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5 Ways to Market Your Own Story of Success

Whatever your metrics are, you can't deny that there is a great story behind every successful endeavor. You should share your success story, not only as a motivational tool but also as a powerful marketing strategy. Do you have a success story waiting to be told? Here are five book marketing tips to help you grab more potential readers for success.

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How to Talk to Book Publishers

Acquisitions editors are usually your first contact. You have an interested publisher! That’s great. Now what do you do? What do you say? A lot of authors are unsure how to approach an acquisitions editor or contact at a traditional publisher, and sometimes end up losing out on a book deal because of it.

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How to Write a Book Proposal That Sells

Acquisitions editors and literary agents want to be excited. One of the smartest things I’ve heard anyone say about writing a book proposal is this: "You have to make one real human being -- who happens to read a lot of books -- like your book." One real human being.

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Four authors share their views about Publishizer: what the platform is, their experiences working with the team, the publishing deals they received as a result, and if you should start the process with your own book idea. As of 2020, they are just some of the growing number of successful authors who used Publishizer to get a publisher for their books. More detail about their stories in the video and article below.

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How to Create Attractive Book Bonuses

What are bonuses? How are they used to sell lots of copies of your book? And how do you create them in ways that excite people? One of the most powerful tools an author has at his or her disposal is the bonus feature where you provide them free or extra stuff depending on how much money they contribute to the book project.

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Oussama Najjar

14 Days and Nights Underground

Oussama Najjar

A rare inside look into Saudi Arabia’s widespread corruption and subjugation from the perspective of Oussama Najjar who, like thousands of others, has suffered arbitrary detention.





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