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Transformational ideas that inspire a better future

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Originators are those who shape or create concepts, plans, or methodologies. Most people have ingrained self-limiting belief systems which can prevent good decision-making. Transformational thinking is often a reflection of an Originator who creates the new system and clearly communicates the vision.

It's how Tim Ferris introduced that the major challenge of moving to a 4-hour Workweek is the way that people frame their environment. It's how Brené Brown organized her four measurable skill sets for those who Dare to Lead in the face of uncertainty and vulnerability. And it's how Simon Sinek presented his golden circle where the center of leadership and success is to Start With Why rather than relying on the what and the how.

In the social sciences, Originators are more concerned with how people and societies perceive and communicate about reality or the future. Such as when space engineers conceptualized landing on the moon without ever going into space. Or when the United States founding fathers wrote the constitution that has provided a framework for democracy for hundreds of years. 

The future is rarely a simple extrapolation from the present and takes thousands of hours of work and experience within a particular subject. It’s what coaches and speakers teach to clients and audiences. It’s how founders constantly innovate. And it’s why people read books.

At Publishizer, we provide a platform for authors to give power to their words. For this contest, we are seeking submissions for transformational ideas that inspire a better future. 



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