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Bill Rader

Bill Rader

Buffalo, New York

Bill is a life-long entrepreneur who sold his first company at age 18. After being paralyzed, he founded a company from his hospital bed to help cancer patients.

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About the author

Bill Rader is a life-long entrepreneur who sold his first company at age 18. To date he has launched five ventures, including his most recent Efferent Labs, Inc., and orchestrated multiple M&A’s. In Oct. 2014, Efferent was a winner in the worlds largest business contest 43North.

Bill started Efferent Labs after inventing the medical infusion device RxFusion in 2009. Since mid 2011, he has created alliances with major universities, merged a university sponsored startup into the company, and now hold patents to many promising technologies. Information available at

Bill writes the column "Leadership & Viewpoints" for Inc. and is a paid columnist for Forbes Media.  He has had more than 1,500,000 people read his stories.  In the past, Bill was a contributing editor to Triple D Publishing's Home Theater Magazine.

In 2015 Bill had a successful exit from the company he founded in 1998, Raland Technologies, LLC, a consulting and products company. He grew the company organically as well as through M&A. The company grew substantially during his leadership, landing it on the Inc. 500|5000 list with worldwide clients and operations.

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After being fully paralyzed in 2011 Bill lost normal use of his predominate hand and rarely signs anything as it takes a lot of effort to do so.
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The Venn Effect

How one entrepreneur went from selling sea shells to treating cancer

How to find success at what you love, what you're good at, and what makes enough money.

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60,000 words
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Entrepreneurs can be made, but this one was born. 

    Bill Rader started his journey at a very young age, building his first standard rite of passage business, and grew it to the largest eleven-year-old owned and operated business in the community while obtaining his first education in business. These early trials propelled him to his first licensed business at age 16.

    Referred to as his first real business, as it had paid employees, licenses, insurance, and government run-ins - Bill grew this company and sold it while in his senior year of high school. He also learned his first and most valuable lesson in business:

    Do what you love!

    The Venn Effect holds the promise to be a game changer in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can be born or made, as long as they learn, understand and employ these lessons learned from a life-long entrepreneur.

    The Venn Effect premise is simple: first do what you love then do what you know. Lacking either, failure is guaranteed. These are just two of the business lessons that Bill discusses in his popular keynote entitled the Venn Effect. Now, he is taking the keynote to book form, diving deeper into his world as an entrepreneur with not only lessons but tips on how to get ahead, be noticed and succeed - even if faced with a life-changing disease.

    The Venn Effect is a fast-paced, easy read. You will want to turn the page to see whats next. Just like with his speeches, Bill grabs his audience and is able to move them along through real-life experiences that can be both funny and thought-provoking.

    Let the Venn be part of your life!

  • Entrepreneurs will ask: “why can’t I do this?” - and they will employ at least one tip to further their enterprise.
  • Business Students will learn the right and wrong way to create and move a company forward.
  • The general public will say: “I can do this even with a disability or challenge”

The Venn Effect can be experienced by anyone who has a desire to succeed.  


The Venn Effect is a story with its pulse on contemporary culture, especially with Millennials, who are rapidly growing as leaders in the workplace. This generation looks for inspiration and loves stories of challenge and triumph. 

The Venn Effect draws from the authors past experiences to create a better future for himself and others. Similar to the best seller “The Art of the Deal” The books narrative opens with the history of the author, around the year 1978, then steps the user through trials, ups and downs of business through today.

In a similar fashion to the best seller “The Art of the Start” the book provides actionable information, providing a value to the reader.

The stories about the business life of the author are highlighted in his articles published on Forbes and Inc, and are used as part of the books narrative to highlight his lessons and tips.


Readers are expected to be startup and other entrepreneurs and business owners, business students or others who want a measure of entertainment sprinkled in with the substantive content. The story line, being a historical timeline, provokes the reader to go deeper and examine their ideas and methods.

The most important benefit of this book is the real life examples of both success, and also failure in business.  How one can leverage an idea and ultimately change the world of countless others.  The idea being, that anyone can take a few simple lessons and make their world better.


Primary Audience: 

Aspiring entrepreneurs including: business owners and leaders, leaning strongly into Millennials, whom might be thinking about  building a company. 

