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“With Publishizer, I got picked up by a phenomenal publisher.”

Ajit Nawalkha · Co-founder of MindValley and Evercoach

Live Big · BenBella Books

“Publishizer helped me take my book from concept to reality. I got two book deals from traditional publishers.”

Derek Loudermilk · Pro Athlete and Host of The Art of Adventure Podcast

Superconductors · Kogan Page

“Publishizer has been exceptional from day one. The platform enabled me to secure an exciting publishing deal.”

Emily Johnson · Health Influencer on Instagram: @arthritisfoodie

Arthritis Foodie · Yellow Kite (Hachette)

“Publishizer has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end.”

Jack Bobo · Food Futurist and CEO of Futurity

The Halo Effect · Mango Books

"I signed with Berrett-Koehler, which has a distribution agreement with Penguin Random House.”

Leena Olaimy · Dalai Lama Fellow and Fulbright Scholar

Compassionate Counter Terrorism · Berrett-Koehler

“Publishizer provided so much guidance and aligned me with a publisher that matched my values.”

Liesl Hays · HR Strategist and Entrepreneur

Broken, Changed and Rearranged · Morgan James

“Publishizer is a fantastic platform that helps influencers and authors get their books out there."

Neal Schaffer · Social Media Influencer & Digital Marketer

The Age of Influence · HarperCollins Leadership

Publishizer made it possible for me to find a quality publisher and demonstrate that my book had an audience.

Sarah Elkins · Podcast Host and Author

Your Stories Don't Define You · Koehler Books

"My entire Publishizer experience has been a joy.”

Stu Krieger · Hollywood Screenwriter of The Land Before Time

That One Cigarette · Harvard Square Editions


Publishizer helps more books get discovered by readers and publishers. Finding a book publisher is hard. And self-publishing can be expensive. The problem is that 96% of all book proposals get rejected by agents and traditional publishers. We use pre-order copies sold as another piece of data to match ideas with credible publishers. We also provide support and accountability to authors in a process they typically go at alone.

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We connect passionate readers to great authors. Readers get bonuses for supporting the latest ideas before they hit the shelves.

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