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Charles Bastille

Charles Bastille

Atlanta, Georgia

Charles Bastille self-published his first series of books in 6th grade, when he folded up stacks of notebook paper and wrote/illustrated hand-sized comic books called “The Adventures of Dr. Maums,” and distributed them to classmates. He has been writing fiction ever since.

He has had several books on web software development published by Sybex, IDG, and Wiley.

He retired from the software development business to concentrate on fiction writing. MagicLand is his debut novel.

He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find him at

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About the author

C.E. White wrote and self-published his first major works when he was in sixth grade. Using notebook paper, he created little palm-sized comic booklets called The Adventures of Dr. Maums, which circulated around several classrooms.

As he says: "Somehow, I not only did not get bullied for that, but the little booklets always came back to me. A bit worn, but in one piece. Lots of people read them. I did about 30 of these. I’d say that’s when I knew I’d eventually be a professional fiction writer."

He has been writing fiction ever since. Most of his fiction has been stored away, as he worked day jobs, first in the advertising industry as a creative director and later as a software engineer.

He has published software development books for such publishers as Sybex, IDG, and Wiley, and was a co-author on the industry classic, "HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible" from Wiley.

He has an extensive background in software engineering, marketing communications, and graphic design.

He is now writing full time.

MagicLand, to be published by Morgan James Publishing, is his debut novel.
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Coming December 7, 2021 from Morgan James Publishing:

On a future Earth where magic and technology have been at war for two thousand years, can one kiss change the fate of the world?

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Publication Dates:
eBook: June 2021
Trade Paperback: December 7, 2021

On a future Earth where magic and technology have been at war for two thousand years, can one kiss change the fate of the world?

When a young actor from Gath crash lands outside the magic land known as Moria, he’s rescued by a young Morian priestess in waiting, Aurilena.

The two find themselves drawn impossibly towards each other in the midst of a war between two distinct species of humanoids: her people, the magicians of Moria, and his people, the Gath, whose tremendous intellectual and physical capabilities are programmed into their DNA.

Together, the two discover a terrible secret that lies at the heart of the centuries old conflict between MagicLand and Gath. It’s a secret that leads to a kiss that could end the war once and for all. The only question that remains:

Will it end in brutal violence or give way to an improbable peace between implacable enemies?
========= === ==== ======

A recent article in the New York Times entitled The Teenagers at the End of the World explored the angst of young people growing up in a world facing disastrous climate change (

Is it possible to provide younger readers an acknowledgment of the extreme environmental catastrophes they face and still entertain them? I believe authors in a time of pandemics and climate change (the two are related) have a unique opportunity to talk about the issues the generation that is inheriting our mess is facing.

We can do it without terrorizing them, and with words of hope about the human spirit. Humanity has overcome extreme, existential peril in the past, and it can again, and it is partly our responsibility as writers to bring heroes back into our writing. MagicLand is my attempt to do so.

Video notes and production credits for
MagicLand "Trailer":

Musical score: © Eoin Mantell/Epidemic Sound
Images (via Adobe Stock):

Opening image: © lidiia
Climate devastation: © santoelia
Futuristic soldiers: © paul
"Two Species" Cyborg: © grandeduc
Male magician in hat: © Nejron Photo
Species at war: © OSORIOartist
Hands: © willyam

Similar titles

  • The Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman; Penguin Books. Major difference: MagicLand is about an ongoing conflict between magicians and cyborgs, who have both evolved into distinct human species
  • Romeo and Juliet: MagicLand is essentially a Romeo and Juliet story set in the far future
  • The Hunger Games: There is no magic in Hunger Games, but there is a similar battle against an oppressive regime, and a similar romantic tension.


Young adult fiction, science-fiction, fantasy and romance

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    on May 2, 2021, 4:57 p.m.

    Thank you for having a website to order this book looking forward to reading it