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Avi Gordon

Avi Gordon

Abraham is a yoga and meditation teacher, free thinker, and word artist. He has taught English in four different countries. He has recently entered the world of podcasting:

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A Light in the Tunnel

A story of those who are meant to lead, how they came to be that way, and what actions they took to reach their potential. A story of our evolution.

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Mind & Body Philosophical Novel
Albany, New York
165,000 words
100% complete
5 publishers interested


Reader Reviews:

"This is unlike any fiction book I have read before. Its a book for thinkers and ponderers. It shows us what is capable when we look at the magic of life and the universe. While it may lead itself to a bit of a slower read due to its size, its a phenomenal book that introduces so many great ideas about life, love and the larger framework of our world. A fantastic book to share with friends that are open to conscious conversations and debate. It's also one of those books that you can mark up, journal with and pause and digest after reading some truly revelatory prose."

"The author wrote an engaging, thought provoking, well written story that takes us from our mundane way of life and brings us to a deeper more passionate world. His personal beliefs and philosophy are obviously shared throughout. He creates a utopia which has me yearning for. Well done Mr. Gordon."

"A Light in the Tunnel has a unique slant - a novel that strives to impart daily wisdom into the plot. It’s an excellent book to read for self reflection. The author paints beautiful word pictures with his use of language. I am a voracious reader - generally read mysteries and fantasy - this book does not have the gripping plot line I usually enjoy. It does have fully formed, introspective characters. They very often think or say pithy quotes you might find in a self-help book or philosophical thesis. The advantage of this is the reader stops to think about what was said - the disadvantage is that it slows the pace of reading. I suspect a reader of mostly nonfiction would not find it a disadvantage! I think this would be an excellent choice for a Book Club - there are many points of view to discuss as a male, female, young or older person - and points of view about drugs, politics, marriage, education and life in general."


"A Light in the Tunnel" tells the story of those trying to find purpose in their lives, and how they discover it through engaging in strategically wise action.  Children who become planetary leaders, a father with unconventional parenting methods, a son bent on reaching his potential, the power of partnership, reforming the education system; all in a gripping story. 

This is a tale of a small cohesive unit which takes on transforming one behemoth institution after another. In order to best utilize their time of life, these characters embrace risk as a 'practice for the enlightened.' These realistic heroes take actions of peaceful revolution in order exemplify what it means to live a life of purpose. Most importantly, "A Light in the Tunnel" is about those who attempt to push past social constraints in order to find a life of greater contentment.



Part 1 sets the tone for the current global state of affairs, and the Sol family attempting to live sincerely amid often perplexing social norms. Part 1 provides background information on Daniel (the father) as a child, his two children Peter and Jo as they grow up, and their unconventional family setup. At the conclusion of the section they are shown proof that the health of general culture is in a very scary place. An event propels motivation for future events.


Part 2 follows Peter Sol into his adult life—his travel, his work, and eventually the finding of a life partner. Through this new relationship, Peter is given the support to take more chances and go after his deeper calling. The nature of this partnership sets the foundation for leadership which will influence great change on a planetary scale.


Part 3 is the story of building a revolutionary education system. We meet a group of children who will become the next generation of leaders, as they are given support from the Sol's. This section connects strong characters which allows for accomplishments that could never have been achieved without the power of teamwork. We see the creation of a new joyfully directed system of learning.


Part 4 addresses the need for greater spirituality in common culture. Peter and Maya decide to take on the creation of a new religion—seeing that a religion of 'choice,' not 'compliance,' is necessary.  Within the futuristic age of greater exposure to information, it seems that the population is thirsty for a new system of community and spiritual connection. 


Part 5 draws the curtain back on much of the uglier side of humanities systems of leadership. Peter and Maya are attacked with shrewd force and search for creative ways to battle back—not only to maintain what they've already created but to engage in new concepts which will alter the culture of politics.


