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Roxanne Rhoads

Roxanne Rhoads

Flint, Michigan

Roxanne Rhoads loves all things Halloween - costumes, décor, DIY, crafts, party planning, events, music...

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About the author

Roxanne Rhoads is an author, book publicist, crafter, and lover of all things Halloween. 

When not fulfilling one the many roles being a wife and mother of three require, Roxanne's world revolves around words...reading them, writing them, editing them, and talking about them. In addition to writing her own stories she loves to read, promote and review what others write. 

Roxanne is the owner of Bewitching Book Tours and operates Fang-tastic Books, a book blog dedicated to paranormal and urban fantasy books. She also owns Bewitching Creations- a crafty enterprise where she sells her haunting handmade jewelry, mini hats, home decor and more.

When not reading, writing, or crafting Roxanne loves to hang out with her family, garden, plan Halloween adventures and search for unique vintage finds.

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All Things Halloween

A Complete Guide to the Scariest Holiday of the Year

All Things Halloween is an all-encompassing resource for everything Halloween including the history and evolution of the holiday, along with DIY guides and ideas for decorating, costumes, crafts and recipes.

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I envision All Things Halloween to be an all-encompassing resource for everything Halloween from the origins of Halloween, to its introduction to the United States, through the evolution of the holiday and it becoming a popular part of American culture with an in depth look at modern parties, themes, and events. I also plan to include decorating, costume and craft ideas along with fun Halloween recipes.

In addition to the 20 chapters on Halloween topics I will also include two appendices: one for Halloween resources and one that is a Halloween Party Planning Checklist.

The book will be written in a light hearted and fun voice while still conveying a knowledgeable tone about everything Halloween.

The book will be packed with not just facts, stats and basic Halloween information but also crafty ways to make Halloween the most spooktacular holiday of the year with costume ideas, decorating DIY, crafts and recipes. Throughout the book sidebar materials will include trivia, facts, statistics and warnings. 


All Things Halloween

By Roxanne Rhoads


Chapter 1: The History of Halloween

    Tracing the Origins
    The Celtic Celebration
    Roman Customs
    Christian Absorption of Pagan Practices
    Death Holidays Around the World

Chapter 2: Halloween Comes to the United States

    Colonial Celebrations
    Post Revolution America
    Irish Immigrants
    Halloween in the 19th and 20th Centuries
    Halloween Dominants Twenty-first Century America

Chapter 3: Halloween Symbols and Meanings
    The Jack-O-Lantern
    Witches and Black Cats
    Orange and Black
    Bats and Spiders
    Ghosts and Skeletons

Chapter 4: Halloween Customs and Traditions
    Haunted Places
    Honoring the Dead
    Spiritualism- Séances 
    Trick or Treating
Chapter 5: Halloween in the US

    Halloween Stores
Chapter 6: Halloween Haunts and Terrortainment
    Real Haunted Places
    Halloween Destinations
    The Best Halloween Attractions
    Events Throughout the US
    Halloween Events Around the World

Chapter 7: Halloween in Pop-Culture

    TV Shows

Chapter 8: Halloween Collectibles

    Greeting and Post Cards

Chapter 9: Halloween Costumes

    DIY Ideas
    No Sew- Closets and Thrift Stores

Chapter 10: Halloween Decorations

    Party Décor
    Haunt Your House
    Outdoor Hauntings
    Halloween Themes

Chapter 11: DIY Décor

    Spooky Images
    Easy Hauntings
    Crafty Ideas
    Fog and Dry Ice
    Light it Up

Chapter 12: Crafty Creations

    Bottle Lamps
    Creepy Dolls
    Spooky Mirror
    The Forest Has Eyes
    Coffin Crafts

Chapter 13: Planning Your Party

    Party Theme
    Party Decorations
    DIY Ideas

Chapter 14: During the Party

    Fortune Telling
    Music Playlist
    Other Ideas
Chapter 15: Halloween Recipes

    What to Serve?
    Non- Alcoholic Drinks
    Main Dishes
    All About Presentation

Chapter 16: Halloween Cocktails

    A Cauldron Full of Spiked Punch
    Vampire Cocktails
    Brain Food for Zombies
    Witchy Brews

Chapter 17: Devilish Desserts
    Chocolate Creations
    Delightfully Frightening
    Freakishly Fantastic    