Most of these entrepreneurs can be found in the following type places and organizations:

  • Business Incubators and accelerators (there are thousands of business' in over 1400 incubators in US alone) I have visited several of these incubators already, and have assisted by giving speeches, mentoring and judging competitions over the last 3.5 years.  I will continue to do so and leverage each effort to promote and sell my book.
  • Business Schools   - I am associated with a couple of the top Business Schools including Harvard Business School, University of Rochester Simon School, and University at Buffalo. I will work to put this book on required reading list through my contacts at some of these schools. There are over 100,000 MBA graduates each year.
  • Venture capital firms - There are thousands of associated business with these firms.  I have a great read into these VC's through associations through several renowned and well known VCs.
  • Entrepreneurs in various stages of planning and development 
  • Entrepreneurial foundations
  • Societies and groups with disabilities including the National MS Society (motivation for those struggling with disabilities to see that they too can participate)

Secondary Audience:

  • Foundations and organizations with large memberships  such as 300,000 strong National Federation of Independent Businesses, or other organizations in Bill's professional space like the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers or the International Society of Electronic and Electrical Engineers. Both with memberships in the tens of thousands.
  • Readers of Forbes, Inc., Fast Company and Entrepreneur magazines both in print and online.  Millions read these publications, and Bill already has a forum to promote his book through his column.
  • Small Business Administration

Tertiary Audience:

  • Business consultants and advisors
  • Trainers, coaches, and speakers


Key marketing advantages:

  • Bill Rader, the author, is a respected leader, speaker and columnist. He has a warm and authentic presence on both stage and on camera. He is a capable spokesperson and likeable personality to carry the Venn Effect message.
  • Bill  has an extensive network of fans and possible endorsements.
  • Readers of his stories and columns number over 1,500,000 (Forbes, Inc., and Triple D Publishing)
  • Trademark applications for the Venn Effect are being submitted.
  • Currently considering a series of "Venn" books that cover in detail different areas in business using the Venn as the overarching guide.

Marketing plans for the book include the following:

  • Outreach to key influencers to promote the book via links on their social media and networks.  These include current pod casts and other friends with very large social media followings.
  • Outreach to college and universities with business schools and/or leadership programs.  Being associated with some of these schools, Bill has a reach through associates and alumni to a much larger community for promotion.
  • Leverage his 43North, University at Buffalo, University of Rochester and HBS email lists to promote the book.
  • Release of articles to key business outlets.
  • Traditional PR–talk radio interviews.  Having existing relationships with several business shows, Bill can request interviews and actually land them.
  • Use of pod cast interviews.  Bill has done pod cast interviews in the past, and has existing relationships with producers.
  • reviews. He will ask all early purchasers of his book to write reviews.
  • Social media strategy, primarily focused on LinkedIn and Twitter audience.


The Venn Effect has been described as a hybrid of three best sellers.  Bill's life and business experience has a similar tone,  and page turning effect that these examples:

The Art of the Start 2.0: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything - Guy Kawasaki - (2015) Published by Portfolio.  Guy uses his experiences over the years to give a step by step guide to starting a business.  His experiences and instruction are great and outline simple steps to taking an idea and turning it into a business.  The Venn Effect also shows steps in certain areas, but the story itself is the guide that uses real-life experiences to highlight the value off the information and tips presented.

The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future - Steve Case - (2015) Simon & Schuste.  Steve uses his experience and understanding of tech to tell a page turning story of business and what he contends is the "third wave" of business.  The business Bill Rader founded (Efferent Labs) is effectively what he talks about in his book.  The similarity that The Venn Effect provides is again the engagement with the reader that provides the page turning aspect and desire to learn more.  The main difference is the detailed examples of what to do, and not to do, that separates the Venn from Wave.

Trump: The Art of The Deal - Donald J. Trump - (1987) Random House. Mr Trumps Art of the deal is primarily a minute by minute review of his daily life in 1987.  It talks of deals and provides information and tips of his early success and failure in business.  Similar to the Art of the Deal, Bill starts in his early life, allowing a glimpse of where he came from, as well as how he has grown from his early experiences. The Venn Effect takes a different approach though.  Rather than a lot of self aggrandizing narrative, The Venn Effect concentrates the highs and lows in a introspective and "lessons learned" approach, not requiring the reader to read through minutia to get to the point.  

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change - Steven Covey (1989) Free Press. In his book Steve talks of "true north" and specific ways to create personal habit that lead to change.  The Venn Effect uses Bills real life experience to guide the reader and thus allows the reader to make small changes to alter their course to a better outcome.

8 publishers interested
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    Looking forward to reading the Venn Effect and sharing your experience and insights with others!

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    Bill - Best wishes with your launch. I'm sure it will be well-received!

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