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Md Taslim

Md Taslim

Bengaluru, India

life is a beautiful gift wherein all the experiences we encounter make it ever more beautiful and astounding. This process of learning something new each day inspires me to write.

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About the author

Md Taslim is a Mining Engineer from IIT/ISM, Dhanbad and Law graduate from Barkatullah University, Bhopal and an alumni of NITIE, Mumbai He is a retired General Manager from Coal India Limited, who hails from a small District Town of Supaul in Bihar, India which lies on the border of Nepal.

Writing is his hobby, and he loves writing poems also.

He strongly believes that life is a beautiful gift wherein all the experiences, we encounter, which make it even more beautiful and astounding. Good, bad, ugly and beautiful are part of this life. Life is a beautiful journey. It is like a sugar in a cup of tea or coffee. Sweetness is nothing but an individual's choice

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An Encounter with Invisible People

A Novel

This book is based on a true story. I had an opportunity to talk to 15 invisible people.

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Memoirs True story
30,000 words
100% complete
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I am bringing you an intriguing story of my encounter with invisible people. This story will give you shrill and force you to sit and wonder, what lies in this world and beyond. Brace down to take a journey never taken before. Unleashing for you a story gravely real, a tale of shamans, the fortune tellers, the faith healers and the god man, who are so-called mediums, connectors between worlds

In most of the societies around the world, faith healers and fortune tellers are found. These faith healers claim that they treat people by spirits. They claim that they call these spirits whenever they wish. These faith healers call themselves the medium for these spirits. These mediums claim that through their so-called rituals, will protect individuals from evil spirits, bad omen and help individuals in becoming rich, etc. 

Unknown, unseen and invisible thrills people. It is a big business, big industry in their own right. People are mad for the name, fame, money, big house, a big car, beautiful woman and a luxurious life. These dreams of people are exploited by many people by different means. 

I met one such God man (Baba), who was solving problems through a group of invisible people. He was calling him by the name of “Bade Sahib”. I started talking with Bade Sahib and his group members. Even before writing this book, I took permission from him because I know they can harm.

This book has seventeen chapters. and It is a story for people of all ages, religions, ethnicities and for all those, whoever wondered what their fortune for the day is in the newspaper or met a tarot reader or fortune teller.


·      Preface - The introduction is for the readers, who may like to know that why I had an opportunity to talk to the group of invisible people. Why I took permission from the Head of the group, who was called "Bade Sahib" by all of them, to write this book. 

·       Chapter 1 - Why I met Baba (God man) - This is a chapter explains reasons for searching and meeting with so called God man (Baba)

·       Chapter 2–Problem solving at my hometown -Iiron nails were inserted in door and window frames of my hometown house.

·       Chapter 3 - Talking with dead Parents–my parents died 25 years back, and we talked with them but with a difference.

·       Chapter 4 - Employment–why employments to some people were promised?

·       Chapter 5 - Treatment–He took out stones, nails etc from our body and then?

·       Chapter 6 - Hajj–Head of the invisible people went for Hajj with me.

·       Chapter 7 - GOD's bounty –I was told that GOD has given me bounty and then?.

·       Chapter 8 - Talk with GOD–How and why?

·       Chapter 9 - Jobs, Empty cardboard packets, shrine and Archangel Gabriel–story of Empty card board, visit to shrine, about jobs and disclosure of his name by Head of invisible people.

·       Chapter 10 - House at Patna–A promise made?

·       Chapter 11 - The arrival of Baba at Delhi–Visit to fulfil commitments.

·       Chapter 12 - Another trip to Calcutta–I was called at Calcutta for the reason best known to them..

        Chapter 13 - GOD’s Personally given Instructions -Does it need explanation?

        Chapter 14–Invisible man Mr. Farooq’s Bangalore visit–He promised, but?

        Chapter 15 - At Patna -It was decided that whatever bounties GOD has given, will be handed over to me?

        Chapter 16 - After Patna -programme continued and then?

        Few words at the End -It is something to learn.


An Encounter with Invisible people is for:

  • People of any age, old and young.

  • People of any faith.

  • People from every part of the world.

An Encounter with Invisible people tells about the mystery, which everyone wishes to know, that is why people read Horoscope, etc. It is a universal human behaviour. It is a story for people of all ages, religions, ethnicities of the world.



There is no book in the real sense on invisible people. There is one site on encounter with GOD where people share their experience. Otherwise books are on marginalised people in the society.  I mention here one book on marginalised people and the web page, where people share their experience. Even H. G. Wells book Invisible people is a science fiction.

In this sense An encounter with Invisible People is a one of its kind book.

Meeting in the Margins: An Invitation to Encounter Society's Invisible People

by Cynthia Trenshaw (Author)

When Cynthia Trenshaw, recently widowed, moves to Berkeley, she thinks the reason she has transplanted herself is to earn her master’s degree in theology. But

when, step by unexpected step, she is drawn into the cultural borderlands where society’s “invisible people” reside, she encounters dispossessed and demanding teachers not listed on any academic roster―and becomes immersed in a heady curriculum of helplessness and joy, wisdom and pain.