Chapter 18: Just for Kids
    Party Themes
    Movie Night
    Trick or Treating Safety
    Kid Friendly Events

Chapter 19: Eco-Green Halloween

    Organic Candy
    Recycled and Eco Supplies
    Repurposed Fun
    Used Costumes
    Reusable Decor

Chapter 20: Halloween All Year Long

    The Fun in Fear
    Horror Conventions
    A Haunting We Will Go
    For the Love of Halloween
    Halloween on the Web

Appendix A: Halloween Resources
Appendix B: Party Planning Checklist


Halloween has become a major part of American culture; the holiday is second only to Christmas when it comes to popularity and consumer sales. In 2015 an estimated $6.9 Billion was spent on Halloween in America.

This book will be the perfect tome for both Halloween lovers and those wishing to learn more about the fun filled holiday.


To help promote All Things Halloween the author will:

·       Feature the book on her Web sites and blogs

·       Create a media kit

·       Send out press releases and media kits to all organizations, clubs, groups, and publications that she has ties to (Halloween, paranormal, and supernatural) as well as to local publications

·       Use her network of Halloween loving associates to help promote the book on their Web sites, blogs, and forums

·       Do a virtual book tour

·       Submit feature articles to national and local magazines

·       Hold contests and free book giveaways

·       Promote online in social media, forums, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and discussion sites, as well as send out free articles and promotional materials to many Web sites and web based publications.

·       Hold book signings, especially during the Halloween season. She has ties to many local Halloween events including the Flint Zombie Walk and Michigan Witches Ball.

·       Attend Halloween events

·       Get interviewed by Web sites, radio shows and participate in podcasts and live chat forums

·       Advertise on Halloween oriented sites and in Halloween publications


There are many books on the topic of Halloween though most are either dry reference materials or basic decorating and party advice. I see All Things Halloween being a go to guide for all things Halloween.

Similar books include:

The Halloween Encyclopedia by Lisa Morton 

First published by McFarland in 2003, The Halloween Encyclopedia (described by Booklist as "a worthy addition to public and school libraries as well as the reference shelves of journalists and leaders of community events") was the first encyclopedic reference on the cultural phenomenon known as Halloween. The book also deals with such related holidays as Britain's Guy Fawkes Day, Mexico's Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and the Celtic celebration Samhain. Now updated to 2010, this second edition includes more than 50 new entries, covering subjects ranging from Folk Art to African American legends. Many existing entries have been expanded and revised, with new entries ("Chronology of Halloween" and "Halloween in Literature and the Arts") in both appendices. Also featured are more than a dozen new illustrations, and an expanded bibliography.

  • Publisher: McFarland; 2 edition (April 27, 2011)

Halloween Nation: Behind the Scenes of America's Fright Night Paperback – April 5, 2011
by Lesley Bannatyne

America's leading authority on Halloween presents interviews with spooky rock groups, amateur vampires, haunted house creators, champion pumpkin carvers, and more, all in the quest of explaining the nation's unique love affair with this holiday. The collection of essays and interviews explores the pop culture phenomenon that is Halloween, and why we celebrate it the way we do today.

  • Publisher: Pelican Publishing (April 5, 2011)

Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History Paperback – August 31, 1998
by Lesley Bannatyne

Halloween has evolved from the Celtic celebrations of 2,000 years ago to become today the fastest-growing holiday in the country. This, the only book to completely cover All Hallow's Eve, from its beginnings to the present, examines the ancient origins as well as its traditions and celebrations, from costuming to bobbing for apples. Jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and witches are explained. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins lurk behind every page.

The book traces the contributions of America's immigrants to the holiday, documenting the beliefs each ethnic group has added to the mix. Related recipes, poems, songs, and photos perfectly complement the meticulously documented text. The result is the most educational and entertaining examination of Halloween, its myths, and its truths.

  • Publisher: Pelican Publishing; 1st Pelican ed edition (August 31, 1998)

Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night Paperback – October 31, 2003
by Nicholas Rogers 

Boasting a rich, complex history rooted in Celtic and Christian ritual, Halloween has evolved from ethnic celebration to a blend of street festival, fright night, and vast commercial enterprise. In this colorful history, Nicholas Rogers takes a lively, entertaining look at the cultural origins and development of one of the most popular holidays of the year.

