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wilson jackson

wilson jackson

Charlotte, North Carolina

Winner of International Writers Inspiring Change MOST INSPIRING AUTHOR AWARD/2017 Category: Thriller/Horror THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT: here there be monsters and short story BLACK MEDUSA published at Cine-Books

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About the author

Wilson published a horror novel THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT: here there be monsters that won International Writers Inspiring Change MOST INSPRIRING AUTHOR AWARD 2017 category: Thriller/Horror and a self-help book HOW TO SURVIVE A DEAD END JOB. He has a short story spin-off published at CINE-BOOKS: BLACK MEDUSA from his latest work in development to become digital. The spin-off is from his current project A FEW CASUALTIES SO WHAT. His horror novel has received 4 star ratings and he is an alumnus of Johnson C. Smith University and The Longridge Writers group. He blogs and has recommendations  for creative writing.
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A FEW CASUALTIES SO WHAT/ A chubby pone trouble shooter novel

A Cubby Pone Troubleshooter Novel

Chubby must stop a gang war when two teens of prominent crime families die in a car bomb and try to stay alive himself.

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Mystery, Thriller, Horror & Suspense crime/thriller
81,254 words
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Two teenagers died in a car bomb. They were the children of mobsters in Metro city. Helen Macone, daughter of Macone head of the Prohibitions and Reggie Grant, son of G, head of the Hip-Hoppers. The kids were playing Romeo and Juliet behind their families backs and got sent to marble city by someone seeing revenge on the families. 

The mayor's office got worried that an all out gang war would escalate between the two crimes families blaming each other for their children's death. They gave me the responsibility of finding out who caused this tragedy and why.

It take long for me to get my feet wet, I encountered two hits before and after meeting with my boss Red and deputy mayor Crowe and the lieutenants of the crime families managing to survive them both. I decided no more get togethers at night and put together since my junctions with Red and Crowe the two incidents were not a coincident and we had a rat in our group.

I used my contacts and found out the murderers were former bomb men from both families and lost their gang membership once they got sent to the hoosegow. The Prohibitions and  Hip-Hoppers were unware they were out of the pen and knew nothing about their whereabouts. Early leave from prison and you're labeled as a snitch. A death sentence. 

I did my research and the two men named White(hip-hopper) and Krasko(Prohibition) were sent to jail blowing up buildings that were occupied and the DA who sent them up the river, Deputy Mayor Harvey Crowe. He got the two losers out to take revenge on Macone and G because thirty years ago he lost his parents and siblings in a gang war between two in what is now known as BLACK HALLOWEEN.. Crowe got his revenge taking out their children but he wanted another gang war hoping the two kingpins would take out each other. 

He wanted me dead so I wouldn't solve the case. I took my information and set up a meeting with the crime bosses promising I'd deliver the culprits to them so they could have their revenge gang style.

I found out where the two bombers were held up but when I got there; Krasko murdered White over a bag of money and put me on a  little chase. I caught up with him at a bar and got Crowe as well when he failed to eliminate Red. I kept my end of the bargain delivering half the package to the crimes bosses and they were satisfied. 

G owns a pig farm in South Carolina. Always be weary of a gangster who owns a pig farm.


Chapter 1) Two teens from powerful crime families die in a car bomb.

Chubby Pone gets a text for a  junction with Red and the deputy mayor. On his way to the get together he gets involve in a shoot out with youths in a car. A young  homeless boy is shot.

2) Red and Crowe inform Pone about the death of the two teens and they mayors office wants him to solve the case before the two families blame each other and start a gang war.

3) Pone ponders why someone would take out two teens from powerful crime families. He gets a call from Red the homeless boy died. 

4) Pone gets revenge on the youths who murdered the young boy.

5) Pone meets up with a friend for a meeting with her nephew a member of the Prohibition crime family to find out who would want kill his bosses daughter.

6) Pone seeks his mentor for information about the teen death's but gets criticize for his for the way he lives and killing the youths.

