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Michael Staib

Michael Staib

Baldwin Place, New York

Michael W. Staib, MBA distinguishes himself as a professional writer & published author with 10+ years experience. He reputedly ranks among Top 100 certified content writers at Angie's Diary Magazine.

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Michael W. Staib, MBA distinguishes himself as prolific professional writer & published author with 10+ years experience. Currently, a CFA Level I Candidate, Michael holds degrees in history and Finance, graduating with MBA from Iona College. Staib also attended the ABA accredited Liberty University School of Law JD program for two years (57 Credits). He reputedly ranks among Top 100 certified content writers at Angie's Diary Magazine.
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Uncharted Circuitry

The Feasible Frontier

A hybridized neuro-sci-fi/modern Biblical Literature tale--coterminous intersection of Limitless, Phenomenon, Bourne Identity, & modern Robinson Crusoe story, among others, "Uncharted Circuitry"--explores one man's super-conscious spiritual ascension toward unsurpassed human genius.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Christian, Realistic Fiction, Action Suspense, Drama
50,000 words
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PART I—SYNOPSIS (250 Words):

A historic F5 twister annihilates OK City. From the barren ghost-town emerges one survivor Michael W. Stevens, whose traumatic head injury induces temporary biographical amnesia. He maintains no recollection of his past. However, Stevens awakens suddenly, inexplicably, to previously untapped abilities. His prior identity seemingly erased, Michael's mind apparently overcompensates with an epic, holistic acquired savant syndrome. Stevens miraculously unleashes his brain in its unchartered domain, enabling him to simultaneously access all cognitive, cerebral capabilities. He instantly becomes a preternaturally prodigious polymath.

Michael possesses a perfectly uncanny, mathematical acumen in all forms, eidetic recollection, unprecedented verbal and quantitative facility incomparable to any reported. His genuinely infinite capacity includes:

•       Encyclopedic knowledge always readily accessible, distilled in a flawlessly logical arrangement for subsequent use;

•       Calculating all arithmetic, any equation, and/or mathematical problem in seconds;

•       Reading any book in minutes and instantaneously summarize its theme;

•       Extemporize anything ever read verbatim in any existing contemporary language;

Evidently, nothing escapes him. MRI scans and comprehensive neuro-psychological testing confirm these characteristics.

With his latent, luminescent super-consciousness activated, Michael witnesses a meteoric metamorphosis, all while praising Jesus, surrendered entirely to the Holy Spirit’s empowerment. For Michael recognizes his human insignificance to the Sovereign Alpha Omega. Under divine submission, Stevens embarks to humanly fulfill God’s mission, serving others via the afflatus of his unparalleled newfound aptitude. 

 But Caesar—the FBI—a roaring lion awaits, perched to sift its prey. He may pray not to stray as God leads the way. Yet, will he prevail? Only Christ Himself knows.


PART II—OUTLINE (150 Words):

Introduction—Lone Survivor.

•       F-5 Tornado strikes OK City; dilapidated, no remains;

•       Sole survivor Michael W. Stevens;

Chapter Two: The Awakening.

•       Escapes storm physically unscathed but not without complications;

•       Awakens with post-traumatic brain induced amnesia from storm with no autobiographical recollection of past;

•       Suddenly confounded presumably by an increasing sense of heightened awareness;

•       Apparently, compromised autobiographical memory ironically overcompensated instantly with immeasurable genius capacities—an injury induced acquired savant syndrome, which miraculously re-wired his entire brain to endow inexplicable intelligence—accessing all untapped abilities and uninhibited super-consciousness;

•       Struggling to reconcile palpable paradox of not knowing his
identity yet understanding all physical information in this world,
consciously, beyond capacity and anything ever learned;

•       Overwhelming sensory stimuli—dramatic, visceral sensation unlike any humanly experienced—explosive fire-crackling feeling resonating throughout his entire neuronal circuitry and synapses—tantamount to a mental “hypertrophy” within every existing cell of his brain;



Here, intelligence represents the secondary extension—concomitant back-drop blessing—philosophically, to a fundamentally biblically-based foundation which providentially overshadows it. Hence, faith and reason arguably coincide culminating, ideally, in an inspirational message that simultaneously encapsulates the human spirit from its outer limits vis-à-vis existential purpose. But the story in its labyrinthine intricacies, dovetailing scriptural and secular references to reflect reality, probably attracts general audiences, spiritual Christians or agnostics alike. Accordingly, the story plausibly serves to pique creative and logical types alike who presumably enjoy embracing imagination with insatiable intellectual inquisitiveness. Ultimately, the book arguably features something for virtually anyone, perhaps appealing to diverse demographics. However, it likely targets the cerebrally curious.

