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Anna Marshall

Anna Marshall

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Anna Marshall is an end of life doula, caregiver, and creative grief practitioner from Hampton Roads, VA, with a lifelong passion for helping individuals who are navigating death and grief. Anna is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.
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The Alchemy of Meaning

Meditations for Grief and Gratitude

Poetic prompts designed to help individuals engage meaningfully with their grief.

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Poetry #1 in Poetry
106 pages


A collection of micro-meditations that serves as a compassionate companion for those navigating grief and loss

The Alchemy of Meaning offers a gentle and transformative approach to processing the complex emotions that arise in response to life’s catastrophes. This is not a prescriptive guide, but rather a tool to help individuals engage more meaningfully with their grief through the use of language and reflection. 

With The Alchemy of Meaning, you will discover a new way to experience grief with compassion, mindfulness, and grace.

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  • Lauren Bowen
    on April 11, 2023, 4:57 p.m.

    Looking forward to reading The Alchemy of Meaning!!

  • Samuel Alvarez Barreto
    on May 19, 2023, 3:25 a.m.

    My dear Anna, im proud of you and to get to met you, we live in a strange world i think, we humans felt in so mani different ways, time and space make everithing very unique, the only thing always came to me when i think of you IS that im Happy to have shared that little short time at fac d letres, you Will be a good friend of mine in my heart and memories. Grief for me is a path that have so mani crosses, i think i elongated some losses way too much, and affects me all the time, and that affect my creative side when i paint. Hope read your book soon, not for looking answers for my sadness but to feel a bit that soul you carri and get some happines from you.
    Withlove your friend Sam.