7) Pone has dinner at his Red's family house where they discuss the tragedy and what will happen if he don't solve the case.

8) Pone meets with the deputy mayor and lieutenants of the crime families at club Nadine.

9) Pone deals with another hit on his life after the meeting.

10) The lieutenants inform their bosses Pone is in charge of finding their children's killer.

11) Pone has lunch with a former bomb expert asking if he knows who would be low enough to murder children.

12) The two bombers argue about what the man who hired them has planned for them next.

13) Pone gives Red an update on his progress.

14) Pone looks for his mentor forgiveness.

15)Pone and Brown(hip-hopper) talk at a bistro where he meets the mother of one of youths he killed.

16) A large black duffel bag is left on the bombers door step.

17) Pone gets in touch with a friend who has contacts in prison.

18) The bombers argue over what to do with the bag of money left at their doorstep.

19) Pone gets the names of the two bombers who caused the deaths of the teens.

20) The woman at the bistro is a cousin to the hip-hopper bomber who convinced her son to take out Pone.

21) Deputy Mayor Crowe makes plans to take out Pone.

22) An old flame helps Pone deal with a third hit on his life.

23) Pone runs into the hip-hopper bomber at a gentlemen's club.

24) Two SUV's interfere with Pone's pursuit of the hip-hopper bomber(White)

25) White gets a call from the man about his screw up.

26) The hip-hoppers and Prohibitions have a shoot out at a club.

27) Pone put  together the pieces to the puzzle.

28) Pone finds out where White is held up.

29) Pone makes a deal with the crime bosses.

30) Pone has one last junction with the lieutenants to make sure they didn't have a part in the teen murders.

31) Krasko and White fight over betraying the man.

32) Crowe realizes there's dissention between White and Krasko.

33) Crowe holds Red and her DA boyfriend hostage at a motel.

34) Pone tracks Krasko to a bar after he finds White dead at the hide-out.

35) Pone arrives at the motel with the unconscious Krasko at the motel where Crowe holds Red hostage.

36) Pone delivers Crowe and Krasko to G's pig farm in South Carolina and later gets sad news.


Fans of soft science fiction should enjoy the rift in time caused by a meteor bringing Prohibition gang style noir with out aliens and zombies to embark on the world. 

Fans of thriller suspense crime mystery novels in the form of Easy Rawlins, Repairman Jack and Mack Bolan will love the format the crimes series bring to those who love unique intriguing mysteries to solve. The slang dialogue, and style with out anything that has nothing to do with laser beams, phasers, but a little bit crime noir infested with apocalyptic landscape to keep the reader intrigue with each adventure Chubby Pone will encounter with his band of misfits, 

A touch of comic book mutation from some of characters and a mention of other characters who will have their own books and adventures. Audiences who love dames, bullets, damsels in distress being rescued or saving themselves will enjoy reading about Chubby Pone.


A FEW CASUALTIES SO WHAT has few blogs and sample readings on google and goodreads.  Wilson's  website is available promoting his current books and book idea and it's spin-off project BLACK MEDUSA. THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT has received 4 and 5 star ratings on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. It has been promoted in a logline format for a possible consideration for a movie. He is seeking a thousand votes for his cine-book project Black Medusa for digital format. A few casualties so what is featured on facebook, twitter, Instagram and google. It has a face on social media. LinkedIn.


NIGHTWORLD: A Repairman Jack Novel by F. Paul Wilson, Publisher TOR 2012. He does not exist but can be found on his website. Repairman Jack is no longer published or written by Mr. Wilson. 

Chubby Pone is a troubleshooter who gets his assignments from Red. He is no saint, but handles his situations but takes care of his business. Repairman Jack had a little of supernatural element in his stories where Chubby Pone has none. He lives in a apocalyptic future with out aliens and zombies.

