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NN Cole

NN Cole

Illinois, United States

NN Cole is a young, aspiring author who uses her love of reading and writing to create and share her own stories. Her first book is called Team Thirteen.

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About the author

NN Cole is a young aspiring author. She grew up in a small town in Illinois, spending time with her close-knit family. Since as long as she can remember, NN Cole has loved a good story, whether it be from a book, comic, movie, or mouth. Although she spent most of her school years pursuing health and science, she has an overwhelming passion to be an author. Her favorite genres are young adult, fantasy, and science fiction. Some of her favorite authors are Sarah J Mass, Cassandra Claire, Leigh Bardugo, J.K. Rowling, Marie Lu, and Rick Riordan.

Aside from reading, NN Cole enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, spending time with her cats, family, and friends, and obsessing about movies.

Team Thirteen is the first book of a Young Adult Sci-Fi trilogy. The story focuses on a group of enhanced teenagers fighting to destroy the terrorist organization called Black Sun that has taken over the United Sates.

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Team Thirteen

Changed into a hybrid and forced to join a new division of the military, 18-year-old Layla Wilson seeks to destroy the terrorists taking over her country.

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YA Fiction Science Fiction
60,000 words
75% complete
12 publishers interested


They are a new species, and they will do whatever it takes to save their home. 

Layla has been living in a country overrun by the terrorist organization called Black Sun, but after surviving the serum that turns normal teenagers into animal-human hybrids, Layla is recruited to join Team Thirteen, one of the few hybrid teams skilled enough to take down the Black Sun.

Struggling with her new enhanced senses and overpowering emotions, Layla must learn to control herself and find her place amongst her teammates.

But as her team begins their missions, they learn the Black Sun has hybrids of their own. The news gets worse when another hybrid team gets captured, and when Team Thirteen volunteers to rescue them, it leads the team to the head of the Black Sun. 


Note: This book is the first in a trilogy. It is mostly told from Layla's point of view, but occasionally, it is told from the other members of Team Thirteen's point of view. 

Chapter 1: Scientists from the new hybrid military come to Layla's school to inject them with the hybrid serum. Layla and the others who survive are taken to the new hybrid division of the military that is working toward destroying Black Sun, the terrorist organization that took over the United States. 

Chapter 2: Layla begins testing for a place at the hybrid compound and learns what kind of hybrid she is. 

Chapter 3: Layla participates in the Hybrid Team Test, a simulation where Layla and the other newbies work together to beat the terrorists and save the hostage.

Chapter 4: In the observation room, established Hybrid Teams watch the newbies. Jax and his team need to find a new team member to be able to take higher risk missions.

Chapter 5: Layla and the other newbies are done with the test and wait to see if they made it on a team. A woman comes to tell them if they did or not. When she doesn't call Layla's name, her anger almost gets the best of her.

Chapter 6: Jax and his team continue to discuss if they want Layla on the team or not. The team is slightly divided, but they end up agreeing that they need her. Jax goes in the room to tell Layla that they want her on Team Thirteen.

Chapter 7: Layla meets the rest of her new team (Kyrin, Celia, and Mick), and she gets a tour of the hybrid compound.

Chapter 8: Jax assesses Layla as she gets trained in firearms by Kyrin. When training takes a turn for the worse, Jax steps in before Layla attacks Kyrin in a fit of anger.

Chapter 9: After almost getting attacked, Kyrin follows Jax as he drags Layla into the combat floor of the training center. Jax engages Layla in a fight and ends up not fighting back. Kyrin and Mick are able to get an unstable Layla off Jax, and Kyrin and Celia get Jax to the infirmary.

Chapter 10: Layla gets snapped out of her violent haze by Mick. After questioning him on what happened, they go to the infirmary to see Jax, but when they get there, Kyrin won't let them in and orders them back to training.

Chapter 11: Jax, still sore but able to walk, is fighting with Kyrin on the way to the training center. When they get to the center, Jax sees Layla is doing a lot better at blades than firearms. Jax orders everyone to leave so he and Layla can talk.

