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Here’s how it works for authors:
1: Submit a proposal

Publishizer guides you step-by-step through writing and submitting a proposal. This can be up to 5000 words from your manuscript, or a full book proposal.

2: Sell pre-orders

We give you tools to launch a 30 day pre-orders campaign. Publishizer promotes the top performing proposals weekly to our list of readers.

3: Connect with publishers

Publishizer sends publishers a weekly digest of proposals. If a publisher is interested, they message you to request further information, or to make you an offer.

4: Sign with a publisher and receive your funds

When you are ready to sign with a publisher, you receive funds via PayPal, minus a 30% fee. Publishizer does not take a commission on advances or royalties.

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<p>Scott Bales, author of <a href="">Mobile Ready</a>, $29,230 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)</p>

Crowd-publishing is recreating the nature of the publishing industry. It’s empowering authors to new heights. The innovative entrepreneur in me chose the path that would give me the greatest leverage and create the strongest learning journey.

Scott Bales, author of Mobile Ready, $29,230 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)

<p>Jeremiah Gardner, author of <a href="">The Lean Brand</a>, $23,020 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)</p>

Publishing is changing, and Publishizer is at the forefront of the future of the industry. In this shifting landscape, I was glad to have gone the crowd-publishing route. It made my writing better, gave me invaluable learnings, and most importantly, connected me directly with my audience.

Jeremiah Gardner, author of The Lean Brand, $23,020 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)

<p>Michael Sanders, author of <a href="">Ayahuasca</a>, $18,555 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)</p>

Publishizer allowed me to raise more than enough funds to bring my book – a lifelong dream – to fruition. The platform helped me connect with a wider audience, and ultimately, deliver a best-selling book.

Michael Sanders, author of Ayahuasca, $18,555 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)

<p>Dan Cleland, author of <a href="">Pulse Of The Jungle</a>, $18,024 pre-orders</p>

The team at Publishizer was super professional and a joy to work with. They provided help and support all the way and helped me raise $18,000!

<p>Sangeet Choudary, author of <a href="">Platform Scale</a>, $17,190 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)</p>

Publishizer has been a great partner to launch Platform Scale. They are passionate about helping authors get books published and Publishizer does way more than one would expect. I would recommend this to any author looking to run a pre-orders campaign.

Sangeet Choudary, author of Platform Scale, $17,190 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)

<p>Poornima Vijayashanker, author of <a href="">Present!</a> &ndash; $14,975 pre-orders</p>

For my second book, I discovered Publishizer, and made close to $15K! Publishizer provided social proof, a clear goal, and a deadline. The Publishizer team provided the much needed support we needed to get through the campaign. I'd highly recommend using their service.

Poornima Vijayashanker, author of Present! – $14,975 pre-orders

<p>Steve Shipley, author of <a href="">Wine Sense</a>, $11,870 pre-orders</p>

Publishizer provides a risk-free ecosystem for funding and completing your book and bringing it to market. They have a great platform connecting authors and readers to make publishing a community event.

Steve Shipley, author of Wine Sense, $11,870 pre-orders

<p>Jon Yongfook, author of <a href="">Growth Hacking Handbook</a>, $12,775 pre-orders</p>

I raised over $12k in a month for my first book. Without Publishizer, the Growth Hacking Handbook wouldn't exist!

<p>Tom Morkes, author of <a href="">Collaborate</a>, $12,979 pre-orders</p>

Thanks to Publishizer, I was able to raise over $12,000 in less than 30 days before I ever put pen to paper to write my book. If you are a fan of the lean startup model for businesses, Publishizer is the lean startup model for books.

<p>Stu Krieger, author of <a href="">That One Cigarette</a>, $7445 funded</p>

My entire Publishizer experience has been a joy. The Publishizer team are smart, dedicated, and kind human beings who truly care about shepherding new authors and their works out into the cold, cruel world. 

<p>Anna Chittenden, author of <a href="">Lost Guides - Bali</a>, $4711 funded</p>

Launching a crowdfunding campaign for my travel book 'Lost Guides - Bali' on Publishizer has been a great experience and learning opportunity for me. I now have the funds in place and a personal increase in self confidence to help me make my book into a success.

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Publishizer matches authors with publishers during pre-orders campaigns. It’s like Kickstarter meets Tinder, for publishing.


Publishizer wants to create a platform that publishers might use to find new books, a sort of literary minor league stadium for hunting up new talent.


The publication process is complicated, convoluted and expensive. Publishizer offers authors a revolutionary way to get their book out there.

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