Drawing on a fascinating array of sources, from classical history to Hollywood films, Rogers traces Halloween as it emerged from the Celtic festival of Samhain (summer's end), picked up elements of the Christian Hallowtide (All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day), arrived in North America as an Irish and Scottish festival, and evolved into an unofficial but large-scale holiday by the early 20th century. He examines the 1970s and '80s phenomena of Halloween sadism (razor blades in apples) and inner-city violence (arson in Detroit), as well as the immense influence of the horror film genre on the reinvention of Halloween as a terror-fest. Throughout his vivid account, Rogers shows how Halloween remains, at its core, a night of inversion, when social norms are turned upside down, and a temporary freedom of expression reigns supreme. He examines how this very license has prompted censure by the religious Right, occasional outrage from law enforcement officials, and appropriation by Left-leaning political groups.
Engagingly written and based on extensive research, Halloween is the definitive history of the most bewitching day of the year, illuminating the intricate history and shifting cultural forces behind this enduring trick-or-treat holiday.

  • Publisher: Oxford University Press (October 31, 2003)

Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween Hardcover – October 15, 2012
by Lisa Morton

Every year, children and adults alike take to the streets dressed as witches, demons, animals, celebrities, and more. They carve pumpkins and play pranks, and the braver ones watch scary movies and go on ghost tours. There are parades, fireworks displays, cornfield mazes, and haunted houses—and, most important, copious amounts of bite-sized candy. The popularity of Halloween has spread around the globe to places as diverse as Russia, China, and Japan, but its association with death and the supernatural and its inevitable commercialization has made it one of our most misunderstood holidays. How did it become what it is today?
In Trick or Treat, Halloween aficionado Lisa Morton provides a thorough history of this spooky day. She begins by looking at how holidays like the Celtic Samhain, a Gaelic harvest festival, have blended with the British Guy Fawkes Day and the Catholic All Souls’ Day to produce the modern Halloween, and she explains how the holiday was reborn in America, where costumes and trick-or-treat rituals have become new customs. Morton takes into account the influence of related but independent holidays, especially the Mexican Day of the Dead, as well as the explosion in popularity of haunted attractions and the impact of such events as 9/11 and the economic recession on the celebration today. Trick or Treat also examines the effect Halloween has had on popular culture through the literary works of Washington Irving and Ray Bradbury, films like Halloween and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Simpsons.
Considering the holiday in the context of its worldwide popularity for the first time, this book will be a treat for any Halloween lover.

Publisher: Reaktion Books; First Edition edition (October 15, 2012)

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Halloween has a special kind of magic no other holiday has.

It teaches us that fear can be fun. The heart-pounding, spine-tingling, thrills and chills that spook us during the Halloween season get our blood pumping and act as memento mori- a reminder that death is ever present and that we should live life to the fullest enjoying each moment while we can.

Halloween offers us just that as we trek into the darkness of night to go trick or treating as a child or visiting haunted houses and trails as an adult. Halloween offers us a moment to indulge in the decadence of too many sweets or alcohol filled drinks. It is a time of dark enjoyment. Blood-curdling screams often dissolve into laughter as we realize the fear is just make believe. Fear, fantasy, and revelry mingle making us feel more alive than ever.

Halloween is often a child’s first taste of the forbidden fruit. It is a night children often get to stay up late, they get to stay out after dark knocking on doors asking strangers for candy…things that on any other day is expressly forbidden.

Halloween also offers children a true taste of the make-believe, of pretending to be anything they want through their Halloween costume. When else can we dress up in costumes, hide behind masks and pretend to be something we aren't?  It is our first taste of something magical.

As we get older that magic stays with us and sometimes it's not about pretending to be something we aren't on Halloween but it's the ability to finally show who we really are. On Halloween, we can show our hidden selves, the scary, beautiful, sexy slutty, powerful, goofy, silly, crazy self that we are afraid to show off any other day. On Halloween, we can be anything we want to be for one day. And sometimes we decide our true self.

I have always loved Halloween. I felt the magic from an early age and grew up craving that magic every day of the year. I surround myself with things that many save just for the Halloween season: pumpkins, witches, skulls, vampire fangs…these dark beauties adorn my walls and shelves keeping Halloween in my heart every day.

All Things Halloween showcases my love of Halloween and explores the holiday in depth from its origins to modern day celebration.

All Things Halloween is filled with history, trivia, fun, and facts along with party and decorating ideas, recipes, and spooky DIY tutorials for Halloween haunts and décor.