Chapter 12: At dinner, Layla learns the commanders of the compound will be watching her train tomorrow so they can decide whether to give the team higher risk missions or not. Mick also helps Layla with her inability to focus (one of the side effects of the hybrid serum and Layla's new enhanced senses).

Chapter 13: Layla has her training session with the commanders watching. The commanders say they need to think about their answer.

Chapter 14: Two days later there is still no answer. The team talks about Black Sun's new bombing. To get their mind off things they go to the training center where hybrids are fighting for fun. While Layla watches, she notices that Cape, one of the commanders, is there. Shortly after, Cape announces that someone has challenged Layla to a fight. It ends up being someone from Layla's school. With Cape watching her, Layla has no choice but to fight.

Chapter 15: Layla visits the labs, and finds Cam, another one of her classmates. Cam tells her they are looking for a way to perfect the hybrid serum so it won't kill off half the people who are injected. Kyrin tracks her down for training. Layla's stealth training with Celia gets interrupted by Mick, who has news of a mission.

Chapter 16: Jax and the team are on their way to the mission site in an abandoned subway. Once again, he gives the details to his team. When they get off the subway, they do a scan of the woods and surrounding town. They make plans and rest until it is darker outside, but they are awoken by people talking.

Chapter 17: Layla and the team find out the people talking are other hybrids, but they are obviously part of the Black Sun. Mick and Kyrin take the hybrids out, but one of them alerts the nearby base. Layla sticks close to Mick as they run through the forest. They get cornered by enemies, and Layla loses herself to anger and panic. Her and Mick kill the terrorists and escape to the subway.

Chapter 18: They ride back to the compound only to quickly find out another Hybrid Team has been captured. Team Thirteen volunteers to bust them out. They replenish their supplies, get the team's location, and set out.

Chapter 19: At the Black Sun base, the team takes out terrorists and gets inside. Not only do they find the team they went to save, they find Jax's old team who were being helped captive this whole time. They also find out the terrorists were doing experiments on them. Layla encounters Courtney, now brainwashed to work for the Black Sun.

Chapter 20: On their way back to the hybrid compound with a Black Sun scientist as a hostage, Layla catches scent of Courtney, who got away from her at the base. Not taking no for an answer, she forces the team to help her track Courtney down. They get led right into the leader of the Black Sun. Jax, Mick, and Celia get captured. 

Chapter 21: Layla feels awful and helpless to save her teammates, but ends up overcoming her doubt and deciding she will save them no matter what. Her and Kyrin work together to get to the Black Sun base where the team has to be. 

Chapter 22: Celia is the first to wake up after being captured. The Black Sun leader interrogates her. He then does the same to Jax.

Chapter 23: Layla and Kyrin get closer to the base, dodging terrorists along the way. Mick is strapped into a freezing bath tub as a way of wearing him out for the terrorists to question him again. He tries to get out but he can't. Layla and Kyrin get in the base and find Mick. 

Chapter 24: Jax is locked up in a cell. He can see that Celia is unconscious on a medical cot with needles and wires hooked into her. The leader gave Jax something that makes him weak and tired. He can't break the lock on the door. Kyrin, Layla, and Mick enter the door and Kyrin gets him out of the cell. The Black Sun leader enters a few minutes later. 

Chapter 25: After making a deal with the leader, he takes the needles out of Celia and the team answers all his questions about hybrids. When the last needle comes out, Layla kills the guards and Kyrin kills the leader. To get out of the base, Layla lets go of her inhibitions and leads the way, killing the terrorists in the way. The others follow, but Mick catches the scent of Courtney and they make the decision to get the unconscious Celia and weak Jax out of the base to safety.

Chapter 26: Layla fights off the terrorists, but when she smells Courtney, she comes back to herself. She can't kill Courtney, so she knocks her unconscious, and brings her to where the rest of her team waits. Layla sees the way Celia looks dazed and terrified. Unable to stop herself, she goes back to the base. Jax watches as Layla heads back to the base. Him and the others don't stop her.