Those who gravitate toward the following genres realistically constitute prospective candidates:

·         Sci-fi intellectual thrillers;

·         Realistic Fiction

·         Neuroscience;

·         Action-suspense;

·         Factual detail/Interdisciplinary Domains, Professions (Finance, Law, Psychology, Medical);

·         Biblical, spiritual/Christian themes.

If you want action-packed entertainment, this story seems ideal. If you possess a penchant for information, Uncharted Circuitry comports with your affinity. If intelligence fascinates you, savor a thrill without the prosaic, predictably platitudinous “sci-fi” sensationalism. If a fervent flair for flamboyant language tickles your fancy, especially esoteric themes/puzzles incisively interspersed with magniloquent metaphors and wry wit, this byzantine “brain-thriller” beckons you. If you enjoy logic/deductive Sherlock Holmes/detective-type plots along the vein of Robert Ludlum, look no further for adventure. If you seek action, sample the suspense. If you favor to savor romance, some wholesomely sultry scenes apply even for you. Most importantly, if craving an inspirational message, scintillating spiritual allegory, or for those who believe, deeper intimacy with Christ, come receive it. Embrace the journey!



As a prolific, professional writer (Top 100 Certified Content Writer at Angie’s Diary), published author with over 12,000+ LinkedIn connections, and proliferating profusely in influence, abundant opportunities exist for extensive promotion. Over the years, cultivating a versatile writing style—from logical, argumentative essays/papers to creative poems and poignant spiritual devotionals—global audiences follow my many publications. Among the countless followers, my profile brandishes 14 recommendations, each one, accentuating superior verbal/analytical acumen.

 To this day, my book, Legacy of a Leader: Paradigm of America, commemorating 40th President Ronald Reagan in his unprecedented achievements and conspicuous leadership elicits significant attention since publication. For example, Legacy of a Leader: Paradigm of America displays two 5-Star ratings from anonymous readers, with the book presumably retaining its $10 value, plausibly elucidating sustained sales. The $10 retained value presumably correlates with continued demand, and if accurate, might help precipitate additional sales, propagating attention assuming Publishizer considers publishing Unchartered Circuitry.

These attributes, among others, including active Angie’s Diary participation producing diverse publications, consequently culminated in certification, commemorating me with the Top 100 Content Writer Seal of Excellence designation—Nov. 2015.

Additionally, my video strategy distills as follows:

·         Leverage LinkedIn connections as supporters for subsequent written subscriptions;

·         Harness legal knowledge/erudition to establish contracts for expanded impact;

·         Efficaciously exploit versatile credentials (business school, CFA Level I Candidacy, law school education) to authoritatively attract attention from lesser likely sources;

·         Contacting fellow Christians, mainstream spiritual/Christian publications, and ministry support services, garnering attention in personal mission to disciple/serve others globally through written expression;

·         Captivate readers with active, emphatic writing style and “insightfully” eloquent, cogently consolidated, “well-researched” presentation.

Beyond these provincial objective and/or subjective factors, my strategy remains openly receptive to further subsequent suggestions as apropos for heightened publicity.