UNDER THE RIVER UNTO THE SEA: Walter Mosley, Publisher Mulholland Books 2018. Joe King Oliver was one of the NYPD's finest investigators until, dispatched to arrest a well-heeled car thief, he was framed for assault by his enemies within the force and landed in Rikers.

THE BOMB MAKER: Thomas Perry, Publisher Grove Atlantic 2018. A bomb is more than a weapon. A bomb is an expression of he bombers prediction of human behavior

DON PENDLETON'S THE EXCUTIONER'S: SOVIET SPECTER; Publisher Thorndike Press 2004. A customs bust in New York alerts Mack Bolan to a heroin smuggling operation.

GHOST STORY, A NOVEL OF THE DRESDEN FILES: publisher Roc 2011. Chicago's only professional wizard must save the world while dead.

Chubby Pone is a troubleshooter stopping and solving problems before they get worst with the help of his hitmen friends and his Tommy-gun Sally. He does not deal in supernatural and wizardry adventures like Harry Dresden and Repairman jack buck like Mack Bolan except his assignment are assigned by Brooke (Red) Brigand of Metro city's most powerful crime family.

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 Twelve a.m.
Saturday and the Friday night movie crowd escaped the theater filling
the  cold night air
with teen spirit. The vibrant I'm-going-to-be-young-forever  attitude
made their way to
their respected vehicles. Cars from the past to the present littered
the theater
parking lot. Sixteen to eighteen-year-old earning the trust of their
parents to  go out and
have a good time came to an end. Well, at least some of the teen
kings and queens, over  the
giggling and I'm-in-love eye contact came your typical teen business
of going  to a
late-night party and hitting the drive-through for a bite to eat.

sparse crowd  decided  enough excitement for one night and
agreed  to head for home. Two teens, both
seventeen, made their way to a bright red Nissan Juke. This couple
shared a stare from
their fellow adolescence.  A bi-racial couple  now the
norm- like homosexuals out in the

two youths, black and white, both the elder children of two of the
most prominent crime families
in Metro City. Reginald Grant, Reggie, by his family and friends, the  oldest of  G's
four children. Six-foot-four five star shooting guard  headed
out of state to
attend college  in the north on a basketball scholarship. A
chilly night, he donned a red hoodie,
loose-fitting baggy blue jeans revealed his boxers and untied white

 His companion
 the oldest of four belonging to Macone. Helen Macone,
Irish-Italian destined for
the Ivy League on an academic scholarship, though her dancer legs
could  have gotten
her an arts scholarship to any university of her choice. Her gray
conservative attire from
head down to her feet and  blonde hair worn in a librarian bun.
Reggie opened the  door
for Helen. She strolled inside the car and he hustled to the driver's
side escaping the
cold. Neither  family knew about the forbidden

and Helen gazed into each others eyes,  leaned in, and locked lips.
 Reggie turned the ignition. The Juke exploded. 

The future of two youths proved life
is  short.

Warehouse at 100 North Park Avenue beside the city mono-rail tracks.   It looked like
its namesake: a big block shaped building  stained glass windows and brick
armor  faded 100 percent red hue. On the inside the decor
screamed pure restaurant
patrolling  waiters, waitresses, and a Maitre d'. Pictures,
paintings, and  movie posters
of movie stars decorated the walls. A  bill of fare listing
Italian cuisine:
Lasagna, Fettuccine Alfredo, and, Spaghetti and  meat balls.
  Popular  eatery
 attracting standing-room-only  crowd every night, which
 why it  surprised  citizens when
it defunct.

turned a  five star bistro into the hottest night club in Metro
city. Nadine the club's
name. They took advantage of its  space dividing the factory in
sections keeping the brasserie
ambiance, but not the original cuisine except for four  types of
pizza; sausage bacon,
pepperoni, cheese and hamburgers; single  and double with or
with out cheese on  the
card.  Your choice to dance and drink or eat, dance, and drink
Tables  minimum in the front part of
the club for lounging, smoking, listening to piano, saxophone a small
stage built for one
singer the owner herself.  Stools for sitting as long as the
bar. The club name, Nadine,
honored the middle name of the late Sheila Green, who raised them as
her own.

