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Stu Krieger, Screenwriter

Topic: Literary fiction

Book title: That One Cigarette

Publisher: Harvard Square Editions



Unique strategy: Facebook group + signed copy

Stu had one of the most humble approaches I’ve ever seen. This fiction story was a long time in the making and his closest friends and family were happy he was finally releasing it. He created a Facebook page for the book with the little social media skills he had and invited everyone he knew to join and watch the video pinned at the top of the feed. Then he asked everyone to support and buy a copy, and then to simply share it with two more friends who would get a signed copy for $5 more. His network effect paid off and earned 317 preorders with $7,445 in funds.


“The Publishizer team is a smart, dedicated and kind human beings who truly care about shepherding new authors and their works out into the cold, cruel world.” –Stu

Read a Q&A with Stu on his experience [ here ].