I hope you enjoy reading All Things Halloween as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Nothing sets a mood quite like music, so I’ve been putting together the ultimate Halloween playlist for quite some time.

This playlist contains everything from fun Halloween party classics like Monster Mash to moody songs from TV and movie soundtracks, to Goth and Metal songs that will make you feel the darkness of the season down into the depths of your soul.

I think this will always be a work in progress as I discover songs that are perfect for the list, as new songs are released and as friends suggest amazing additions.

My ever growing list can be found on Spotify if you’d like to stay up to date.

Fun Songs and Halloween Classics

Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr

Thriller- Michael Jackson

Superstition - Stevie Wonder

People Are Strange - The Doors

Love Potion No. 9 - The Searchers

Hocus Pocus – Focus

Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon

This is Halloween –Marilyn Manson

Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell

A Nightmare On My Street - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Witchy Woman – Eagles (I also love Kristin Chenoweth’s version)

I Put a Spell on You –Annie Lennox

Season of the Witch – Donovan

The Vampire Club- Voltaire

Brains – Voltaire

When You’re Evil – Voltaire

Haunting and Moody Songs

Seven Devils – Florence and the Machine

The Devil Within – Digital Daggers

The Garden – Mirah

E.T. – Katy Perry

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)– Marilyn Manson

The Dope Show- Marilyn Manson

Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson

Bring Me to Life – Evanescense

Save Tonight – Zayde Wolf

Control – Halsey

Breathe – Fleurie

Don’t’ Fear the Reaper – Denmark + Winter

Haunted – Maty Noyes

Gasoline – Halsey

Control – Halsey

Self Control – Laura Branigan

Black No. 1 – Type of Negative (and if you’re going for moody goth- just play anything by Type O Negative or Bella Morte)

Strange World - Iron Maiden

Ghost Town - The Specials

Vampyre Erotica - Inkubus Sukkubus

Samhain - Inkubus Sukkubus

Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) - Concrete Blonde

All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt

Kecharitomene - Loreena McKennitt

The Vampire Masquerade - Peter Gundry

Salem’s Secret- Peter Gundry

I Bleed For You – Peter Gundry (if you love Gothic, haunting music check his songs out on Spotify)

Transylvania - Derek Fiechter & Brandon Fiechter (these guys also have tons of moody, spooky music on Spotify)

Count Dracula - Derek Fiechter & Brandon Fiechter

Night of the Werewolf - Brandon Fiechter

Pumpkin King - Derek Fiechter

Vampire Bite - Derek Fiechter

Perv - Gitane DeMone

A Lyke Wake Dirge  - Matt Berniger

Pop and Rock Songs

Monster – Rihanna and Eminem

Disturbia- Rihanna

Before I’m Dead – Kidneythieves

Transylvania – Astrovamps

Everyday is Halloween – Astrovamps

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

Dragula – Rob Zombie

Voodoo – Godsmack

Black Magic Woman – Santana

Zombie – The Cranberries

She Wolf – Shakira

Howl – Florence and the Machine

Monster – Lady Gaga

Love At First Bite – Girlschool

Annabel Lee – Lords of October

October 31 – Lords of October

TV and Movie Theme Songs

Cry Litter Sister (The Lost Boys) – Gerard McMann

Bad Things – Jace Everett (True Blood Theme Song)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme Song

Halloween Theme Song

The Murder (from ‘Psycho’)

X-Files Theme Song

Twilight Zone Theme Song

Trouble in Woodsboro (from ‘Scream’)

Hedwig’s Theme (from ‘Harry Potter’)

Welcome to Crystal Lake (from ‘Friday the 13th)

Jaws Theme

Tales From the Crypt Theme

Candyman Theme Song

Beetlejuice Theme

Exorcist Theme/Tubular Bells

American Horror Story Theme

The Walking Dead Theme (Remix)

A Nightmare on Elm Street Theme

Tell That Devil – Jill Andrews (Wynonna Earp theme song)

Princes of the Universe – Queen (Highlander Theme)

Thriller/Heads will Roll – Remix from Glee

Eyes of the Night – Starlight Mints (Demons TV show on BBC)

Angel TV Show Theme

How Soon Is Now? – Love Spit Love (Charmed TV Show Theme also featured in the movie The Craft)

Change (In the House of Flies) – Deftones (from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack)

Slept So Long – Jay Gordon (from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack)

The Ultimate Halloween Playlist is available on Spotify

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