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Leena Olaimy, Dalai Lama Fellow

Topic: Politics

Book title: Fundamentalist

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler



Unique strategy: Gain readers with digital early bird

Leena was all about readership. She knew that if the focus on her preorder campaign was gaining readers then copies would follow and even multiply. Her time was spent ( see here ) personally emailing industry contacts and organizations in the category related to her book, as well as friends and colleagues globally who she thought would be interested. The early bird digital edition was available to an unlimited number of buyers and she pushed on that until 181 readers bought a total of 211 copies. The rest of her bonuses increased her total to 1,505 and earning her $10,435 in funds after she started offering discounted bonuses to think-tanks, foundations, INGOs, and her alma maters (Dartmouth and NYU).

"I signed with Berrett-Koehler, an independent publisher which also has a distribution agreement with Penguin Random House. We are totally values-aligned and I'm very happy I signed with them." - Leena