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Carmen Lascu

Carmen Lascu

Southampton, United Kingdom

After almost 15 years of experience in media, public relations, events, project management and business development, Carmen Lascu decided to bring all that she had learned over the years to help other people set-up, promote and grow their businesses, showing what it takes to fully succeed in their chosen industry.

She came up with the idea of writing the eBook “10 Steps to Master Your Twitter Account: Become a Twitter Expert” (previously '10 Steps to Get 1,000 Real Followers in just 30 days - A powerful guide to promote your business on Twitter' during the crowdfunding campaign) after she was asked by a friend to help him with setting up and managing a brand new Twitter Account for his business.

Having studied what Twitter Influencers and entrepreneurs have done, Carmen Lascu decided to write this eBook to help other businesses grow their online presence on Twitter. The best thing is that the steps presented in this eBook are tried and tested.

This eBook can now be found on Amazon.

This is not the only content she is creating. Currently in the works, Carmen Lascu is planning a book series on other subjects centred around Business, Social Media, Positive Thinking, Mind Powers etc.

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About the author

About The Author
Carmen Lascu is a journalist, PR Specialist and Events Organizer, with more than 14 years of experience of writing articles and campaigns and organizing events for other companies. Now it's time to focus on what she likes most - writing, personal development and enjoying family time with her husband and daughter. 

With personal accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, Carmen was interested to see what other users are doing to increase their network, especially on Twitter which is probably the most popular social network for business and one of the main sources of information for the general public. She spent many hours reading blog posts and articles on Social Media and tweets posted by Marketing and Social Media Influencers on Twitter to understand what they are doing and what advices they give to small businesses on how to gain new followers and engage with them successfully. 

After her personal research she applied the lessons learned on a brand new Twitter account which went from zero followers to 1,000 followers in less than a month. Seen excellent results in such a short time, she decided to write a book to teach others what to do to get followers on Twitter. 

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10 Steps to Get 1,000 Real Followers on Twitter in less than 30 Days

A powerful guide to promote your business on Twitter

Building and growing your brand awareness on Twitter has never been easier. This Do-It-Yourself guide will show you how to do it.

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Business & Money Social Media
10,000 words
75% complete
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Why This Book?
With 320 millions monthly active users Twitter can become a powerful tool for your business if you use it properly. Twitter is all about sharing useful information and networking. You can promote your business but be discrete, too much self advertising on Twitter can make more harm than good. Following these 10 steps I have described in this ebook you will get many followers and increase your brand awareness which will bring you web traffic, leads and sales. 

I spent many hours reading articles and tweets written by influencers on Twitter and also following their accounts to find out what they are actually doing to increase their network and apply in business. I practiced what I learned during my reseach on a brand new Twitter account for a start-up business from maritime industry @MaritimeSafetyS  and got 1,000 real followers in less than a month - more than 85% from the niche industry; the rest of 15% are Marketing / Business specialists and Influencers that are happy to retweet. 

I compiled many hours of research in this book to make it easier for any business to get thousands of followers without spending time doing the same research I have done. 

Follow these 10 steps from my book and I can guarantee you will easily get your first 1,000 followers and the others will follow without too much hasle. They will be real quality followers, people that are genuinely interested in your business. I can't see the benefit of having many followers just to have a high number if they are not sharing the same interests with you. Once they trust you they will follow you and retweet your tweets to reach a large audience. 

This book is unique because it was written after all the principles described have been actually applied proving that they work. All the steps have been applied on a real Twitter account with excellent results and anyone can check the Twitter account I am referring to. 

If you find it difficult to manage your Twitter business account or you don't know what to tweet please support my campaign. This book will show you what to do. It is a guide in its own right with 10 easy steps to follow and plenty of examples and sources of inspirations . 


Building and growing your brand awareness on Twitter
has never been easier. This Do-It-Yourself guide will help you build
a professional profile, promote your brand and get many valuable
followers, business leads and website visitors. 

This book is recommended to anyone who has got a small business or is interested to set-up one, with or without any knowledge on Twitter. I will take you through all the stages required - from opening an account, creating a powerful biography, what type of photos to use for you profile and cover photo, explaining how to tweet and offering you plenty of content ideas, to giving you recommendations about where to find relevant information to tweet, suggestions on what to do to be found easily by other users, how to engage with your followers and manage your Twitter account using various online tools/apps and how to track your performance.  

I have written 75% of the ebook but see below how the table of content looks like at present. 

1 – Establish your Twitter presence
a Twitter account

suggestive profile and header photos


2 – Tweet your own content. Use photos
Tweet content ideas

off your personality 

Chapter 3 – Create tweet content using hashtags #
to use a hashtag


4 – Follow potential customers, business partners and Influencers
Who are the key
influencers in your industry and how to find them 

Chapter 5 – How to engage with your followers
Mention. Reply.

Remember to say Thank You

6 - Apps to help you manage your social media






7 – Use Twitter Lists to organise your followers
8 – Join industry topics (known as chats) on Twitter 
9 – Promote
your Twitter Username 
10 – Track and measure your performance 
Since I am still working on this ebook please feel free to advise if there is any other information that you think it will be useful to be included.

I aim for 10,000 words if I self-published the ebook for Kindle Amazon but if any traditional publisher is interested in this book I can look into writing a bit more, depending on their request. 


“When someone follows you on Twitter, they not only opt in to see your tweets – they also take actions that benefit your business”. The “Small Business Customer Insights Study” made by Twitter in 2014, showed that “followers feel more positively about your business and can help you expand your reach, and increase sales”. 70% of people who followed a small business Retweet content from that business, 60% of respondents have purchased from a small business after following them on Twitter and 73% felt better about a small business after following and reading its Tweets. I think the most important statistic is that 69% of users are likely to buy from a business they follow on Twitter. 

With such a positive statistics I think any startup, small businesses, existent or future entrepreneur, should focus on promoting their brand and business on Social Media, especially on Twitter, and this book will show you how to do it yourself without being an expert and without any paid advertising. 


My background is in journalism, public relations and events so I will apply all my knowledge and experience to promote this book during the campaign and after the launching date. 

I have a personal Twitter account where I will tweet about this ebook and I am planning to develop a personal blog with relevant information about how to use Social Media in business. 

I will send press releases and look for partnerships with traditional media and online to promote the campaign and the book, as well as attending events where I can promote the ebook.

I will keep all my subscribers updated on my work on the book, the launching date, and where the campaign and the ebook are promoted.  

Thank you for supporting this book and my journey to getting published! Help me to help other small businesses to promote their business on Twitter without paying for advertising. 

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