A book that encourages readers to receive the generosity and reciprocity of the margins, Meeting in the Margins offers guidance for how we can all, as individuals, begin to repair the rift between the margins and the mainstream of society―simply by being profoundly present.

Why an Encounter With God Matters?

Mark my words, if you are seeking an encounter with God. In this blog you will see several different reasons why an Encounter with God matters. You will ultimately understand the importance of a personal encounter with God and realize that it is not an unrealistic fantasy.

I want to start this blog by saying it is not by luck or chance that you encounter God. It’s not an accident. However, do not feel bad if you have not yet had a propelling encounter. Encountering God is not exclusive to an elect group of “spiritual people”, but rather it’s an all inclusive invitation to a life with God.

Jesus said:

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.–John 10:10

This verse proves the purpose of Jesus’ heart. His desire is for all men to be saved and have an abundant life with God here, and in the age to come.

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Characters and incidents written in this book are real, in the sequence, as it happened. 

I always spoke with Bade Sahib through Baba (Godman) Mr. Jabbar. I have never seen Bade Sahib. I am calling him Bade Sahib because Mr. Jabbar always called him by this name. He used to tell; Bade Sahib is coming. Otherwise, I never saw him.

Once, I asked Bade Sahib, "Can I write all this, in the book?"

"Yes, you can write," He said.

So, I have written this book, in the sequence it happened. I have not expressed my feelings and added my comments anywhere so that readers can make their independent views on it.

I met Mr. Jabbar, and he helped me to get rid of my physical problems through Bade Sahib.

This story highlights the intentions of Baba (Godmen) like Mr. Jabbar and people like him, who use people for their benefits on the pretext of help and humanity, play the game with people, do not hesitate even to swear by their children. For them, human beings are nothing other than a commodity. They have no compassion for anyone in their heart. When readers would go through this book, they will understand the psyche of a person like Mr. Jabbar.

It will prevent people from superstition and fall into the trap of such as Baba.

It is a story of meeting with Mr. Jabbar and getting rid of me from my physical problems by Bade Sahib and the story beyond that. 

One day, a person named Kari Sahib called me from village Khawaspur, "Elder Brother, Hazrat (Divine Sir) wants to talk to you."

He gave the phone to Hazrat. The voice came from that side, "Hello."

I replied, "Hello, Assalamo- Alaikum."

''Wa’alaikum- Assalam. Are you Mr. Taslim? '' He asked.

"Yeah! I am Taslim," I said.

"I have an important work with you."

"Please tell me. If possible, I will try my best to do your work.,"

"We can complete this work, only when we meet. If you allow me, then I will come to your place.,"

"If, it is not very urgent, then why you will travel in Ramadan? When I go to my hometown on the occasion of Eid, then after Eid, I will come to Khawaspur to meet you.,"

''That would be better.''

"Ok," I said.

After Eid, I went to Khawaspur and met him.

Hazrat (Divine Sir) was a lean and thin man of about five feet six-inch in height. He was like an ordinary man but, his eyes were shining. He was sitting with about ten persons on the veranda. When we reached then after Exchange of Greetings, he asked everybody to leave the place. Everybody left the place. When Kari Sahib was about to go, he asked him to stay.

When my younger brother wanted to leave the place, he asked him to stay. Now I was with him, along with my younger brother and Kari Sahib.

Hazrat said, "Taslim, Archangel Gabriel has sent you Salam (Greetings)."

I said, "Wa’slaikum Assalam (Greetings to him)."

Then, he said, "Taslim, Archangel Israel (Azrael) has sent you Salam (Greetings)." 

I said, " Wa’alaikum Assalam."

Then he said, "Taslim, Archangel Israfil (Raphael) has sent you Salam (Greetings)."

I said, " Wa’alaikum Assalam."

He said, "Taslim, Prophet Ishmael has sent you Salam (Greetings)."

I said, " Wa’alaikum Assalam."

Then he said, "Taslim, Angel Khizer (Khidr) has sent you Salam (Greetings)."

I said, " Wa’alaikum Assalam."

Then, he looked towards the sky and said, "Today, I have completed my work."

Then he told this to my younger brother.

I was surprised.

Then there was Adhan for Afternoon Prayer.

"Let's go to the mosque for Prayer." He said.

I made Wudu. My younger brother also made Wudu, and we went to the Masjid which was across the road.

After prayer, when we came back to the verandah, Hazrat told me, "On the day of judgment, GOD willing, we will be at one place. I will recognize you, and you will recognize me.,"

 I said, " If GOD wills."

I invited him to come to my hometown, Supaul. 

"I will come at the right time." He said

I said, "please come at the time of Bakrid festival.,"

"I will try," he replied.

We drank tea and then I came back with my younger brother.

On the occasion of Bakrid festival, I reminded him, but he expressed his difficulty and said, "I will come any other time."

Often, I met such people. Why I do not know?

 But I would like to mention, one more incident here.

Once, I met Hussaini uncle in Bhagalpur. I met him through my younger brother. Hussaini uncle was a Horse cart driver, a very good-natured person. He never missed his five-times prayer. He used to help people in need due to which, many days, his family was living on the one time meal.

