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Guiding us down the paths less traveled

Speakers, coaches, futurists, entrepreneurs, change-makers · September 2023- November 2023

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Visionaries are our guides on the paths less traveled. They imagine a better humanity, a better earth, and a better approach to living a happy and fulfilling life through business, career, relationships, hobbies, body, and mind. A book by a visionary author often provides transformational experiences for readers that leads to lasting impact. 

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Publishizer is proud to present the following authors making the initial public offering of their book in our Fall 2023 Visionaries Theme. Readers are invited to subscribe for campaign updates or help advance the authors toward publishing via their campaigns linked below. 


Jose Pereira 

From Hero to Villain 

Former Citgo CEO Jose Pereira captivated international attention during his 1,775-day captivity as a CITGO6 member. From Hero to Villain is his riveting account as a hostage in Venezuela, which shares messages of survival, resilience, and purpose. 

Lori Myren-Manbeck 

You Can Save the World 

Known as the book that talks back and plants trees, You Can Save the World is a living, breathing guide to sustainable lifestyle choices. It is a beautifully designed coffee table book that serves as a catalyst for positive change, offering practical tips and insights to adopt a more earth-friendly lifestyle. 

Fonz Morris 

Self Design

A powerful story of resilience and perseverance in pursuing one's dreams, taking readers on a journey from Brooklyn to Silicon Valley by Fonz Morris. Fonz is a Brooklyn-born entrepreneur and designer, based in San Jose. His design and tech experience covers start-ups and corporate America roles on both coasts of the United States.

Prime Hall 

Obstacles Equal Opportunity  

Founder of Underwater Torpedo League and Deep End Fitness, Prime Hall shares his transformative journey from the shadows of childhood trauma, to the frontlines of war, to championing mental health through the healing process of integration, and reveals how he turned his breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Jeremy Pesner

Evidence Based Spirituality 

Western medicine can keep us healthy, but often not well. This book is a comprehensive review of evidence-backed spiritual healing techniques to promote deep emotional healing. Readers will be well-equipped to pursue their wellness in a variety of new ways. 

Lilly Benitez

Create Something 

From the Founder and Director of  Blade Craft Barber Academy comes a a unique entrepreneurial journey that is sure to insipre anyone looking for the courage to create something of their own. Lilly's works demonstrates and embraces a non-traditional path to success and celebrates diverse, multicultural themes.

Michael Appleton 

The Shame Deception 

Michael Appleton is a senior psychotherapist in two NHS services specialising in adult and childhood trauma. The Shame Deception offers key insights for those interested in shame-recovery by providing intervention through story. Readers are guided into the inner world of anxiety and trauma to expose how shame deceives – and tells the fight back stories.


How it works: 

Publishizer seeks a broad range of unique and well-defined ideas from visionaries changing the world, the workplace, and our homes for the better.

1). Publishizer campaigns can be run anytime, but our seasonal themes are designed to feature authors whose books align thematically. Published authors can also apply to participate in the theme via a Special Sales campaign. Read all of our FAQs here about running a campaign.

2). Participating authors will have their book proposals printed and displayed at our Fall 2023 Literary Showcase in NYC on September 18, 2023. 

3). Participating authors who gain over 50 campaign subscribers will be invited for a written interview feature for our blog. Read an example.

4). Participating authors who pre-sell 500 + copies of their book will be recognized with a advance review on the Publishizer 2023 Reader Advanced List to be listed in January 2024.

Previous theme best sellers include: 

The Halo Effect 

Floating in Darkness 

The Choreography of Customer Service  

Becoming a Peace Powered Leader  

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Chris Lynam

The Choreography of Customer Service

Chris Lynam

The Choreography of Customer Service is specifically designed to give you the tools used by the professionals in one of the most high-touch, service industry businesses in America.





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Jared Narlock

Becoming a Peaceful Powered Leader

Jared Narlock

Becoming a Peaceful Powered Leader is a coaching companion for leaders about how to take action and step into accountability. It aims to, and delivers on, solving the problem of …





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Pete Miguel Ward

Modern Leadership

Pete Miguel Ward

Modern Leadership explores real-world challenges across multiple business sectors and provides solutions to traditional management theory. It advocates moving past the distinction between leadership and management in a corporate governance …





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