Uncharted Circuitry plumbs the human psyche in a ubiquitously encompassing realistic-fiction narrative that transcends genres. The book derives its background from a contemporaneous confluence of subject genres including, science fiction, neuroscience, business/finance, action-suspense/drama, government espionage, and Christianity. The pervasive interdisciplinary structure and thematic versatility arguably distinguishes Uncharted Circuitry as nonpareil among narratives because few, if any literary works, innovatively combine neuro-sci fi with action-suspense drama in a transcendental faith-driven message. Furthermore, diversified literature—incorporated bible verses, scientific research, business/financial analysis, and investigative intelligence—viscerally reflects a comprehensive human experience, possibly appealing to people from varied walks-of-life. Additionally, an engrossed obsession with intelligence-oriented fictions—e.g., Limitless (Alan Glynn’s “The Dark Fields”), Daniel Keyes’ “Flowers for Algernon,” Phenomenon, Good Will Hunting, Lucy, etc. popularizing contemporary culture might enhance appreciation. Yet, this book distinguishes from them in the depth of practical neuroscientific/psychological application it integrates. While the aforementioned works either superficially gloss over science, and sometimes sensationalize with Hollywoodized factoids (“10% brain myth”), this book remains factually anecdotal. Moreover, Unchartered Circuitry differentiates in that—unlike other trite “brain-hyped thrillers” which monochromatically trivialize intelligence stereotypically to idolatrous obsession—its narrative primarily emphasizes divine inspiration (Christ). Like Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, this book captures spiritual trajectory through one man’s personal testimony. It reads like a classic C.S. Lewis Christian-fiction manifesto. Nevertheless, Unchartered Circuitry showcases a modern realistic fiction in the popularized context of “brain fascination” where sci-fi simultaneously meets spiritual action-thriller. Ideally, Unchartered Circuitry aspires to deliver a divinely-inspired Gospel message which hopefully transforms lives with entertaining twists for agnostics, Christians, and casual readers alike.

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PART VI, BONUS —CH. 1-3 Segments/Partial Outline with Selected Sample Characters (2000 Words):

A historic F5 twister annihilates OK City. Not a fragment remains from the dilapidated surroundings.  But from the barren ghost-town emerges one survivor. Meet Michael W. Stevens—(briefly introduce his character, prior career, family, etc.)

Chapter One: Chosen.

Stevens seemed chosen from the start.

Stevens—childhood, raised in God-fearing Jesus-praising home, Pastor’s son. His father, Frank M. Stevens, Pastor and World War II Veteran—inspired Michael, ensuing with the impetus to become Pastor himself for OK City Church (name).

Introduce historical biography, education, career as Pastor, ministry, serving larger extended community, subsidizing global missions, proselytizing the Gospel, exposing many to Jesus Christ, influencing them poignantly with his testimony and biblical instruction cultivated in wisdom from experience. *** Michael Stevens—Pastor, brilliant man, gifted individual with naturally “above-average to superior intelligence” from a medical standpoint (before the accident).

Chapter Two: The Awakening.

Despite escaping the storm physically unscathed, his miraculous survival seemingly came not unaccompanied by some complications.

Stevens awakened from the storm without recollection of his former life. Post-traumatic brain induced amnesia apparently plagued him, consciously erasing his autobiographical recollection. Ironically, amid the turmoil of not knowing anything about himself or his immediate past, an increasingly confounding sense of heightened awareness presumably pervaded Michael’s senses. He knew not what transpired. Something seemed different. But what? He seemed instantly inept to reconcile the palpable paradox manifesting and materializing from within himself. He viscerally detected a heaviness in his head, as if the sensory stimuli overwhelmed his entire being—flashes of information, words, numbers, learning, expansion, energy… “It all appeared too intangible to even conceptually reify, the bombarding distraction of abstractions, ideas, and thoughts proliferating profusely, as I excogitate them this very moment,” he replied in an almost silent, prayerful soliloquy. He understood all the words, yet, even these words appeared too grandiose to concretely process. In an almost dramatic irony unknown to Michael at that time, his compromised autobiographical recollection overcompensated with unforeseen dormant capacities. Suddenly, miraculously, all information gleaned, ever learned throughout his life (except any recollection of the past) surfaced to consciousness, perfectly polished, pellucid, and readily available. But how?.....****(Continue to blend from original outline with fresh ideas preliminarily in formative drafting stage).

Chapter Three:

·         Finds card with information inscribing General Physician, Stephanie McPherson, M.D. Contacts and visits doctor.

§  Administers general physical with blood-tests from nurse phlebotomist assistant to assess hormonal levels and determine any possible physiological irregularities

·         Visits Licensed Neuropsychologist—Brittany Jarvis, Ph.D

§  Conducts comprehensive IQ Tests. Battery of Cognitive Assessments render Jarvis incredulous and reveal the following medical observations.

Ø  IQ Level incapable of objective measurement, highest ever recorded, higher than the tests may permit in a score, on five separate standardized aptitude exams.