circle called her Song Bird, her stage name because of her hypnotic
siren voice.  She  graced
the stage from time to time, but booked most of the acts for her
club. Her close friends  called her Birdie.

made  a profit gambling. Nadine housed a mini casino  joint
down in the basement. It wasn't
   Las Vegas though it cost you a thousand to enter
the hole of poker chips and slot machines.
The  basement sealed off, but enough room for two Black Jack
tables and five small round
tables for poker players. It came equipped with two muscular
bouncers standing on
opposite sides of the elevator dressed in  black muscle shirts,
slacks, and loafers.

 Two eye- candy
hour- glass figure waitresses clad in sleeveless black body-
hugging mini-dresses,  hose, and heels moved among the
tables serving drinks. A mid sized bar with a stocky bartender serve
drinks. The club  closed upstairs and only four patrons remained
playing poker.

    All four  cold-blooded
killers; what  club Nadine catered to, but every killer left
their bad attitudes at
the door and weapons in their vehicles. One  of her club
benefactors and dearest
friend, Chubby Pone.

    Pone, sat at the
table holding a winning hand. He loved stepping out into the night
clad in black and
white Doc Marten's wing tips with rubber soles, black slacks, a crisp
white shirt, black vest
 laced with twelve small Ninja throwing knives, and a black
bowler  enhanced his chiseled  clean
cut baby face. His counter parts: Sonny, a past -his prime
almost-senior-citizen, average height and a saggy pudgy
body, he proclaimed himself as the world's oldest teenager.

He wore a brown
 fedora, pink shirt, tan slacks, and brown loafers:  Stick
looked like a walking skeleton  with skin as pale as ivory. He
wore a gray suit, black shirt with a loose fitting thin gray  tie, and black
 pointed roach-killer shoes  good for killing roaches who
tried to hide in a corner
joked his buddies. The last of the four poker players, Big Ben

 All six-nine
and three-hundred pounds of what he said soul-brother muscle. Black
as coal, bald
head as smooth as a baby's bottom and pet word  shit ending with
a D sound at the end. He
wore a green polo shirt, black slacks and penny loafers.

game  nearing the end as it came down to Pone and Big Ben.

that you drinking?” asked Big Ben in his baritone voice.

Goya.”    A beverage that wasn't a beer, wine, ale,
or even soda.

 A carbonated
malt drink that appealed to Pone. He discovered the drink  when he ate at
a Venezuelan diner.

that some kind of new beer?

held up the brown long-neck-shaped bottle examining the label.

malt beverage also made with hops.” He took a sip. “Sweet… not bitter.” said Pone.

frowned and shook his head. “Give me a classic beer anytime.”

me alert on my way home.”  Pone  dealt with car chases on
his way home including
unwanted gun-play.

come you the only one I see drinking that Shit?” asked Ben.

ain't sweet on the owner.” said Stick.

room got quiet  Pone  gave Stick a stare down. Stick
crossed the line and  knew  it.  He put his
foot in his mouth and, like a snake  his long lanky body coiled.

you boys going to finish this damn game?” asked Sonny in his raspy

late and I need to get home.”

been pass your bed time, old timer.” said Ben.

took a deep breath and raised an eye-brow. He and Stick already
folded and stuck
around for the conversation. Stick finished off his Vodka Martini and pulled
the Olive off the tooth pick with his teeth while Sonny clutched his
Gibson after being
called an old timer.

finish your dink. That damn onion making my eyes water.” said Pone.

