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Chiemi Souen, author of IKIGAI

Bio: Chiemi Souen is a literary and journalistic writer. By day, she writes for "The Hawai‘i Herald, Hawai‘i's Japanese American Journal." By night, she is a creative writer and musician.

Quote: "Together we succeeded and if it were not for Publishizer, I would not have gotten the traditional deal.”

Goals : Pre-sell 1,000 copies and get a traditional publisher with success in Children’s Fiction.

Approach: Pre-sell a 1-hr presentation to children’s communities and non-profits for 50 copies ea.

Results: Chiemi pre-sold 18 1-hr IKIGAI presentations totalling $18,000 and 900 pre-order copies, plus 109 other readers pre-ordered single copies.

Publisher: Brandylane Publishers

View her Children's Fiction proposal at