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Nangayi Guyson

Nangayi Guyson

Nangayi Guyson is an International Investigative Journalist based in Kampala, Uganda. His work has appeared on, Aljazeera English, African Argument , Earth Island Journal ,Huffington Post and elsewhere.

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A long Way To ForGive Uganda's Museveni did not hit its pre-orders goal.

A long Way To ForGive Uganda's Museveni

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Politics Civil war
65,000 words
75% complete
Kampala, Uganda
1 publisher interested


Before the current government in Uganda came to power in 1986, just like any other normal people   in the world, we had a home and an organized family.

But just  one year after the take over , our family was no more, our father and mother was already killed  and we as the children our long struggle  began. No one listened to our cries and no quick appropriate solution was available to us.

I grew up with this political turmoil and i have always wanted to tell this story. And i found that the  based solution was to write a book like this and share  it with the whole world in order  to heal myself from this turmoil.

When supporting and reading this book, you will find true life experience that me and my family went through after the destruction of our home.

This book is a must read for anyone who may come across it because it contains life experience information.


Who This Book Is Written For
My book is a must read to anyone who enjoys reading true  political stories and

therefore home and international Audience will be attracted to it. Researcher, and other professionals who are eager to know more about Uganda will find this book useful.


Nangayi Guyson is an creative and diligent International investigative journalist based in Uganda's Capital Kampala,  He  writes in-depth, accurate and well researched stories about social, economic, humanitarian, environmental, and political issues from around the African continent.

His  work has appeared on medias like Al-jazeera English, Earth Island Journal ,Think Africa Press , The London Evening Post, Shout-Africa, AllVoices, All Africa, Investigator Uganda, and Grand report.

His currently a staff writer at  Informer East Africa,  a UK based diaspora Newspaper connecting East Africans at home and abroad through news dissemination.

His a very determined journalist who always wants to be the first with the news when it comes to Africa.

He recently picked interest in writing books and is  working so hard to make this a reality.


I primarily aim to market and promote this book through my network  at home and  Overseas . After running the Publishizer campaign and social media awareness campaigns, I also intend to approach high professional book sponsors for its launching and promoting.

Ideally, I would also like the book to be published by one of the mainstream publishers, as I believe that it is of sufficient importance. I am currently in discussion with a number of mainstream publishers and hope to conclude an agreement with one of them soon. If I am unsuccessful with this, I will publish the book myself.

I am working towards a plan where the book would be available by the end of the year. I intend publishing the book in hard-cover as well as prepare a version that can be published for e-Readers.

The book would likely be more than a 65000 words when it is complete. Currently the framework for the book is complete with about 75% of the manuscript written.

I intend raising enough money to ensure that I can self-publish the book if needed. Alternatively, sufficient support for the book would help me finalize an agreement with a mainstream publisher.

After the book has been published, I plan to launch it with a special event in Kampala, Uganda. Afterwards, I intend to visit key markets where the story plays out, with an intention to promote the book.

1 publisher interested
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