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Jimmy Coleman

Jimmy Coleman

Jimmy Coleman is Founder at LeadBaller, and Chief Giving Officer at Grow & Give Co. He helps high ticket or enterprise marketers learn highly personalized, scalable techniques, without ad spend.

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Digital Prospecting

How to Use LinkedIn to Fill Your Pipeline with 6 & 7 Figure Deals

Digital Prospecting is the #1 book for sales teams who want to close 5, 6 and even 7 figure deals systematically without spending their entire day on social media.

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You want to pitch a $500,000 sale. The problem is, so does everyone else on planet earth.
So what are you going to do in order to stand out from everyone else? Find their address and send them a birthday cake? Get a sign on the billboard outside their office? Listen to every podcast they have ever been on in hope to hear them mention something like their favorite shoes, miraculously get their size then ship it to them?

You would be proud to see yourself attempting any of these efforts, but not theirs a new problem... You want to get meetings with people like that at scale. That is where Digital Prospecting comes in.

In this book, Jimmy Coleman shares in detail his simple, yet explosive 4 step process that has generated millions of (extra) dollars for his clients on LinkedIn alone.

1 - Profile Optimization:
The 4 areas on your profile that people actually care about and why "professionalism" is overrated.

This section is all about positioning yourself as the authority in your field, which is accomplished through Authority and Authenticity.

2 - Hyper-Targeting:
How to leverage LinkedIn (and 3rd party) filters to build a list of up to 30,000 A+ prospects.
LinkedIn allows you to have 30,000 connections. It’s implied that you’re going to be connecting with people you don’t necessarily know, but you want to know.

3 - Creating Familiarity:
How to systematically take cold connections and build their curiosity before you ever send them a message. In Digital Prospecting you will learn to β€œwarm-up” the potential prospects through our signature process of liking and engaging on their content, recommending them for skills they value, and encouraging them to reach out and land in your inbox.

4 - Standout-Reach:
The difference between traditional outreach and outreach that "Wows" your dream clients and gets them to agree to a sales call on the first attempt.

The book includes proven message templates and real-life examples of interactions that lead to millions of dollars in business generated on LinkedIn. Digital Prospecting is the next-level approach to lead generation used to stand out from the crowd and get the right prospects reaching out to you to do business.

During the global pandemic, many companies' process for finding new business changed forever.
A large number of those companies partnered with Jimmy Coleman's team to develop a process for finding business without leaving the home office. Those businesses did not only survive, but had record breaking months and year.

This book is the ultimate survival guide for large sales teams who are ready to adapt to the modern age of prospecting. Those who take action will be category Kings and Queens. Those who wait will be forgotten.

Sales arguments

  • Jimmy has a wide email lists of contacts, aside from 2000 participants in his free community and over 30,000 followers in LinkedIn
  • Jimmy's company has jump from 10 employees to 100
  • Due to the global pandemic, many of the biggest sales forces in the world are not able to find business the way they had for 100+ years

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This book is for CMO's and VP of large sales teams who are looking for a winning strategy to consistently gain business with high ticket decision makers.

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  • Jesse Krieger
    on Oct. 21, 2020, 10:28 p.m.

    Super excited for this book, Digital Prospecting is going to change the game!

  • John Duda
    on Feb. 22, 2021, 5:09 p.m.

    Can't wait to see what information you have in store for us Jimmy! Congratulations on the book!