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Laura  Pennington

Laura Pennington

Jacksonville, North Carolina

A PhD candidate in public policy and former inner city teacher, Laura Pennington left the traditional grind to work for herself in 2013. Since then, she's been a freelance writer helping hundreds of clients produce books, blogs, and whitepapers. She's been featured on, Writer's Weekly, and Business Insider.

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About the author

A lifelong reader, Laura Pennington abandoned her inner city 7th grade teaching job in Baltimore to pursue her dream life as a writer. She supported herself through a grueling public policy PhD program writing blogs, whitepapers, and ebooks for clients all over the world. She landed her first $50k book editing project just 18 months into her freelance career and got hooked on books. 

Laura has written content for and managed projects for all kinds of businesses carrying out business online, including TrueCar and Microsoft. She was featured in Busines Insider and Writer's Weekly as a success story and her photo was on the homepage for three years. 

After many people asked "How did you do it?", Laura founded
Six Figure Writing Secrets[1] to teach others how to build online careers with freedom and flexibility at the core. 

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American Woman

The story of a busy 20-something working, living, and dating in Washington, D.C.

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Literary Fiction Chick Lit/Women's Fiction
40,000 words
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Athena Hawthorne, a curvy non-profit professional in DC is jumping into the dating world at the advice of her roommate, Charlie. From attending hot yoga classes to online dating, this humorous story follows the life of a modern woman embracing her inner awkwardness and trying to break the glass ceiling with a meaningful position while finding her soulmate in her off hours. This is a story about self-acceptance that opens the pathway to love. 

As a freelance writer with five years of experience, I've ghostwritten books for others, but never under my name! Being a ghostwriter has its perks (I know I can get the book done and on deadline, for example!) I spent four years living in the DC area and in 2009, I collected quite a few interesting and funny dating stories as I made my own foray into online dating! I know I'm the best person to share this story because people actually laugh out loud with my storytelling. Building off the styles of Beth Harbison and Jen Lancaster, Athena is my alter ego! 


Book Structure

* Meet Athena, her coworkers, and Charlie 
* Charlie convinces Athena to try dating
* Athena pursues blind dates, speed dating, online dating, and even meeting men at the gym in yoga classes. Great hilarity ensues. 
* Frustrated with her job, Athena heads to work one day and literally stumbles into the perfect man 


My audience is readers of women's fiction and chick lit who love to laugh while they read! 


Having worked specifically in online marketing for the past five years, I am fully confident in my ability to attract and engage an audience meaningfully via an e-mail newsletter and social media. 


The closest example I can think of are the books written by Maria Murnane (the Waverly Bryson series). Her characters are funny, compelling, and realistic. What my story offers is focused more on the dating adventure and the East Coast vibe as well as my character's story of learning to love her curvy self during the midst of putting herself "on the market" for Mr. Right. 


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