Chapter 27 (Epilogue): In the compound labs, Layla watches Courtney through the glass windows. The scientists are running tests on her. Mick and Fisher come by, but Celia, Jax, and Kyrin are still the infirmary. Layla hopes they can find a way to get the terrorist brainwashing out of Courtney.


 This book is aimed toward readers who love genres of young adult and science fiction. Readers from age 12 and up will be able to enjoy this book.


My marketing plan is to make an author Facebook page to gain followers who love to read. I will also create a Goodreads account to spread awareness about my books to an audience that is looking for their next book to read.


The Young Elites by Marie Lu

Publish by G.P. Putnam's Sons on October 7, 2014

 The Young Elites is about a girl who survived a blood fever and was left with strange markings and powers. She isn't the only one, though. A group of people like her, called the Young Elites, save her from a death sentence. This group, The Dagger Society, helps her come into her powers. together, they try to save other malfettos and help Enzo gain control of the kingdom. 

 Team Thirteen is also about a group of enhanced or powerful teenagers seeking to win a war. These books are different because unlike The Young Elites, Team Thirteen takes place in the real world. Team Thirteen's characters are also just enhanced humans with super strength and endurance as well as heightened senses like sight and hearing, instead of having supernatural powers. 

Sekret by Lindsay Smith

Published by Roaring Brook Press on April 1, 2014

 Sekret is about a girl who has mind reading powers, and is recruited to help the Russian KGB to protect the Soviet space program from American spies. 

 Again, Team Thirteen is similar to this book, because there is a group of powerful teenagers who help their country. The characters in Team Thirteen don't have a lot of help from the adults in the compound, while the teenage KGB recruits get taught and watched over by adults. The Team Thirteen characters are more on their own and take the war into their own hands. 

Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth

Published by Harper Collins on February 28, 2012

 After the first book, Tris is thrust into a gathering war with the different factions. She has to accept her divergence and fight to protect the people she loves. 

 Unlike Tris, Layla accepts her new hybrid powers right off the bat. At times she uses them too much and loses control of herself. While Tris needs to learn to step up to what makes her special, Layla needs to learn how to control it, or else she can risk her and her friends lives. 

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) by Suzanne Collins

Published by Scholastic on August 24, 2010

 In the last book of the Hunger Games Trilogy, Katniss has to become the face of the revolution and defeat President Snow. 

 Katniss shows a lot of reluctance to become the face of the revolution. She doesn't want to fight anymore. Layla and the rest of Team Thirteen couldn't be any more eager to help get rid of the terrorists their predecessors lost against. 

12 publishers interested
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These are samples are parts from chapter two and chapter three.

Chapter Two

The fogged mirror shows her face. 

Or, at least, what is supposed to be her face. It is the first time she has seen it clearly since she was injected with the hybrid serum. She saw blurry glimpses of it in the bus window, but with her attention focused on the lab coated man speaking at the front of the bus, she couldn't catch a good enough look for fear of missing something important.

Layla wipes more condensation away and tries to ignore the girls behind her. Her eyes aren't brown anymore. That was the first thing she noticed. Even through the blurred glass, she could see the lowing amber eyes. With the mirror wiped clean, Layla can see the whites of her eyes are gone, leaving just the bright pupil and a thick line of black around her eyes as if she put on too much eye liner.

Her teeth aren't the same either, but she knew that before looking. Her gums still ache from where her canines grew long and wide. She runs her tongue over them like she has been doing for hours now. Then she closes her mouth, seeing how her lips jut out and struggle to hide the four large teeth. 

The air in here is so damp from all the hot showers that the mirror fogs up again in a matter of seconds. Instead of wiping it all away to get another look, Layla leaves the bathing rooms to look for the issued clothing she was told to wear. She isn't the only one looking at their new features in the mirrors, but even more of her classmates are huddled close to each other crying. Whether it is from the fear of what is to come or what they went through during the injection, Layla doesn't want to know. 

