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Shawn O'Brien

Shawn O'Brien

Orlando, Florida

He knows the story due to his upbringing. He has traveled and learned about people. He believes he knows how people work.

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About the author

Shawn Obrien has an exciting day job of renting cars.  He is an up-and-coming stand-up comedian. Seen dancing on live news downtown NYC during the ball drop.  Well-traveled veteran who love studying humans and learning.  

He finds it weird to brag about himself, even in the third person. He knows he is awesome, but likes to hear others say it.  Creating stories has always been a hobby but only recently has he made it a point to put his ideas on paper.

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A retelling

You know the story of the prodigal son. This isn't it. This is about the group he meets on his journey. The group that helps him to the bottom.

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YA Fiction fiction
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Have you ever thought about what really happened to the prodigal son? How he spent all that money!  This is that story. It is about his story, as well as the group of people that helped him get rid of his money along the way.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world (I know, I know), the world's population can only survive in immense metropolis or in the growth colonies.  The rest of the earth is dead.

Prodigal is the son of the leader of a growth colony and wants to explore and make his mark.

Well, as we know, the son doesn't do as well as he wanted.  But he does pick up a whole bunch of lessons on his trip down.  The group that takes him in teaches him the lessons he never learned.  They are the group of kids your mom warned you about, but their loyalty to each other is unwavering.

He goes home with knowledge he had to learn the hard way 


Prodigal gets freedom.

Heads to metropolis to live the life.

Wastes and splurges all his money.

Quick fall out of favor and no back-up plan.

His rock bottom and has to rely on others.

He learns lessons quickly because he has to

Figures out a way to provide value back to his friends


Young adults in Christian or ex-Christian circles. The story is obviously from a Christian parable, but the story will have some more adult subjects.  Anyone interested in human dynamics and retelling of parables.  Millennials who like fun, controversial topics that are relatively easy to read. 


I am working on creating an audience. I'm working from many angles. Instagram, Facebook. I have a drop shipping website. I plan on using Jesse Krieger and if needed, Iuniverse, as a resource.  I have no issue marketing and doing whatever is needed.  I am learning to enjoy talking to groups.  I am extremely social, but am getting over a big limiting belief that I talk funny.


Uglies, 2005, Simon Pulse, children undergo surgery to become pretty.  My story is about a man finding out  that he has control over his destiny and it's not just given to him. 

Dhampir, 2003, Goodreads, Vampire slayer hunts down prey.  My story is about a brat who gets surrounded by extremely talented people who help him out.


2 publishers interested
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that remained of the formerly inhabitable planet were, blazing deserts, lava
fields, dried up oceans, toxic atmospheres, reddish looking skies, thick
choking mists, mutated animals, and several dried up bones. Fewer plants now
existed on the planet, global warming and green earth, were now forgotten and
abandoned concepts or threats. Nearly eighty percent of the earth’s water body
had been removed or consumed with radiation. Most aquatic life had ended with
some of the few surviving fishes, becoming toxic and extremely poisonous.

supply had decreased by nearly seventy percent, causing starvation and a break
in food chain. Prey became predator and predator became prey. The majority of
the surviving humans now found solace in the few survivable areas. Places they
now called Metropolis. One could find a Metropolis on mountains, fields or some
on special high fielded land from flattened mountains.  Other metropolis consisted of a few aircraft
carriers connected to create small floating cities.   Large
clusters of people made these places their homes. Almost every metropolis
basically had the same living plan and the gap between the poor and the rich
was obvious to everyone.

mountain metropolis would be organised into 3 levels, the below, the Mid-level
and the top. Above all three levels was a fourth, the sky level. The below, as
called by most, was found at the bottom of the mountains. The populace of this
level were the homeless, orphaned, slaved and generally the poor. If any, their
houses were mostly old abandoned tents from upper levels, the wooden houses at
the below, would house nearly three families, the streets and passages had
rotten smells, as the below had really no access to the waste system. In fact,
it was the waste system.  It was common
to see dead bodies surround the grounds of the below, mostly burnt and hipped
upon each other. The sick and injured had zero access to treatment, no one
really cared.

engaged in theft, fights, slavery, cheap sex, and the rest relied on left overs
they found on the waste grounds or the streets or begging. Large fences and
wires existed that prevented entry into the Mid. The only way to get to the
next level was by lift, which was heavily guarded by the metropolis forces. The
only form of security that existed to protect the poor, were old fences that
had been built nearly 200 years ago. At that time, the fenced level was only
level. A few metropolis guards protected this outer fence.

next level, a bit more decent, organized, and with cement/ foundation houses
and a few metal ones. The Mid housed the mechanics, engineers, and the normal
working class. People that were either educated or had a fair means of making

largest amount of the mid was housed in a huge cavern.  Inside was Buildings build on buildings
around huge foundation beams. 

top level housed the business men. The wall separating them from the lower levers
was gigantic wall around the entire mountain with fully reinforced steel. The
walls were guarded by several metropolis guards, and the entrance fully
secured. The people that lives in this level were very rich people controlling
all transactions with all other metropolis and colony’s.

the peak of the mountain, the mid-point of the top, a tall platform was erected,
to be the only means of reaching the sky level. This one and only entrance to
the sky level except through the helicopter was heavily guarded by special
metropolis forces, the sky guards. The column, gold lined and fully equipped
with radioactive expellers and cleansing baths.

to the sky level required special key passes and health clearance. The sky
level was as beautiful as anything one could imagine. They had plants grown
from biological research, they had water fountains, fully functional waste and
toxic removal systems. The place practically was heaven on earth.

sky level existed in majorly glass buildings with gold lined white walls, the
atmosphere was enveloped with nice fragrance from the beautiful flowers
surrounding the area and because of the height above ground, the air was toxin
free. It was only on the sky level, one could find an apple tree.