 He never
understood the drink, a dash of dry Vermouth and two ounces of Gin
with a slice of
onion. thought
Pone.  “Ben, it's late… lets finish this.”

dollars on the table. Pone studied the large man. He could tell Ben
craved one of his
signature stogies; smoking  not allowed in club Nadine. Each man
took one last card from
the deck. Ben nodded with approval.

you  got big man?” asked Pone

laid out three Queens and two Jacks. A full house. He leaned back and
his chair creaked
struggling to support his weight. He toasted then downed his beer.

glanced at his cards, the cards on the table and then at Ben who
displayed a confident
smirk on his face.

nothing like a good woman  if you got three and two of them
brought  their sons
along.” said Pone.

started to giggle until Pone laid down his hand. Three Kings and two
deuces known as a
full house Kings high. Ben stared at Pone. He knew his com padre had
two  nick names:
leave him alone Pone and lucky eight. Pone pool shark as well.

sighed. “Shit'd.” He shook his head watching Pone collect his

  The rest
of the observers breathed a sigh of relief because they wanted to go

and Ben rode the elevator together.

if I holler at you if you got the time?” asked Ben.

and Ben took a seat at the bar.

The temporary
 bartender a Sicilian name Antonio. He supervised the restaurant
and the reason
they  served Italian cuisine on the menu, and Birdie's
boyfriend. Birdie used  her expertise
handling music entertainment and left comestibles in Antonio's hands.

 He knew the
connection between Pone and Birdie and didn't like it; he accepted
the bond between
the two  because he loved Birdie.

 He told Pone
and Ben he'd be in his office; to let him know when they finishedtheir

nursed his Moose head.
”So he cool with you and Birdie?”

he can't keep her, it won't be because of me.” said Pone.

cleared his throat then took another swallow of his Moose head. Pone
sipped his Goya.

remember Al McGee?” asked Ben.

sometime partner.” replied Pone.

gone missing.”                                                                                   

 far and few considering your partner could  become your
enemy if hired to kill you.
Pone didn't believe in having one for  possible back stabbing .He preferred to work alone for  in the killing business who
better to trust than yourself. He knew some
jobs   called for two men or women who made a living in the
business too. If he needed
support,  Pone knew his poker buddies wouldn't
hesitate to assist  him.

do you mean missing?” asked Pone.

and hit man alike once a job finished tend to lie low waiting out the
murder investigation. Disappearing at least three months till
things quieted down.Pone didn't know
much about McGee except what he heard from Ben.  Ben carried the man, did the
heavy lifting when they did a job together. Not good
since it took a cold-blooded person to do what they did for a living.
Pone  considered
McGee a tick, leach draining blood off another man's work. Pone
detected a strong
friendship between Ben and McGee so he kept his personal feeling
 about the  man to
himself.  Pone wanted to tell Ben maybe McGee took a solo job
and fucked up.

disappeared… vanished.”     Pone sighed.
”You know for what we do, sometimes we have to

     Ben shook his head. “Naw
man, not Al… he don't need to hide. He don't fuck up.”

perfect, Ben.” said Pone. “Some of us have no business to be in
the  business,”

always careful.”

studied the giant. He saw the concern as well as heard it in Ben's
words. He also
knew about Ben and Al's partnership before he mentioned it. Pone took a
large gulp of his Goya.

it's getting late so spill it.”

nodded. “Al got a woman, Ruby and a couple of kids.”

frowned. “When you say woman...”

     “Shit'd… he ain't, but we need loving too.”                                                                                             

never understood why men in his profession got married or why women in the business did the
same. It made problems when enemies found out about the ball and chain.  Cold-blooded
assassins took out the spouse and kids no matter how pristine. The life of a killer already
complicated to involve others. The inculpable clueless what their love   interest
did for a living and those who knew showed an ignorant blind-eye to   the easy
lifestyle and money.  thought

took another sip of his Goya. “You met this Ruby?”

sighed Ben in his deep base voice. “She called me a week ago
worried  because she
hadn't heard from Al. The longest he'd gone with out contacting her is two days…
that ain't like him. He loves his family.”

he go on a job?”

did things together. The only time he went any where by himself was
to bars and clubs.”

club in particular?”


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