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“With Publishizer, I got picked up by a phenomenal publisher.”

Ajit Nawalkha · Co-founder of MindValley and Evercoach

Live Big · BenBella Books

“Publishizer helped me take my book from concept to reality.”

Derek Loudermilk · Pro athlete and host of The Art of Adventure podcast

Superconductors · Kogan Page

"I signed with Berrett-Koehler, which has a distribution agreement with Penguin Random House.”

Leena Olaimy · Dalai Lama Fellow and Fulbright Scholar

Compassionate Counter Terrorism · Berrett-Koehler

“Publishizer was as over the top full-service as I could ever have asked for.”

Lynn Marie Morski · Physician, attorney, and quitting strategist

Quitting By Design · Austin Macauley

"It’s been a pleasure working with the Publishizer team. ”

Nadir Mehadji · Investment banker and design thinker

The Cat & The Banker  ·  Marshall Cavendish

"My entire Publishizer experience has been a joy.”

Stu Krieger · Hollywood screenwriter of The Land Before Time

That One Cigarette · Harvard Square Editions

“As a first time author, I was thrilled with the results.”

Xanet Paulet · Lawyer turned sex and intimacy coach

Living An Orgasmic Life · Mango Books

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1. Submit a proposal. Write a proposal using our guided book proposal template. Your agent will review it and offer feedback.

2. Sell pre-orders. Launch a 30 day pre-orders campaign on Publishizer. We promote weekly to our audience of readers.

3. Your agent pitches publishers. At the end of your campaign, your agent pitches your proposal to relevant publishers and you choose the best deal.

No costs. Publishizer is free to launch a campaign. Authors keep 70% of pre-orders. If you sell 500 pre-orders or more, then your agent will pitch your proposal to traditional publishers.

Publishizer is re-inventing publishing acquisitions and foreign rights sales. We are building a network of readers and authors, and a marketplace of publishers and agents.

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Recent deals

Dave Nixon

The Human Movement

Dave Nixon

A practical approach to taking control of your health forever through movement, mindset and nutrition in a world that profits off you being unhealthy, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Meyer & Meyer Sport logo
Neal Schaffer

The Business of Influence

Neal Schaffer

How anyone can tap their business into the influencer economy and achieve massive results.

HarperCollins Leadership logo
Melissa Stangl

Roots of Consciousness

Melissa Stangl

What is science discovering about the role of consciousness in physical health? Where do psychoactive medicines and spiritual practices fit? How can we use these findings to achieve overall well-being?

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Dr. Michael Cotton

Source Code Meditation

Dr. Michael Cotton

A guidebook to activate latent energy in your body, awaken your higher brain, enlighten your mind and set your heart on fire to create a new world.

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Cecilia Perez-Matos

The President's Daughter

Cecilia Perez-Matos

The President’s Daughter is the memoir of Cecilia Perez-Matos, the out-lesbian daughter of the former President of Venezuela. It’s about surviving insurmountable odds, including political coups, gay-bashing, and cancer.

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