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Acquisitions editors and publishers want 5 things in a book proposal. We are going to write each part in the next 5 days.

One of the smartest things I’ve heard anyone say about writing a book proposal is this: “You have to make one real human being — who happens to read a lot of books — like your book.”

One real human being.

Most authors overthink, and therefore, overwhelm themselves with the proposal. Which makes it a massive task. 

The good news? Reply to this email course at any time with questions about your specific book idea or any of the 5 sections we will cover step-by-step. 

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Course outline:

[Day 1] The Synopsis - This is the first thing an acquiring editor at a publishing house is going to read. This is where you sell them on your vision for the idea. This is where you put your true niche or story on display.

[Day 2] The Sales Arguments - Acquisitions editors take into account your previous success, earned influence, and the overall potential you give your book once acquired.

[Day 3] The Similar Titles - This section is crucial. If you say anything about it being the first of its kind or that there is no other book like it, then acquisitions editors and publishers will know you haven’t done your homework.

[Day 4] The Target Reader - For whom is the book primarily written? Describe how they connect to the problem/solution in your Synopsis.

[Day 5] The Outline - This is where you show how your entire book is structured. This is also called your annotated table of contents.




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