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Everything you need to know to launch your book.


Watch a tutorial

What happens once you start a book proposal on the platform.


5-day book proposal

Receive 1 email per day right to your inbox from this course.


The launch pack

Guide to write a proposal, record a video, and create bonuses.


The reader list

Organize and segment your contacts for your campaign.



What Authors Say

Publishizer authors share their crowdpublishing stories.


4 Authors Share Their Views - Why Publishizer?

VIDEO: Talks about "What is Publishizer" from the point of view from four of our authors.


Liesl Hays, author of Broken, Changed, and Rearranged

PODCAST: Talks about her experience with Publishizer and getting a publisher.


Emily Pereira, 3 Tips for Your Publishizer Campaign

VIDEO: Talks about her experience with Publishizer and selling strong bonuses.


Greta Solomon, author of Heart, Sass & Soul

PODCAST: Talks about her experience with Publishizer and the support.


Neal Scaffer, author of The Age of Influence

PODCAST: Talks about his experience with Publishizer and gaining influence.


Sara Elkins, author of Your Stories Don’t Define You

PODCAST: Talks about her experience with Publishizer and how she did marketing.



Why Publishizer? Four Authors Share Their Views

Lee Constantine shares learnings and stories working with four authors who create a video for us.


Why I'm Choosing To Launch My Next Novel With Publishizer

Alia Luria, author of Ocularum makes an argument for Publishizer v. self-publishing.


How Crowd Publishing Helped My Book Dream Become a Reality

Jack Shitama, author of Anxious Church Anxious People wrote on crowdpublishing.


Is Crowdfunding a Book Right For You?

James Haight, author of Jack & Coke wrote about his experience on Publishizer.


The Complete Guide To Crowdfunding Your Next Book

Tom Morkes, author of Collaborate saw his crowdfunding campaign skyrocket.


Wildfires, Crowdpublishing, Stolen Cars & $20,000

Jeremiah Gardner, author of The Lean Brand shares 5 lessons.


How I got $12k in book preorders in 1 month

Jon Yongfook, author of Growth Hacking Handbook shares his journey.

How To Successfully Crowd-Publish Your Book

Jason B. Ladd, author of One Of The Few gets published.

Show me the money: Crowdfunding for writers

Dorit Sasson, author of Sand and Steel has 10 steps.

Beyond the Campaign

Additional services for authors at any stage of the publishing journey

Pitch Power Pack

Includes a resource for crafting your book pitch + a 30 minute practice session with a Publishizer agent