Dr. Jarvis struggled keeping pace with his dialogue. As Stevens described and Jarvis further annotated consistent with foregoing observations, he exhibited ineffably remarkable reasoning, mathematical, and verbal abilities unlike any seen, including:

•       Encyclopedic knowledge always readily accessible, distilled in a flawlessly facile, logical arrangement for subsequent use;

•       Calculating all arithmetic, any equation, and/or mathematical problem in seconds;

•       Reading any book in minutes and instantaneously summarize its theme;

•       Extemporize anything ever read, heard, seen, observed, verbatim in any existing contemporary language;

•       An effortlessly effusive emphatic, extemporaneous communication style with unassailable accuracy and reasoning in perfectly polished, perspicuous prose;

•       Excogitating ideas continuously and autonomously on command without inhibition, primed for subsequent use;

•       Trauma transmogrified him into a profoundly prodigious, preternatural polymath—observably the smartest person empirically perceived;

·         Visits Neurologist Travis Greenburg, M.D.–Performs MRI evincing Stevens’ unprecedented brain activity, neuronal hypertrophy, synaptic hemispheric synchronization, and reputedly, “most active brain” empirically recorded so as to report abilities in presumably “unchartered domains effortlessly with uninhibited cerebral accessibility.”

·         Corporate Lawyer: Zach H. Weinstein, Esq.—Stevens’ personal attorney, accountant, and adviser whom Stevens himself eventually helps to resolve an enigmatically esoteric “high-profile case.” Case on trial and unresolvable for years with a 7-year statute of limitations.

 Stevens—with the impressiveness of a seasoned practitioner, legal luminary lawyer 20 years in profession, without any former formal training—pondered all case materials (10,000+ pages), identified gravamen, and within two hours harnessed fecund faculties—supreme inductive and deductive reasoning abilities—felicitously to solve case. Moreover, Michael meticulously marshalled the magnitudinous evidence in record timing. It seemed like child’s play, assembling the labyrinthine Lego pieces into their respective compartments. Yet, his mind instantly perceived all potential outcomes, the permutations in a perfectly successive computerized arrangement. Then, with the adroitness of a grandmaster chess aficionado, he expertly manipulated each piece to perfect conclusion before finessing victory, finagling checkmate.  Stevens collaborated with Weinstein to ensure his lawyer understood all inferences elicited from the composite materials.

Thereafter, he worked to embed all the details in Weinstein. Stevens drilled all the substantive evidence, applying all factual details inextricably with federal procedural rules before returning to court. The following day Weinstein prevailed for his client, and gratuitously extended Stevens $5 million of multi-millions for purportedly “making history.”

Weinstein inquires, “How did you do it?” Stevens instantly replies “All is possible with God; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”[1]

Zach retorts, “No, seriously, how did you do it?”

Stevens facetiously answers, “Perhaps the superfluity of my assiduity, pardon the prosody. Incidentally, did you catch the flaw in my reasoning?,” further bantering his attorney, “…I deliberately designed it for a game of logic, or perhaps I put the dumb in adumbrated!,” as he emphatically he concluded with a chuckle.

“More like putting the dumb in dumbfounded, and “assiduity,” geez, sounds like something seeping from my backside, for the full exterior effect,” Weinstein counters with a smidgen of sarcasm, to which Stevens quickly quips, “well, perhaps I made an ASS oUt of just Me in ASS-uming you might ASS-ertively infer “assiduous” from my ASS-ertion, not to mention my other three unwarranted ASSumptions, namely, I exude:

(1)   Sufficient diligence;

(2)   “ASSiduity” to the precipice of excessiveness with “superfluity;” and

(3)   “Prosody,” as if to imply my words presumably elevate to didactic doggerel, or some elevated poetic form.

…Pardon the anal in banal bromides, as we perhaps percolate profusely with loquacious logorrhea from various vantage points, pun intended.”

“Touche. What an eccentric genius you’ve become, my friend…I don’t know how you do it,” utters Weinstein.

