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Coaches Currently Open for Author Applications

Publishizer is proud to be offering coaching collaborations with vetted professionals for authors who want additional, specific support in either the campaign planning or marketing. Or support through the publishing journey and marketing journey. Coaching spots can be limited and require applications for consideration. 

Heidi Marshall Studio

Work with the Studio coaches and filmmakers to strengthen your publishing pitch to reach the right audience. Bring out your personality that lures audiences to your book. Specialties include: expressing your personality into your author videos, adapting your book into film, how to make your book interactive, recording audiobooks or creating podcasts. 


Split Seed Media 

Split Seed Media’s mission is to empower authors and brands to see their unique value, clarify their core ideas, and create books and other practical resources to serve their ideal clients at the highest level—while deeply nurturing their own ongoing creative journey of discovery and growth.