Part 6 paints the picture of what is possible if a new crop of leaders are steering the ship of mankind. This is no utopia. Rather, it's the continual process of progression. Part 6 ends well into the future, and gives hope to what might be possible through the engagement of the philosophical concept of 'healthy risk.'


"A Light in the Tunnel," will be especially intriguing for those who are spiritual, athletic, political, or have an interest in reforming the institution of education. In many ways, it is a work which is 'anti-category.' Although the writing has ideas and a philosophy of great depth, it is also written with a simplicity which does not fly over the head of an average reader. 


Abraham is a writing prodigy who draws his words from a deep desire to change the world through the power of story. "A Light in the Tunnel," is completely unique and can be categorized as a philosophical novel. This is the work of Abraham's life and has been years in the making. The authors own bar for quality is high, and therefore you will be hard pressed to come across any medium which contains a higher saturation of worthwhile substance. Although "A Light in the Tunnel," could easily be split into two or three volumes, Abraham believes strongly in keeping this piece of artwork knit together as one immersive experience for the reader. 

Abraham Gordon has been an English teacher in Taiwan, Israel, South Korea, and the United States. He is also a yoga and meditation instructor. The author's experience in various school systems led to the belief that education is a structure which has been tragically overlooked as a key factor toward the achievement of greater species progression. "A Light in the Tunnel" manifested itself from this spark of compulsion to help improve the ways in which our children spend their days, and show the example of a better system, through realistic story.

Abraham's goal for this work was to manifest a novel where the story created the framework to absorb ground-breaking philosophical concepts. While this work is self-help and motivational, it is also a page turning, thrilling experience for the reader.


Abraham is currently re-structuring his website to more of a blog format; which will have writings, videos and podcasts. He is in the process of created a youtube channel to lead short meditation and yoga videos to give viewers a quick spark of energy and grounding within their days. Abraham has a strong teaching presence which has the ability to deeply engage the attention of the viewer. At the end of each of these videos will be an opportunity to promote a "A Light in the Tunnel." 

A facebook page, as well as instragram and twitter (all specifically for the book) have already been created. 



His five-year-old mind was sucking up new abilities like a powerful magnetic force. That seemed right to him—how it was supposed to be. For little Peter, learning how to swim was the latest in his rapidly growing arsenal of amazing human capacities for action.

Presently, he found himself sitting on the edge of the water participating in his weekly indoor swimming class at the local YMCA. There were two other boys in the class, along with their teacher. On this particular evening, these four individuals found that they had the entire pool of water to themselves. It was night time. Around seven o’clock. 

Although his teacher was only sixteen, she seemed to be far older than Peter could ever imagine being himself. She was pretty to him—with blond hair, a small nose, hazel eyes and a big wide smile. He even liked her name...Carly.

The three boys were given permission to enter the pool, and Peter soon found himself able to pick up where he had left off the previous week. He sloppily began navigating the warm liquid with the motions his body remembered being taught.

Carly blew the whistle, and he swam over to the side to join the other boys along the wall.

“Today,” she said, “I’m going to take you into the deeper end of the pool.” Peter looked outward toward the other side. It was massive in appearance. At his young age, he still had a tendency to focus on his immediate surroundings and block out that which was further away. A sense of dread tickled his senses as he cast his gaze over the entirety of the room—its’ huge vaulted ceiling.

However, Peter had already begun learning the satisfaction that comes from suppressing fear, overcoming it, and completing challenges. He had learned no reason, so far, to see challenge as anything but excitement; so he trusted. The boy readied his small body once again.

His teacher kicked herself back off the wall and encouraged them to swim toward her. Together they moved up along the length of the pool—staying close to the side. Eventually they stopped well into an area he had never been before. Peter clutched the white pale blue tiled railing. He saw the numbers change from three, where they had started, to eight where they now found themselves to be. He had an intuitive notion of what that meant.

