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Alsop Kelly

Alsop Kelly

Kelly's main interests are wildlife and the natural environment. As a child she was lucky enough to explore with her family, the many national parks, wilderness areas, wild sparkling rivers and un-spoilt beaches of Australia. Cape York has always held special significance to her. Kelly hopes to help preserve it for generations to come.

In 2015 she had a book shortlisted for the Wilderness Society's Children's Environmental Education Award. As an author Kelly interested in children's and Y/A fiction.

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The Art Of Striptease

The sexy, sophisticated way to boost your confidence and seduce your lover.

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This book is for the empowerment of women. Using my background as a professional erotic dancer. I have put together a how to manual based on the art of striptease, with lots of fun tit-bits about the sex industry. As an award winning international dancer, I can teach you to tap into the sensuality and sex appeal that is inside us all. Feeling sexy and being sexy are not just for the young and blessed.

The aim of this book is not to only give direction in the actual movement or art of striptease, but also to grow confidence and belief in oneself. It is easy in the modern world to feel dragged down and downtrodden. In particular women put everyone else's needs before their own. It is time to take back a slice and do something that can help you not only impress your lover, but also give you a new spring to your step! As an internationally successful dancer I can teach you the tricks of the trade. And the little techniques that can make a big difference to both the way you feel and the expression of yourself.

The intended audience for this book is women, young and old. The self-improvement industry in the US alone is a $10 Billion dollar industry. Who buys self-help? Women and 80% are repeat customers. Worldwide self-help is a growing industry. However, they are all much the same. 'The Art of Striptease', comes from a new angle, yet touches on many of the popular self-help topics. Starting with the question of the inner view of oneself, it than follows a formula of both physical and mental awareness.

The book in the first instance will be offered to publishers, if accepted it will be marketed through their channels. Traditional formats include print, radio, online and various multi-media. Otherwise I shall use my own contacts to make a stir, starting with a huge launch covered by channel 10. As well as an Adelaide Fringe demonstration (performed by erotic dancers currently working). The Fringe show will reach an audience of many thousands. The performance will be included in the Fringe booklet & online and covered my lots of local media.

Printing will be done by Print Asia, a company with both Australian and off shore offices. Print Asia is a professional printing and binding company. Full gloss paper with a gsm of 180 will be used to complete the hard stunning covered copy.

The book will be made available for purchase through book shops both online and brick and mortar at any shows or events used for promotion and various outlets.

What you will be getting, is a self-help book broken into easy chapters with colour photo's and plenty of side tips and funny stories. A guide to help you be sexy, confidant and seduce your lover. As well as giving you the tools to adapt this new found wisdom into the greater world and achieve outside goals. Sex appeal isn't just about SEX. It's an applied knowledge that not only makes you feel good, but also helps you feel empowered.

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The girls, masters of their domain, flick long locks and smile
sweetly, performing all the right pelvic movements and body sways. Where are
these girls from, were they born seductive? Will I ever fit in
here? I mean it's one thing to have the desire, for whatever reason, another to
belong. Gazing over the smoke hued room my own confused thoughts block out the
laughing, whistling and cat calling. Only to be startled by a tap on my

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