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Get your book published faster

A hands-on approach that takes you from book idea to publishing deal in 8 weeks


The book accelerator program enables exciting new book ideas and helps authors land an advance-paying publisher.

Publishizer accelerator batches are reserved for a limited number of hand-picked authors. Authors apply to be part of the program, or a batch, lasting a couple months, in which you obtain mentorship, publisher connections and investment.

“The community experience is created by being among awesome people. Because it’s curated and hand-selected, you feel a part of something special. Struggling, succeeding and learning together reinforces powerfully deep bonds," says Guy Vincent, Founder and CEO at Publishizer.


"The ongoing promotion on a weekly basis was just a couple of hours. Then reaching my goal took less than 30 days.”

Natalie Sisson, The Freedom Plan, $8,819 in funds with 574 preorders


"It’s fair to say I’ve been spending about 5-6 hours per week doing the various mailings and following up with publishers that have reached out to me.”

Stu Krieger, That One Cigarette, $7,445 in funds with 317 preorders


What if you could launch your book side-by-side with Stu Krieger (screenwriter of The Land Before Time with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, first-time novelist), Lucas Carlson (raised $10.5m, was featured in bestselling book The Lean Entrepreneur, now fiction thriller writer), Lydia Lee (founder of Screw the Cubicle with growing support all over the world, including Tim Ferriss), and other successful authors and entrepreneurs in your cohort?

What if you could create a well-rounded book proposal and campaign in just two weeks? And then launch a preorder campaign the very next week and start vetting interest from publishers?

That’s efficiency — and that’s exactly what Ajit Nawalkha, Co-founder of Mindvalley and Host of Evercoach and Zentrepreneur did. What if you had their support in reaching your sales goals, your publishing goals and your personal life goals that come via a successful book launch? What if this is the community, the family, that brings your book and your publishing journey to the next level?