Between himself and the other two boys, Peter had the early lead on strongest swimmer. Therefore, Carly called him out first. When they had new skills to learn, she would work with them one at a time. Peter quickly pushed himself off the wall and grabbed onto the safety of her arms extending out before him.

“Very good,” she said. “Peter, I’m going to let you go now. Keep up the same movement that you were doing in the shallow end, and just keep swimming until you reach the other wall. I’ll stay next to you. Look at you go! Great. You’re a natural.”

He kept doing exactly what she told him. The encouragement felt intoxicating. I can do itI can do it.

It was hard, but he struggled right along across the deep width of the pool; kicking his legs and extending his arms with power. He felt his teacher beside him, and her presence supported his movements. After a few more strokes, he saw her effectual departure back toward the other boys from the periphery of his sight. She thinks I can do the rest by myself, he thought quickly. Oh boy! He was so close to completing his goal, but he still wished he hadn’t seen her leave. So life moves.

Little Peter continued on a bit farther; maintaining the habit of motion. Then, he suddenly felt a stab of panic grab hold of his mind. After all, his safety net had just disappeared—it was a blow he was currently struggling to contend with. He lost his stroke and swallowed a small bit of chlorinated water. For a brief moment he kept control by treading water in place, then found himself looking toward the wall ahead as his legs and arms worked madly. It suddenly didn’t seem so close at all. The distance scared him even more than losing his teacher had. His body was now questioning his capacity to complete what just a moment ago was certain success. Can I make it? He kept his arms moving, leveling out his body, and tried to start swimming forward again.

This all happened fast. His shoulders felt instantly like bricks as his legs dropped again below his torso. In a flash, his mouth was struggling to stay above the waterline. Then his head went under as well.

Suddenly Peter found that his eyes were searching the distorted world below the air. Although he didn’t give up with his effort, he felt his body continue moving downward. Quickly he became aware of the incredible danger he was in. He thought about how he had not yelled out when he had the chance. His body yearned for that opportunity now. Hadn't dad warned me about doing that? He hadn’t made noise, he instinctively knew, because he didn’t want to disappoint his teacher. I'm good at things, he had told himself within that struggling moment. Aren't I?

As he found himself approaching the floor of the pool, Peter tried to think of ways to be successful again—tried desperately moving his limbs in varying motions, tried moving his mind as well. But no method gave him confidence. Fear and water pressure were so strongly wrapped around his awareness that there wasn’t room for much else.

The boy tilted his head back and looked up. He saw the distant light coming from the ceiling fixture high above. Then, abruptly, he felt something inside his mind begin to crackle—on the verge of snapping. Although he had never experienced the feeling before, he intuitively knew what it meant. It's over. This is me breaking.

Instantly, a kind of acceptance moved into the space that panic had been previously holding. I can't believe it's finished this quickly, he thought to himself philosophically. Hadn't it just begun?

Surprisingly, it didn’t feel bad to him. It simply was what was happening—his karma.

Then, amidst that sentiment of acceptance, he felt hands wrap around his body and jerk him upward.

He broke the surface and gasped for breath after breath of delicious and necessary air. He had forgotten how good it felt to operate the lungs.

Quickly following the shock of what had just occurred, and as he was being escorted out of the pool—he experienced feelings of jubilation consuming his entire body. The feelings were well beyond anything he had previously believed to be possible. He was only bliss.

His teacher helped him over to the bench on the side. When she wrapped a towel around him, and asked if he was alright, Peter could only nod his head. He looked up at her with a piercing gaze that vibrated with relaxed seriousness. Somehow, she knew by that look, that he was telling the truth.

Little did he know at the time, Peter was having the most spiritual moment of his life. As I was letting go, I was saved, he thought. He couldn’t believe it! Still, somehow it felt right to him. As if he had learned something that he’d never be able to define.

Afterward, he made almost no fuss regarding the incident. He didn’t even tell his father or his sister. In fact, Peter didn’t share the happenings with anyone. He moved on with his life and completely forgot about the entire incident himself!

Well, at least consciously.

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