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Thrilled & Chilled

Thrilled & Chilled

From the mysterious to the macabre

Thriller, Mystery, Noir, True Crime, Suspense, Horror

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Man’s morbid fascination with the macabre is as old as we are as a species and an inherent part of our heritage. From supernatural yarns whispered around a fire to the abundance of nightmarish conceptions across different medias today, they are all horrors that have sprung from the fertile soil of our fear.

Fear is one of the strongest, base human emotions. Researchers have found that only fear and love is experienced all across the brain, and not just restricted to one brain region. It is an ancient driving force our primate ancestors evolved to ensure the survival of ours species.

Although most of us no longer encounter wild predators trying to eat us these days, the legacy of that primal fear remains within us. Modern humans are plagued by neurotic anxieties, irrational phobias and a host of stress-related diseases. Yet many of us consciously and continuously seek out stimuli that trigger those fight-or-flight signals.

When it comes to scaring ourselves for fun, there are definitely some benefits. Because it’s a great way to experience some excitement and euphoria, it is no wonder so many seek it out. But evocative prose walking a tightrope of suspense still remains our favourite scare. 

So dear authors, we invite you to make our hair stand on end set our hearts racing. Transport us into worlds of intrigue, keep us in the thrall of terror. Make us believe that the bogeyman exists, and could very well come after us. Do you have what it takes?


Keywords we love: thriller, mystery, true crime, suspense, horror, noir


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Guardian Assassin Saga: Book #1 Elena...

Christina OW

He loves her, enough to put a bounty on her husband’s head…




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