But she can't help looking at each of their faces, seeing who made it and who didn't. She knows them al. Sarah from algebra is pushing her face into the mirror next to her friend with bond hair that is always tied up in two long braids. Candace is crying in one of the corners, refusing to get up as Asha and Jane encourage her to get in the shower. 

Layla weaves past them all, straining on the balls of her feet and ducking under elbows. The bathroom is big, made for a multitude of people. She clutches a towel tight around her chest, peeking around corners until she finally sees the clothes. She scowls at the dark blue jumpsuit in her hands. They look like something a prisoner should be wearing. The fabric scratches at her skin when she pulls it on. 

The girl next to her, Steph, is shaking. She lets off so much fear, Layla swears she can smell it over the strong sent of body wash that seems to cloud the bathroom like a thick fog. Layla huffs out at sigh, and prepares herself to wait for the testing assistant. 

Every new hybrid that enters the military compound takes a placement test to see what section of the Hybrid Army they will be a part of: Planning, Building, Research, Labs, or Teams. From the brief explanation Layla was given on the bus, she knows she wants to be part of a Team. They are the ones who go out there and fight the Black Sun in person. According to the scientist on the bus, it is also the hardest section of the Hybrid Army to get into. 

When more girls leave the mirrors and showers, the entry room gets so crowded that Layla stands with her back to the wall. As she looks at them all, she can't help but wonder why they made it through the hybrid serum while Courtney didn't. The frown on her face deepens as she spots a girl shaking so badly she reminds Layla of a leaf in the wind. How could she have been strong enough to survive when she can barely walk on her own two feet?

Hot anger bubbles up her throat when the girl's eyes meet hers. They flick away immediately, but Layla gets distracted by the hair standing up on the girl's arms, so light it could be called translucent. Surprise rushes away the anger like a quick, cold wind. 

Blinking rapidly, Layla looks around. She sees stitches and folds in everyone's matching jumpsuits. She sees the individual strands of wet hair plastered to shoulders and the sweat trickling down faces. Enhanced sight is one of the features a person can get from the hybrid serum. 

She doesn't know how much time has passed before the door opens. The testing assistant stand in the open doorway, wearing pristine black dress pants and a neat white top. Her hair is pulled back into a bun so tight it pulls the wrinkles around her face back into her hairline. 

"Is everyone ready?" she asks. The formerly loud bathroom is now dead silent. No one answers her, but she continues like they did. "Each one of you will be given a test. But before that you will line up behind one of our scientists so they can add you to the registry and identify what kind of animal DNA merged with yours." She scans the crowd twice, then says, "Follow me, and please keep your voices down." 

There was no need for the warning. Not one of the girls utters a sound as we make our way through the halls. Everything is grey; the walls, the floor, the doors. Layla follows at the assistant's heels, looking around, but not seeing much of anything.

That changes when they turn into an open room. The scientists are spread out around the space, each with a younger assistant next to them. Layla goes to the first one she sees, a tall woman with long blond hair, gloves already covering her hands. She is not surprised when the scientist's assistant is a hybrid around her age. His pink eyes are framed by white lashes that match his hair. 

The woman gives Layla a curt nod. "State your full name and date of birth," she says in a way that sounds like she has done this many times before. And she probably has. Layla and her classmates are nowhere near being the first hybrids. 

"Layla Adeline Wilson. April 15, 2098," she says. It is the first time she has tried talking since she was injected and Courtney was taken from her. The feeling of her large canines moving against her lips is strange. 

The scientist takes a blood sample and does an eye scan in the matter of a minute. The assistant's pad beeps, signaling the results are ready. He looks it over with a quick sweep of his pink eyes. "Mountain lion," he says. 

"Is-" Her voice gets stuck behind her teeth. She pushes past them, agitated and slightly embarrassed. "That's what I am? A mountain lion?"

"That is what DNA locked into yours, yes. Now I need you to take a seat somewhere behind me." She gestures with a freshly gloved hand to the group of circle tables. "There is a stack of electronic pads at each table. Turn one on and begin your test."

