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Neal Schaffer, Social Media Influencer

Topic: Business > Influence

Book title: The Business of Influence

Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership



Unique strategy: Sell all bonus pacakges to savvy marketers

Neal had previously published a book on influence with Wiley and was looking to shop this next title around a bit. We shaped his idea into something compelling with a quality book proposal and then set to validate with preorders. His goal was to sell every bonus he had, which would surely get him to at least 500 copies in 30 days. He sold packages that offered your own case study or product featured in the book, 8 hours of private consulting, an invite to a workshop led by Neal on either leveraging influencer marketing for business or how to become a social media influencer, delivered custom-made for your organization, and more. He sold all of these which helped bring tons of traction is the book campaign. His most impactful bonus was his Savvy Marketer bonus which brought him more than 200 copies. In total, Neal earned 544 copies sold and $10,880 in funds. This got him two five-figure paid advance offers, which Neal chose to go with HarperCollins Leadership.


"If you're looking to write a book, I can think of no other way to validate your idea, build buzz, get connected with potential publishers and service providers, as well as actually begin to sell copies in advance than to do a campaign on Publishizer." - Neal