inhabitants of the sky level were almost considered gods by those in the below
levels.  They were the politicians and
rulers.  They were the ones creating the
systems to keep order, slowly aiming civilization in the direction they

houses were housed in the tallest buildings with all sorts of sophisticated
technology. They had all the help you could ,
ranging from house keepers, to cooks, escorts and so on.

biggest mansion of this mountains’ sky level, was located at the top of the
biggest building. The Moot mansion, named after the ruling house, was home to
the moot family. The enter mountain metropolis was as well named after the

lands on the mountains were not suitable enough for large agriculture and as
such, the mountain metropolis depended on distant colonies to trade money,
technology and people. The most successful and very popular colony, was the
Drinn colony. The colony existed upon one of the peninsulas created by the
drying of parts of the ocean.

land access to the Drinn colony was through a particular toxic and fatal land.  The dread lands stood between the Moot
mountain metropolis and the Drinn Colony. 
Because of its toxicity, the produce from the colony needed
transportation by the yellow sea. A sea that had now changed colour due to
radiation. The Drinn Colony was very fertile and had one of the few running blue-sea
bodies, and as such, it was one of the greatest supplier of food.  The transporting of goods was an expensive

Drinn colony had close to 10,000 workers tilling, processing and packaging the
produce. There were different divisions, including development, research,
finding, accounting and so on. Some families, who had no interest in the
metropolis, settled there as well.  Whilst
the rest of the inhabitants were all employees of the Drinn Colony.

colony was ruled by the House of DrInn, the leader was August Drinn. The ruler was
the CEO, and sole owner of the colony. Under him existed several directors and
managers. The whole colony operated as one massive cooperation.

colony was fully protected by the dreadful Drinn force.  With the radioactive body of water surrounding
it, as well as the dread lands protecting invasion from land, it was protected
and secured from all enemies.

heir and first son to August Drinn, Prodigal Drinn, never took interest in the
serious minded business life of his father. He just enjoyed fun. While in his schooling,
Prodigal never took things seriously, let alone his academics. Being very
popular due to his fathers wealth and reputation, his classmates in school would
always gravitate around him. He was spoiled and knew nothing but wealth. He got
everything he wanted by just demanding it of his servant or his personal
manager. Whatever amount he asked for, including food, vehicle, and all other
requests. His hands never got dirty. Prodigal threw the best parties, would go
out late at night and return either drunk or not at all. No one had time to
care nor correct him. His mother had died when he was six and his father ever
so busy. August simply hoped that, Prodigal would change and become a better
person with age, and always assumed that Prodigals unserious nature was due to
immaturity and he would grow out of it.

a few years after graduation from school, prodigal continued to live like a
king. His room was decorated with alcohol and different beautiful ladies, most
clubs knew him, and would always treat him as a favourite. Many girls wanted to
have something to do with him, just to eat a piece out of the big cake that was
his father.

never had real friends, only guys that loved to languish his father’s money
with him. Prodigal did not mind this, he just enjoyed the good life, like he
would call it.  The colony was big enough
and had everything he needed for the time.

older brother, Jude, on the other hand was as hard working as his father, he
had been very focused in school, and finished tops of his class, immediately
after school, he joined the family business. Jude would receive praises like,

my boy”, “the Drinn strong man”, “walking brilliance” from his father.

never really cared for all this subtle belittlement from everyone.   And all the talks his father gave, in an
effort to change him, never worked. He was always in his brother’s shadow.  That led to fights between both parties.
August had grown tired of the many reports he continually received from people
outside about Prodigal.

August came home from a trip to the to the metropolis.  He was welcomed by Jude, Jude’s personal
manager, the butler, the housekeepers, the chief guard and a few other workers
of the Drinn mansion. But Prodigal was nowhere to be seen. After greeting
everyone, his father asked,

is that boy? And what nonsense is he up to now?”

one could answer the questions. That night his father was determined to show
Prodigal tough love, in an effort to change him.

requested for Prodigal’s Personal manager, when the manager appeared August,
said to him

your seat, we are both going to wait, for that boy”.

advised against this, as he knew that both he and his father had meetings to
attend the next day. August told Jude to go to bed, saying “at
least, you will be awake enough to go in my stead.”

and the manager waited hour after hour. Finally, at about 3am, noises from the
compound woke, August, whom had dozed off a few minutes before. The noise was
from the large shouts and screams of Prodigals so called friends and the many
girls with them. Prodigal came in with a girl. This girl was the daughter of
one of the division packaging manager, also a respectable position. Prodigal
came in to meet his father and personal manager. August told the guards to
escort the girl out of the house. This made Prodigal furious and he yelled at
his father. His father told him to sit down, but he refused and tried to walk
past his father, the manager said, “You
had better have your sit, Sir."

  • Update #1 - I have interest!! Aug. 5, 2017

    Thank you for being the first people to believe in me.  I have been working all weekend on my book and Campaign. And good news! …

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  • Troy Chambers
    on July 28, 2017, 4:22 p.m.

    Excited to read about ur adventures and hoping to be apart of creating new ones.

  • Stacey Willard
    on July 30, 2017, 1:21 p.m.

    I've heard you talk about this book for a year now & cannot wait to read the finalized product. I will always support you in everything that you do and help you chase you life ambitions. Glad to see you going after your dreams!

  • Shawn O'Brien
    on Aug. 8, 2017, 12:52 a.m.

    I'm really excited for this. You've been thinking about it forever

  • Paul O'Brien
    on Aug. 13, 2017, 3:49 a.m.

    looking forward to seeing the finished story man. Keep it up!

  • Kyle Sokolis
    on Aug. 17, 2017, 5:46 p.m.

    Hell yeah man! Twin! Happy to be able to support and looking forward to reading your book!