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Zahara Jade

Zahara Jade

My work as a professional freelance writer extends back 3 years with a focus on spirituality, psychology, health & wellness. Recent examples of my work may be found at Elephant Journal, along with other health-focused, eco-friendly e-magazines [Spiritual Media Blog, You, In Bloom, The Culture-ist]. Other work includes interviews, blogs, copywriting, web content, and 2 e-books. From Darkness to Love will be my first published novel. My published articles on Elephant Journal, 16 and counting, are most closely related to the topic of this book, since they are based on my own personal experience which is what I pull from in From Darkness to Love.

I received a traditional education, with a B.A. in Psychology from University of Michigan and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Kent State University. World traveler, yogini, artist and writer, I have over a half-decade’s worth experience immersed in the Far East learning different cultures, religions, and practices of yoga, meditation, energy and bodywork. My passions of healing through movement, energy, and art began as a personal journey and now extend to inspire global mankind through her writing. All related work, blog, short films, social media links may be found at

Articles in Elephant Journal:
A Kundalini Awakening: From Lightness to Dark.
The 9th Limb: Yogic Shopping.
Dear Ego: Please Shut Up!
Consciousness Is Sexy.
The Non-Ego Drive of Artists: Flow of Sexual & Creative Energies.
Don't Just Survive Social Media: Thrive in its Awakening.
Yoga: The Ultimate Love Story.
Soul Expansion: The Entire World is Waking Up.
Make The Most of Your Vitamins & Supplements for Super Power.
Balancing the Debate: To Multivitamin or Not.
Bad Yogi.
The Costumes We Wear.
Modern Day Warriors.
7 Spiritual Dating Dos & Don'ts.
Hugs Make The World Go Round.

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Zahara Jade

From Darkness to Love

Zahara Jade

From Darkness To Love is the story of one woman's untethered journey from fatal disease to soul expansion.