Chapter Three

Layla doesn't know whose idea it was to make the testing landscape look like Denver, but she is going to find out. From what she can tell, the city is in a quiet type of chaos; the aftermath of a terrorist attack. A bombing. The ground is littered with rubble; chunks of concrete and debris from the buildings around them. The picture painted isn't a new one, but it is the first time she has seen it like this. 

Weeks after it happened, Layla tried to sneak into the city just to get a peak of the real think. She seen the news footage and the pictures, but she needed more. She only made it as far as the highway before a police car pulled up and demanded to giver her a ride home. Layla didn't have the nerve to tell him she didn't have a home anymore. 

Now, as she looks around the broken city, she is even more angry at that police man. If she would have seen it then, maybe it wouldn't have hurt as much as it does now. The landscape is so destroyed, Layla barely recognizes it. But as her and the other newbies walk in their little group, Layla in front, she can still make out some street signs, and the bakery, and the park from years ago. 

Behind her, Carrie, the only other girl in their group, whispers, "Denver."

They picked this city for the testing landscape because it was the closest bombing to their home. They could have picked any place the Black Sun left their mark on; Austin, Chicago, Boston. But they are getting tested, so they put them in the city that would have the most effect on the newbies to see if they can handle it. 

"Keep your weapons ready," Layla tells the others.

"Says the girl with no weapon," Fisher says, charging past her. Purposefully, he knocks his shoulder into hers, sending her toppling. Her foot catches on something, but she rights herself before she falls. Layla shrieks when she sees what caught her foot. 

Cam comes up beside hr. "What is it?" he asks.

"That's a body," she says. 

"No." He moves some dirt around with his foot. "That's an arm. There's nothing attached to it." 

Like that makes it any better. 

"Besides, this isn't real, Layla." 

She dislodges her foot fro the appendage. "It will be."

With one last look at the disembodies arm ,she moves on. Fisher is leading the group now, wide shoulders blocking the view of what is ahead. Layla scowls as he easily runs his hand through his curly hair. She charges past the four others to be at the front with him.

"I have a weapon," Layla says, lip pulled over her teeth. Fisher's only response is an amused smile. Fisher isn't a bad guy, but he isn't the nicest either.

The weapon she picked is a small knife. It feels heavy in her hand, but it couldn't weigh more than a pound or two. The others have more impressive weapons. Cam and Carrie have guns. Fisher has a bow and arrows. Conner has an axe, and Milton holds a knife much bigger than hers. She likes her knife though. It is easy to picture how to use it, unlike most of the others. 

It isn't until they get about two miles into the city that the terrorists make an appearance. Some she can see in high windows or on rooftops. Others she can hear hidden in shadows and between buildings. Cam is next to her, and she does her best to instruct him where to shoot when a target evades him.

Some of them, like Fisher, are easy to guess what type of hybrid they are. Fisher has sharp, pointed teeth and pitch-black eyes that hold a predatory look. He is a shark, plain as day, but others, like Cam, could be close to anything. The only feature that has changed are his eyes. Layla doesn't remember what color they used to be, but now they are brown with rounded pupils, and like hers, there aren't any whites. 

One thing Layla does know is that his hearing isn't as good as hers. The terrorist simulations make noise like any human would, and she can point them out faster than the others. 

"At the top of that building, Cam," she says, and watches him fire. The shot misses, but another gun is fired, and the target goes down. Cam curses, eyeing Carrie a few feet away. 

Carrie, Cam, and Fisher continue shooting at the targets high in the buildings. The rest of them take out the ones on the ground; Milton with the knife, Conner with the axe, and Layla with the dagger.

The simulation does not hold back on the blood and gore, and the only thing keeping her fro expelling the bile in her stomach is the knowledge that she is being watched and assessed. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the clothes the targets wear match the dull green uniforms the members of the Black Sun are known to wear.

"How do we find the hostage?" one of the guys asks, Milton maybe. 

"Up!" Fisher hollers in her ear.

Layla looks up, expecting an attack, but there is nothing. "What?"

"Get up high. Me and Cam will cover you. Try to find where the hostage would be."

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