hi friends,

The book that you have pre-ordered has finally been published! Yeah! Thanks to your support and patience, this project has finally bore fruit.

The publisher is working on fulfilling your orders. For those who ordered physical copies of the book, do take into consideration the time taken for shipping (the publisher is located in the U.S.). 

The book has been renamed “Chasing Cinderella: Broken Dreams”. I wanted to just title it “Chasing Cinderella” after the Publishizer campaign has ended. Then, to my surprise, I discovered that a book titled “Chasing Cinderella: Fairy Tale Descendants” by Anna Santos is already in the marketplace. Hence, I had to give it a different sub-title to distinguish it from the one that is already in the market. 

Just remember that the book you have ordered is by A.C.K. Min.

Do spread the word to your friends via this link:

Thank you, again.


Alvin Chiang (A.C.K. Min)