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Scott J. Feinberg

Scott J. Feinberg

Jupiter, Florida

Scott Feinberg is a Soul Poet, Dharma Teacher, Shadow Surfer and Inner Activism Coach. He has trained over 500 meditation and yoga teachers through his healing center, Kula Yoga Shala.

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So a little about me...

I’m sort of a spiritual mut. Since childhood my religion has been curiosity. I’m admittedly a book nerd and love to deepen my understanding through indigenous and contemporary traditions including various Yogic schools of thought, Vedanta, Buddhism and Enneagram all held within the broader container of Inner Activism.

I’ve spent the better part of the past two decades submerged in spiritually evocative, ancient texts and exploring ways to export their riches into the framework of spoken and written poetry and accessible dharma teachings. But I don’t just love reading and writing about these subjects, I like being the astronaut as much as the astronomer. The heart of my practice is practice. Meditation. Yoga. Contemplative Inquiry. Conscious Relationships. Creative Play. Choosing Love. Being in Nature. Poetry. These are my spirit medicine and the lifeblood of my soul. I see this journey as less about becoming and more about harnessing the bravery to see ourselves fully and love ourselves deeply.

I began teaching meditation and inquiry-based yoga in 2002. Since then I’ve accumulated over 20,000 teaching hours. I’ve had the incredible blessing of creating a community driven healing center and having trained and mentored over 500 yoga and meditation teachers since 2009. I also count as a deep privilege c0-founding a yoga outreach nonprofit that expanded it's reach to over 100 cities internationally. I am thankful to have been a presenting faculty member at The Omega Institute, The Caribbean Yoga Conference and The Omega Yoga Conference and to have facilitated healing retreats in Bali, Peru, Tuscany, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Hawaii and throughout the U.S. Mainland.
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$25 Leaning In: An Evening of Spoken Word + Meditation + Conversation

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You'll receive one printed copy and a special thank you for your advanced support of Reverse Graffiti.

I'd like to offer you a complimentary space for The Gathering Place on Thursday, December 17th. For each book ordered, you will receive one free companion pass to invite friends and family to this sacred gathering. It will be held online via zoom, and in person at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter FL, where I'll be sharing pieces from the book in the form of spoken word poetry and guided meditations with each piece serving as a platform for reflection and conversation. I'm excited to share this intimate gathering with you, personally.

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$75 The Yinward Way

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With your purchase of 3 pre-orders of Reverse Graffiti you'll receive admission to a very special session of The Gathering Place:

Leaning In
An Evening of Spoken Word + Meditation + Conversation on Thursday, December 17th at 7pm.

You'll also receive three complimentary virtual yin yoga classes with Scott. The practices can be joined via livestream on any Thursday morning at 10am or you can enjoy a recorded version at your own leisure!

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As a special thank you to anyone who orders at least 10 copies of Reverse Graffiti, I'd like to offer you a complimentary 20 minute zoom-based coffee chat with me. We will chat life, your personal journey and explore unique ways for you to transform your adversity into your artistry. I'm excited to take a peek into my Inner Activism Coaching Experience with you!

You'll also be given complimentary tickets to Leaning In: An Evening of Spoken Word + Meditation + Conversation on Thursday December 17th at 7pm via zoom or in person at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, FL.

To connect with me, email

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Update #2 - Reverse Graffiti Special Gathering This Thursday! Dec. 14, 2020

Hello Friends!

With just three days left in our pre-order campaign for Reverse Graffiti, I wanted to take a moment to drop a quick update! Most of all to say....THANK YOU! 

Because of YOUR SUPPORT, we now have MULTIPLE PUBLISHERS interested in the rights to the book! How exciting!!

I'll be posting updates along the way through my publishing journey to keep you posted on the progress. Once our pre-order campaign ends on December 16th, we will be choosing the publisher that feels most aligned with the intention of the book. At that time I will post an update for the distribution date. 
In the meantime, please enjoy your bonuses! 

1 Copy Ordered:
You are invited to a complimentary evening of my Inner Work + Meditation Group: The Gathering Place. This will be a very special gathering featuring spoken word poetry from the book along with a deeper conversation around each piece that is shared. This event will be held both in person and via Zoom on Thursday, December 17th at 7pm EST. 

If you're joining in person, it will be held at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, FL. If you're joining via Zoom, the meeting id is: 884 2814 9388

3 Copies Ordered:
In addition to the aforementioned evening of The Gathering Place, you have also received three complimentary online Yin Yoga + Meditation classes with me! These classes are held live at 10am EST every Thursday morning. Please join me any week by using Zoom Meeting ID: 892 9430 7180

If you prefer to be emailed the recording rather than joining live, simply email me at & I will add you to the list for recorded classes!

10 Copies Ordered:
In addition to BOTH of the aforementioned bonuses, you'll also receive a complimentary Coach Call Coffee Chat! This is a 20 minute personal meditation and check-in on your spiritual journey. I'm so excited to be offering these coffee chats now all across the country via Zoom.

To schedule your session, email me at 

Finally, if you feel called to help me make the final days of the pre-order campaign the most successful yet, please feel free to visit my Instagram profile @mysticmuse108 or my Facebook profile (my name) and share my book posts!

Thank you all so incredibly much for your support! 
Wishing you each a very happy holiday season from my home to yours. 

In The Spirit of Leaning In,