One day, after Evening prayer, Hussaini uncle became unconscious on the          Ja-Namaz ( Mat used for worship). Everybody in the house became upset, but soon Hussaini uncle came into his senses. No one knew the reason, but after the Evening Prayer on Monday and Friday, Hussaini uncle used to become unconscious. After coming back to his senses, he used to talk in a changed accent. If someone asked him about his trouble, he used to tell them about their problem and treat them by giving them water or sugar, after reading the Quranic verse on it, without charging a penny.

When he used to become unconscious for the second time then after gaining consciousness, he used to talk in a different accent. He was answering the written questions or questions spoken on a blank paper.

I was in the 3rd year of Engineering at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. Whenever I was visiting my hometown Supaul, I was traveling by bus from Dhanbad to Bhagalpur, where my younger brother was studying at Bhagalpur university college. We were crossing the Ganges river by power boat to reach Mansi railway station, to travel by train to reach Supaul.

Once, my brother told me about Hussaini uncle. I could not believe but to find out the truth, I wrote ten questions on a piece of paper and read it on a blank paper. Then, we went to meet Hussaini uncle. I gave my blank paper to him. He read from the blank paper in the same order and replied, but after the last question, he said, "you wanted to check me. Did I read your questions in the same sequence in which you have written on the piece of paper kept in your pocket?”

 Indeed, he read it in perfect sequence and the same words. I was surprised to see this, but I remain silent. 

Once, Hussaini uncle came to our place in our hometown, Supaul. He was an ordinary average person, but he used to keep his gaze downward and talk to a person while talking about his problem.

It was around ten o'clock in the morning, Husaini uncle was sitting on the chair in our veranda. He asked me to sit next to him on another chair. He took my left hand in his right hand. People gathered around him. He started talking to them. Suddenly, he whispered to me, " Ask them to make way for a person, who is about to come."

I told them to make way for someone, who is coming. They made way for that person. 

An old man, whose hair and beard was completely white, came in white clothes with his elder son. His son was hardly twenty-five or twenty-six years old. 

After an exchange of greetings, Husaini uncle asked him to sit on a chair. A man who was sitting in front of Hussaini uncle offered his chair to the new man. He sat on the chair, and his son stood behind him. Husaini uncle said, "Your youngest son committed suicide by pouring kerosene oil on his body. You have come to know the reason for his suicide. ''

"yes," the man replied.

"And you think that this happened because of your daughter-in-law." Hussaini uncle asked.

"Yes," said the man.

Hussaini uncle asked his son "You are his elder son?"

"Yeah," said that boy.

"So, your father is talking about your wife."

"yes," said that boy.

"Your wife takes care of your children, and she takes care of all of you."

''yes ''

"You have no complaints about her."

'' yes ''

"So, when your father said something against her, why you did not ask your father that why you are thinking like that about my wife?"

The boy was silent.

Hussaini uncle said, "What do you think? Simply by saying accepted, accepted, accepted thrice. You married a maid and brought her home. You do not fear GOD. What will you answer to him? Or, you think that you will never go to him,"

The boy was silent.

Hussaini uncle asked the man, "You are one who writes on stamp paper for the land registry in registrar office."

"Yes." That person replied.

"Do you remember? It was a cold day, and it was Friday. You snatched cotton bedsheet from a man and went for prayer, just for half a rupee. That man was hungry. He remained to wait for your arrival. When you came back, he asked for his cotton bedsheet and said, “I have no money.”    

You did not believe his words. He wept and repeatedly said, “I am telling you the truth. I am feeling cold. I swear that my son may die if I am lying.”

Then you gave him back, his bed sheet. He went home. He was telling the truth. That very moment your son died because he was telling the truth and he wept from his heart. Mr., without fail you do Prayer, five times a day that too in the central mosque of your town regardless of weather. People talk about you, your adherence to prayers. They praise you for your dedication. You wished that. I am sorry to tell you; there is nothing left in your bins at Almighty's place. He heard your prayers and granted you, your wish. " Hussaini uncle told him.

Suddenly Hussaini uncle's hand started trembling, but he went on saying, "Now you want to blame your daughter-in-law. I must tell you; your death will be excruciating. Get up and go away from here, at once." He told him angrily.

Then he whispered in my ear " Tell everyone to go and come in the evening. I made a mistake in my anger. I should not have told him about his death. Now I will apologize to almighty. Until I open the room, do not ask me for a meal. ''

He stood up, "Give me a glass of water."

I gave him water to drink. He closed the room. Everybody went away. I learned that day...

First - keep asking for forgiveness from God. Always ask for other’s wellbeings and make yourself a part of that.

Second - Do not distinguish between religion, caste, and creed. Everything belongs to God only.

(Poor man's weeping and suffering reached him. Even, this old man's prayers could not save his son from his anger.)   

Third - GOD only likes truth and just the truth.

I wrote it here so that the human being should understand that the owner of everything is one. The path can be different. He is the one, who decides the right and wrong. There is none other than him.

The author hasn't added any updates, yet.