“Simply stated,” Stevens continues, “I already told you. If I boast, to Christ all the boasting,” for any perceived intelligence, if you so suggest, assuming verbal eloquence inheres with intellect.[2] But, if you so insist A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.[3] Therefore, I speak authoritatively, perennially “prepared with an answer,” because the Scripture, in faith, purposefully justifies my words, as circumstantially measured to proper context.” [4] ***

·         FBI Director: Jason Combs—leads surreptitious surveillance espionage operation, delegating agents undercover to capture/kidnap and/or falsely imprison Stevens and exploit him efficaciously as pawn in intelligence scheme. Discovers Stevens’ intellectual metamorphosis and “rags to riches” story from under the radar. The motive behind his malevolent machinations, heinous perpetrations—orchestrating a wanted-list scavenger hunt against Stevens:

(1)   Desiring to know the secret behind his newfound preternatural genius;

(2)   Contemplating how he may effectively—avariciously avail—Stevens to fraudulently finagle immunity and clandestinely escape with impunity gov’t investigation/criminal accusations. Combs—allegedly charged with recklessly permitting information disclosure/dissemination of classified, confidential documents, among other purported fiduciary violations—seeks to seize Stevens in circumventing all charges. He attempts to possibly bribe and/or extort Stevens through entrapment in accomplishing these ends via self-vindication.

·         Trader/Investment Portfolio Strategist Abigail Fiona, CFA, FRM, CPA

Stevens mesmerizes Abigail with seemingly surreal inductive/deductive abilities connecting dots to infer unusual outcomes from extremely volatile market patterns. In half-hour she exposes Michael to the art & science of trading, gleaning her techniques from 15 years experience. Michael grabs four newspapers to diversify research. Amid the copious cornucopia of information which he read and eidetically retained in minutes from cover-to-cover, he extrapolated various inferences as recommendations for Abigail. After extended conversation, Ms. Fiona tests his inferences with her conclusions through, as Stevens coined “the heuristics of trial-and-error experimentation.” Consequently, the results rendered her incredulous. With stunning precision—piecemealing the aggregate research/portfolio composites and extrinsic information “adscititiously gathered”—Michael’s perspicacious predictions proved 100% accurate; hers only 34% by comparison.

Fiona: Incredulously, Fiona stared at him for moments in silence. “You just achieved the impossible.”

Michael: “No, Fiona, nothing is impossible with God.”

Fiona: “But you knew the outcome, with absolute certainty.”

Michael: “Achieving 100% accuracy in a given isolated, instance never assumes omniscience—or knowledge to the extent of absolute certainty concerning events. Only God knows everything with absolute certainty. Indeed, I possess a gifted, albeit, human intelligence, since we all presumably inherit individual gifts. Thus, if I boast, all the boasting presumably to Christ Jesus, for benevolently bestowing it.”

Fiona: “Wow, I never took you for a religious Christian! Even so, what’s the secret?”

Michael: “Well, virtually everything in this material world assumes faith as to its validity. So, I choose, by my volition with utter conviction, the biblical worldview, as a logical framework to represent reality. Therefore, since Scripture governs reality, on faith, I consider myself spiritual, someone who places faith foremost in my relationship with Jesus Christ, the living God***(continue with Scripture verse).

But I discursively digress. To your question, I lacked a priori probability assumptions, since all my conclusions derived entirely from pre-existing empirical observation. A priori assumptions exclusively incorporate logic, without perceiving past events, to forecast events with unassailable accuracy because life might not necessarily assume historical constancy. After all, history might not reflect future events, and to assume constancy neglects variation—circumstantial changes contingent on a confluence of existing relationships interacting in the physical world. Therefore, a priori assumptions remain virtually impossible to integrate without omniscience because they predict outcomes independent of past events. However, here, my multifarious mosaic of research extrapolates from recollection historical record to elucidate an algorithmic pattern for which I infer the most plausible possibilities. Hence, my rationale stems entirely from empirical observation, perception of past events—which unlike a priori reasoning—integrates experience to consider prospective possibilities.” ***INCLUDE RESEARCH CITATIONS, ETC., FOR REFERENCE****


 The next day she trusts his conclusion and conservatively doubles her investment. Stevens—spellbound by his own preternatural “prescience” decides to risk $1 million of the $5 million received from Weinstein. He quintuples the money to combine for $26 million within a week. His daily aggrandized returns exponentially escalated. Within another week, Michael’s net worth reaches a staggering $835 million, consequently culminating in global attention.

§  Ms. Fiona propositions Michael with job prospect. Michael agrees to take CFA Level I exam, and with only a week of half-hearted study for the June exam, marks history as only candidate to ever achieve perfect score on it.

§  With time, however, Fiona becomes increasingly intimidated, and romantically infatuated with Stevens….

Chapter 4: A New Ministry.


[1] Matthew 19:26; Philippians 4:13.




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